Case Study: Call Center


Our case study had invested in a software-based, onsite WFM system five years before switching to Workforce Management Suite. We’ve just added recruiting, onboarding, benefits enrollment, performance reviews, and employee engagement! Case Study

Case Study: Credit Union


Today’s case study explains how TimeSimplicity can help a typical small credit union maintain quality customer service while controlling operating expenses through automated credit union employee scheduling. Case Study


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Case Study: SYKES Enterprises


Learn how LawLogix Guardian has helped SYKES Enterprises maintain I-9 compliance and successful onboarding practices for over 31,000 new hires […]. Guardian Case Studies

Case Study: Growing Your Marketing Agency With Automated Employee Feedback


It includes everything from new clients that came onboard to message-board-style updates about company events. Case Studies case study company growth employee feedback internal communication status reports time managementEvery company has growing pains , especially as they reach certain size thresholds. When you reach around ten to fifteen employees, in-person status meetings are no longer tenable.

Make Your Onboarding Inclusive & Engaging

Speaker: Daria Friedman, Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition and Engagement practices at Brandon Hall Group

Assimilating new hires into your culture is straightforward when the employees work in a central location. However, what happens when the new hires work remotely, either at a global location or home office, or the employee works on a different schedule? Can an organization engage and train new hires during onboarding, regardless of location and circumstance?

Case Study: Donaldson


Paycor Onboarding empowers us to drive employee engagement and excitement while automating all of the paperwork.”. The onboarding process was completely manual. Manual onboarding & HR processes. Paycor Onboarding saves Jeanette and her team 80 hours a year. Onboarding.

Case study: Onboarding & Offboarding – Mailigen’s story


There are many myths and misconceptions floating around about employee onboarding and offboarding. Most managers tend to think that its synonymous to company orientation while in reality, onboarding is broader and more crucial than that. In search for the answers I approached one of our customers, where I know they have invested heaps of time, thought and planning to build an exceptional well detailed onboarding process. Onboarding is a team effort.

Case Study – Optimizing Operations for Day One


Case Study - Optimizing Operations for Day One. Read this case study to learn about how Global Upside helped our client: Over 40 international employees across six countries (China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, UK and USA) were successfully transitioned to joint venture entities.

Case Study: EVO Entertainment


Recruiting and onboarding that wasn’t user friendly. Paycor’s HR, recruiting and onboarding solutions streamlined a once lengthy process and allows administrators to delegate responsibilities to managers and save time posting new job openings and tracking recruits through the hiring process.

Case Study: Consolidated Burgers


Consolidated Burger—a group of 62 Burger King franchises—struggled with disconnected HR software for payroll, onboarding and reporting, which caused numerous HR and business challenges. In the restaurant industry, employees are constantly being onboarded. Onboarding.

Case Study: YMCA Salina


The Salina Family YMCA struggled to stay organized with paper applications and manual onboarding. Paper-based onboarding. Automated recruiting, onboarding and time tracking. Onboarding. Download the full case study here

Case Study – Simplifying a Major Acquisition


Case Study – Simplifying a Major Acquisition. Read this case study to learn about how Global Upside helped our client: Incorporate and register the legal entities in Australia, Germany, Singapore, Spain, and the UK in less than 60 days. Download Case Study.

9 Digital HR Case Studies with Business Impact

Digital HR Tech

In this article, we have collected some of the best Digital HR case studies we’ve come across. Each case study is connected to a specific business imperative. At KPMG Belgium , they wanted to improve their employee onboarding. To solve this issue and to create a structured process, KPMG decided to use an integrated and secure onboarding software solution. The company’s onboarding process now starts as soon as the contract is signed.

Case Study: Pure Dental Brands


Onboarding. Download the full case study here After experiencing numerous platform upgrades and data errors, Pure Dental Brands turned to Paycor for help. “We

Case Study: Carolina Taco


With Paycor’s Onboarding, new hires no longer fill out paperwork in the restaurant. Automated onboarding process for new hires. Onboarding. Download the full case study here

Case Study: Data Graphics


Discover how Data Graphics leverages Paycor’s Human Capital Management solution to improve new hire onboarding, simplify HR recordkeeping and provide their employees more access to manage their business lives After years of unreliable customer support and relying on manual HR processes, Data Graphics turned to Paycor to help manage their employees and overcome HR inefficiencies. The biggest thing that Paycor has provided is the personal touch.

Case Study: Buy Sod


Manual onboarding. Automated onboarding solution. partners with Paycor to recruit, onboard, pay and retain their workforce. Onboarding. Download the full case study here Buy Sod Inc. Partners with Paycor to Pay Employees & Maintain Tax Compliance.

Case Study: CertaSite


Manual applicant tracking and onboarding. Increased efficiency in new hire onboarding. Onboarding. Download the full case study here As CertaSite grows, the need for a payroll and HR solution that intuitively merged acquired systems was paramount.

Docusign: A Case Study


Gonser highlights the importance of the onboarding process: getting new recruits familiar with the organization, its culture, vision and how things run across each department, keeping people fully involved in the day-to-day aspects of the organization. From a meticulous onboarding process and constantly flowing feedback , to ever-evolving management styles, to just keeping people excited to be working towards company goals, Docusign is doing more than one thing right. Case Study

Case Study: Romantix


Both onboarding and benefits enrollment were manual, paper-based processes that took an average of two hours each per new employee. Paper-based onboarding and benefits selection. Paycor’s HR, Payroll and Onboarding solutions streamlined a once lengthy process by eliminating the need for manual data entry and verification. Increased efficiency in new hire onboarding. Romantix partners with Paycor to onboard, train, pay and retain their workforce. Onboarding.

Case Study: Lake County YMCA


As the HR Director, Karen Tocarchick handles all aspect of HR management from training and tracking time to onboarding, updating policies and managing FMLA. Download the full case study here

Case Study: Steelcase Uses Onboarding Technology for Leadership Development


That’s what companies are discovering about onboarding technology and here’s a super interesting example. The ENGAGE program combined formal leadership training with an innovative approach: having SilkRoad Activate Onboarding automate this important journey. “We We realized that SilkRoad Onboarding could be used as the central point of information for the full curriculum of tasks, activities and resources,” said Jill Dark, Director Leadership and Talent Transformation, Steelcase. “It

Case Study: Midwest Health Services


With their previous HCM provider, too much time was spent on administrative tasks—it took three people to handle onboarding and to verify documentation while payroll coordinator Dona Mitchell often worked late into the night to complete payroll. Lengthy onboarding process. Onboarding.

Case Study: Iron Arch Management


Paycor’s Onboarding Helps McDonald’s Franchises Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Manual Work. Iron Arch Management, an 18-store McDonald’s franchise used a manual paper-based method to onboard new employees and manually enter employee data into their eRestaurant software. Onboarding.

Case Study: Boulder Country Club


Onboarding. Onboarding Paycor Onboarding allows new hires to provide personal information and fill out compliance forms prior to their first day. Download the full case study here

Case Study: Mantra


Throughout the implementation and onboarding phases, Ascender provided us with a dedicated consultant to supply ongoing support. The post Case Study: Mantra appeared first on Ascender HCM The challenge of segregating Payroll functions and streamlining Mantra Group’s global recruitment practices seemed like an insurmountable hurdle.

Case Study: Meeder Investment Management


Adding Paycor Recruiting , Onboarding and Learning Management to their HR process helped Meeder Investment Management save time and increase employee engagement. “I Manual onboarding and timekeeping. We’ve built an entire system around onboarding courses, and that’s been ideal.

Case Study: Baptist Bible College


Founded in 1950 in Springfield Missouri, Baptist Bible College is a private Christian college that specializes in ministry and professional studies degrees. Manual onboarding process. But today, the entire onboarding process is automated. Automated onboarding process.

Case Study: Price Brothers, Inc.


A need for robust reporting tools and a modern HR and payroll platform with onboarding capabilities led Price Brothers, Inc., Manual onboarding. Paycor’s HR, payroll and onboarding solutions streamlined a once lengthy process by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Case Study: Detroit Zoological Society


Onboarding involved printing binders for each employee and collecting stacks of paperwork. With high hiring volume, the DZS depends on Paycor’s Onboarding solution to capture documentation and store it in one location that is always accessible. Electronic onboarding solution.

Case Study: What If Syndicate


Prior to Paycor, paper onboarding processes took twenty hours per week to complete. That’s why it’s so important to have a good onboarding solution. Manual onboarding & HR processes. Instead of new hires spending their first day completing paperwork, Paycor Onboarding allows them to sign important documents, set up direct deposit and connect and engage with their peers right out of the gate. Now, the onboarding processes takes less than six hours a week.

Case Study: County Fire Protection


Manual applicant tracking and onboarding. Increased efficiency in new hire onboarding. Onboarding. Download the full case study here As County Fire Protection grows, the need for a payroll and HR solution that intuitively merged acquired systems was paramount.

Case Study: Unified Wire and Cable


Onboarding took days with paper applications and documentation being passed from HR to supervisors on the floor. New hires complete onboarding online at their convenience before day one and can immediately start working when they arrive. Faster and more accurate onboarding.

Case Study: Gerber Poultry


Moving to Paycor’s Onboarding solution has eliminated duplicate entry and manual processes, saving HR more than an hour per new hire. Read the case study below and learn how Paycor has given the Gerber team time back in their day to focus on what matters most—delivering excellence in quality and service for customers Two years of repeated payroll system errors and poor customer service led Gerber Poultry to seek a new provider. Enter Paycor.

Case Study: Urban Chestnut Brewing Company


A need for a complete HR, Scheduling, Onboarding and Payroll solution led Urban Chestnut Brewing Company to Paycor. Using various systems, some paper-based, for payroll, recruiting, onboarding, scheduling and benefits wasn’t sustainable. Manual applicant tracking and onboarding.