Social Media Recruiting 101


If you play a role in the hiring process at your organization and you don’t have a solid social media recruiting strategy, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful resources available to access qualified candidates. Forbes states the because of Social Media “ We’re All Marketers Now “ We are all adapting to the modern world by tapping into a powerful resource and HR should be doing the same – enter social media recruiting.

Should HR Be Texting Applicants?


If anyone in the HR industry would have told you that texting applicants would be the most effective method for applicant engagement five years ago, corporate recruiters would have laughed in their faces. ApplicantPro has this feature built in and our platform is affordable, doesn’t require a contract, and is free for thirty days! appeared first on ApplicantPro.


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3 Applicant Tracking Systems That Will Help You Hire Generation Z


ApplicantPRO. If you haven’t invested in Gen Z recruiting tech yet, you’re already behind. And they expect updates and alerts from digitized systems in real time, including from your recruiting team. Even simple tools, such as the ability to set up email templates, will save your recruiters time when responding to applicants, and keep your brand’s messaging consistent. The three ATSs that meet these qualifications are: ApplicantPro.

How to Draw in and Identify Top Performers During the Hiring Process


Using this recruiting method can actually save you money in the long run (if you create a referral program with strategic insight in mind), and gives you access to heaps of top performers that otherwise wouldn’t have found you. Want to build a strategy for recruiting top performers without breaking your budget? The post How to Draw in and Identify Top Performers During the Hiring Process appeared first on ApplicantPro.

The Pros and Cons of Using an Employee Referral Network


Having a solid employee referral network can save you thousands in recruiting costs, can increase your production rates tenfold, and can help reinforce your company culture. The post The Pros and Cons of Using an Employee Referral Network appeared first on ApplicantPro.

Three Common Mistakes Hiring Managers Make


All these factors combined can make for some high-octane employment situations for hiring managers, but successful recruiting isn’t impossible. The post Three Common Mistakes Hiring Managers Make appeared first on ApplicantPro. Applicant Tracking System Hiring Process Improvement Hiring Software HR Strategic Development Mobile Hiring, Career Sites & Recruiting Recruiting Basics Strategic HR applicant tracking system applicantpro hiring hiring manager hiring process recruiting

Tips for Becoming a Talent Marketer


Affirming that a well-rounded talent marketer knows that his/her job of recruiting and hiring the right people for openings is the lynchpin of business. The post Tips for Becoming a Talent Marketer appeared first on ApplicantPro. Analytics Applicant Conversion Hiring Process Improvement HR Technology Recruiting Basics applicantpro hiring process job advertising Talent Marketer

How to Make Your Talent Acquisition Process More Efficient


However, in today’s tech-driven hiring landscape, navigating the hows of an efficient talent acquisition process requires a different mentality than recruiting did ten years ago. The post How to Make Your Talent Acquisition Process More Efficient appeared first on ApplicantPro. Applicant Tracking System Hiring Process Improvement Hiring Software Recruiting Basics Strategic HR Talent Acquisition applicant tracking software applicant tracking system applicantpro hiring process

Two Talent Metrics HR Should Know (and Why It’s Important)


Now that we’ve tackled the whys for talent metrics, let’s talk about two talent metrics that help recruiters monitor their progress with respect to an organization’s vision. The post Two Talent Metrics HR Should Know (and Why It’s Important) appeared first on ApplicantPro. As the lines between marketing and HR continue to blur, talent metrics begin to creep to the forefront of employment success.

HR Metrics that will Skyrocket Your Strategic Credibility


Figure out what it cost you to bring on an individual (calculating recruiting costs, how much money was lost due to the position being unfilled for a period of time, training costs, etc.) The post HR Metrics that will Skyrocket Your Strategic Credibility appeared first on ApplicantPro. Having a solid grasp on HR metrics is the first step in adapting to our data-driven world.

Text Your Applicants – How to do It, and Why it Works


With this new approach, ApplicantPro has integrated a texting platform that works just like email right within our system. Text your applicants directly within ApplicantPro keeps everything in one place and most importantly protects your privacy. For more information on how to use text communication with your applicants, reach out to a member of ApplicantPro’s team today! Hiring Process Improvement Hiring Software Mobile Hiring, Career Sites & Recruiting

A Few HR Takeaways from the New Glassdoor Preferred ATS Partner Program Launch


Glassdoor stepped onto the hiring scene a mere eight years ago and has quickly risen to one of the most influential (and the most transformative) corporate recruiting platforms on the web. We’ll also dissect the new ATS partner program Glassdoor has launched to provide you with the most far-reaching online recruiting approach available. What does it mean for ApplicantPro to be a Gold Glassdoor Partner?

Entrepreneurial Life in the USA is Complicated - Here's a Snapshot of Why.

The HR Capitalist

ApplicantPro. 401(k) Economics HR Tech Innovation Recruiting TalentI've got a saying that goes something like this: "The best thing about America is that anyone with a good idea can start a company. The worst thing about America is a lot of them do.". Let me explain that comment a bit. You have entrepreneurial people in your company and your life.

Hotel Hiring Magic! 8 Ways to Gift Yourself Applicants that Truly Fit


Have you thought of using your “captive audience” to help you recruit? Check out ApplicantPro’s variety of services. 8 Ways to Gift Yourself Applicants that Truly Fit appeared first on ApplicantPro. Hotel Hiring Quality Hire Recruiting Basics finding more applicants hotel hiring hotel jobsHotel hiring can be challenging. Here are 8 ways that you can attract more of the right candidates.

The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018


ApplicantPro (JobMatch). I like the breakdown of these 3 key parts of recruiting as outlined by Elaine Orler: Recruitment Marketing — Talent first needs to be acquired and there’s plenty of recruitment marketing software to help you do that. I expect that the strategic positioning of the ATS will cause it to be a key chip in the game of recruiting software consolidation (including mergers and acquisitions).

Top Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS Software) in 2020


Oracle offers Taleo, Oracle Cloud, PeopleSoft and HRMS; ADP offers Recruiting Management, Workforce Now and Candidate Care). 11 Recruiting Management (by ADP) 2.16%. 33 ApplicantPro 0.19%.

3 Benefits of HR Tech Integration


Recruiters can log-in to a single system, and a reference check can be initiated directly from your ATS as soon as recruiter concludes an initial phone screen – or at any point in your hiring process. As references are contacted and reference surveys are completed, the recruiter is notified to finalize the candidate report and your ATS is automatically updated. Technology often makes our lives – including the day-to-day tasks we do on the job – a lot easier.

4 Key Learnings on HR Analytics From SHRM 2018


Edwards Deming, and was shared in a presentation on metrics by Ryan Kohler, CEO of ApplicantPro, at the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual conference in Chicago. If you have your HR data in silos — recruiting, performance, training, core HR — it needs to be organized first. “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” That’s a quote from W.

Best Applicant Tracking Systems

NextWave Hire

Out of the 95 recruiting technology companies in our data set, we found several that are in hyper growth mode. Some of the vendors in this data aren’t really ATS’s and are more in the “recruiting technology” space. Workday Recruit. Zoho Recruit. PC Recruiter. iApplicants (ApplicantPro). aCloud Recruitment. Recruitics. For what it’s worth, the ones we hear come up again and again are Greenhouse, Smart Recruiters, iCIMS, and Lever.

HR TechStack – Video Interviewing Tools


Video interview software, sometimes called video recruiting tools, allow recruiting managers and HR users to conduct video interviews with job candidates. Wepow connects recruiters, job candidates and employers through easy-to-use mobile and video interviewing solutions. As a result, organizations regain time, reduce costs and recruit effectively. ApplicantPRO. With ApplicantPro’s video interviewing software, you can! COMPAS Recruiting.

Hiring Top Talent? Here Are The Best Methods For Sourcing, Screening, and Interviewing

Spark Hire

It also sounds like you’re solely responsible for recruiting (most likely a founder) or have a limited amount of recruiting resources. There isn’t going to be a single method that’ll drive your recruiting success, but you can put together a stack of tools and strategies that’ll drive meaningful results. Go through these steps before you start recruiting and you’ll have a strong foundation for recruiting success.

HR TechStack – Workforce Management


Ultimate Software’s UltiPro® cloud HR, payroll, and talent solution helps organizations improve the employee experience at all levels, beginning with personalized recruiting and onboarding that fosters long-term relationships and continuing with convenient, role-based access to pay, benefits, and development information. We help businesses streamline their employment processes from recruiting to retirement and everything in between. ApplicantPro.