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HR Analytics: What do Data & Reporting Mean for Human Resources?

Netchex HR Blog

The term “analytics” gets tossed around carelessly these days. Like tech companies talking about “artificial intelligence” or job applicants’ not-so-clever use of “proficient in Microsoft Word,” people can use the term “analytics” to mean just about anything. What is included in HR Analytics and Reporting? Data (Metrics).

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Analytics, modelling and forecasting: using people data for insight


Research carried out by the HR Analytics ThinkTank, a partnership between universities and private companies that compiles intelligence on the people analytics field, shows that data played a crucial role in decision making during the Covid-19 crisis, helping HR teams address immediate issues and answer unprecedented questions.

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2022 Was Another Record Year for HR Tech: See 20+ M&A Activities that Shaped the Market


Analytics and deep insights for the win : we’re seeing more companies that target and acquire or acquihire a team that provides the expertise to embed intelligence/analytics into existing technology (whether that be true people analytics, skill analytics, or other areas). HCM, Analytics, and Core HR Systems.

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The Future of Business: People Analytics for Everyone


Over the past decade it has become clear that organizations don’t just need people analytics, but effective people analytics. According DDI’s 2018 Global Leadership Forecast , people analytics efforts were more likely to fail than not. But those who did succeed with analytics experienced many advantages.

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How Learning Management Software Impacts Business

Tandem HR

There are conferences, webinars, on-the-job training, in-person training, videos, local courses, mentor programs, and online learning management software, to name a few. Today, we will focus on the benefits of online learning management software. But first, what is learning management software? .

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Best Learning Management Systems For Vendor


What is a Learning Management System? A learning management system (LMS) is a software application or web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. They can be used for online learning, such as virtual classrooms, and offline learning activities, like team-building exercises.

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Your People Data and Visier Embedded Analytics: Top 3 Questions Answered


Visier Embedded Analytics gives your customers what they need without the overhead of building your own analytics offering. With over 10 years of experience in the people analytics space, we understand what questions and answers your customers need to know. The Visier Embedded Analytics solution is great at adapting to the data.

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