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A new report from Ceridian finds that more than half of U.S. Advertisement With those shifts on the horizon, it’s no wonder that technology will play an increasingly central role in the recruitment and hiring process.

Women in Tech: Thoughts from Ceridian’s Chief People Officer #HRTechConf


By Lisa Sterling, Chief People Officer, Ceridian. Women in the technology field face a vast number of career challenges, from lack of development and mentoring opportunities to unequal pay. At the recent HR Technology Conference in Chicago, I had the honor of sharing the stage with other amazing female leaders to share ways we can better align our people and HR initiatives to support women in the workplace. Focus on recruitment – and retention.


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Times Change. Families are Forever: A Look Back at 50 Years of Ceridian in Hawaii


Ceridian Employee since 1992. Ceridian Hawaii has 50 years in business, in this wonderful community of surf, sand, and the Spirit of Aloha. Looking back, the staff and I reminisced on what our work-life was like when we started ; a lot of the changes have been dramatic as technology moves forward at a faster and faster clip. So Ceridian Hawaii, 50 years later. David Kaya is the Director of Sales & Operations in Hawaii and has been with Ceridian since 1992.

5 key benefits that Ceridian’s XOXO program offers customers every day


By Howard Tarnoff, Senior Vice President, Ceridian. At Ceridian, our responsibility is to help businesses overcome the many challenges of daily human capital management, ranging from optimizing the workforce to reducing costs, ensuring compliance and engaging talent effectively. We do this with a full range of solutions for payroll, health and wellness, recruiting and more. […].

Blending Tech & Personalization into the Candidate Experience

Speaker: Tasha Altorfer, Talent Acquisition Manager, Ceridian

For candidates, getting an automated email to confirm you have received their application is no longer cutting it. Why would candidates want to work for a company where they are just Applicant No. 16478? Which is why the candidate experience is so essential. Join Ceridian Talent Acquisition Manager Tasha Altorfer to learn how you can create a personalized candidate experience from beginning to end.

20+ High Impact HR Technology Acquisitions, Mergers, and More from 2020


In 2020, in spite of the pandemic-related shutdowns and other business impacts, the HR technology industry was within a few M&A deals of the 2019 numbers we were tracking (approximately 50). That signifies more smart apps and tools in the coming year.

Times Change. Families are Forever: A Look Back at 50 Years of Ceridian in Hawaii


Ceridian Hawaii has 50 years in business, in this wonderful community of surf, sand, and the Spirit of Aloha. Looking back, the staff and I reminisced on what our work-life was like when we started ; a lot of the changes have been dramatic as technology moves forward at a faster and faster clip. So Ceridian Hawaii, 50 years later. Families are Forever: A Look Back at 50 Years of Ceridian in Hawaii appeared first on Human Capital Management Blog. 50 years.

#Employee Feedback Is The Killer App #HR


A new market has emerged: Employee feedback apps for the corporate marketplace. These tools are powerful and disruptive, and they have the potential to redefine how we manage our organizations. New research by MRInetwork shows that 90% of recruiters surveyed believe that “candidates are now in charge” – the highest this metric has been in five years. The Solution: Employee Feedback as the Killer App. Systems let you self-rate your own comments.

10 Best Employee Compensation Management Software

Recruiters Lineup

With employee compensation management software, you can use administrative dashboards to manage salaries and report on your company’s compensation data. For the above reason, every employer should consider incentive compensation management software for employees. Ceridian Dayforce HCM.

Think there’s no bias in your hiring process? AI says think again


’ I went with variations of Jason, Jordan, Jacob, and literally in four to six weeks, I got a job,” says the CEO of Knockri, a technology firm that created an artificial intelligence tool that aims to reduce bias in the hiring process.

Top 15 Compensation Management Tools in 2021

Vantage Circle

Companies consider several factors when deciding on a compensation planning tool. In layman’s terms, compensation management software allows an organization to plan and administer employee compensation packages in an organized manner. Ceridian Dayforce. Ceridian Dayforce.

HR TechStack – Onboarding Softwares


HR Onboarding Software Definition. Why Your Organization Needs a Solid Onboarding Software. Here are some numbers that show how important it is to have a smooth & effective onboarding process and thus access to a solid tool or software for the same. The HR TechStack for Onboarding Software. Most importantly, UltiPro is supported by powerful business intelligence across all its solutions that helps organizations drive smarter, people-focused results.

2018 HCM Trends: Ceridian’s execs on working smarter, AI and the gig economy


Leaders are embracing the idea that adopting technology should help us work smarter, and not harder, and that instead of pushing people to do more, we should instead be thinking about what tasks we can leverage technology for, particularly repetitive and administrative ones, to free our people up for higher level, more creative and arguably more challenging and fulfilling activities,” says Ceridian’s SVP Corporate Strategy and Development Justine Kilby.

John Orr of Ceridian: “Never give up, hard work pays off”

Thrive Global

John is the senior vice president of retail strategy and execution at Global HCM company Ceridian. With my undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering/Airway Science, I always loved analysis and technology.

Top Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS Software) in 2020


Every year, my team and I here at Ongig aim to share the best data we’ve got on top applicant tracking systems (ATS’s). Methodology & Background on this Top Applicant Tracking Systems Report. Rank Applicant Tracking System Market Share (%). Raytheon Technologies.

3 tips for recruiting recent college grads


By Maurice Fernandes, Manager of Employment Brand & Social Media at Ceridian. As the generations making up the majority of today’s workforce begin to shift, so must the recruiting strategies of employers. If you have formal mentoring, tuition reimbursement perks, or a Buddy system as part of your onboarding make sure you include information on those programs when you engage with College/University students.

What Puts the Intelligence in Intelligent Software and AI Hiring Tools?

HR Examiner

“Intelligent technology is being applied to a variety of problems across the HR spectrum. Since it appears to be a fundamental capability of any application, the diversity of solutions continues to grow, and that growth is accelerating.” – John Sumser.

Top M&A News in the HR, Recruiting and Benefits Space | 2016


M&A Announcements in the HR, Recruiting and Benefits Space | 2016. Kronos Acquires Empower Software Solutions. PrismHR Acquires Summit Software. Sign-up to get our weekly recap of funding announcements, M&A and partnership news from the HR technology, recruitment, talent management and employee benefits space. Asure Software Acquires Mangrove Software. Hire Velocity Acquires Atlanta-based Recruiting Services Firm, BHS Hire.

AON 68

From performance management to performance development – Here’s how you can keep up


By Lisa Sterling, Vice President Of Dayforce Talent Management, Ceridian In the last decade or two, business has evolved considerably, taking on a new and unprecedented level of complexity. There are countless technologies changing the ways we complete even the most basic everyday tasks. There are four generations of employees attempting to coexist peacefully. More […].

CakeHR on Top of the “World”: Placed 8th Amid Stalwarts in the Software World Top HR Software 2019 List


There are more than 500 recognized Human Resource software solutions in the market today. HR, the once dreary discipline is now hot on trend and technology reports because of its ability to get the best out of the one asset that costs a business the most – the human talent. HR software solutions step in at this juncture to make things simpler. But not all Human Resource software solutions can drive engagement and encourage the workforce to actually use the tool.

Transform your culture: Lessons from a cooperative, First Credit Union for #CeridianCXDay


We dedicate #CeridianCXDay to each and every Ceridian customer. From employee engagement and productivity to retention and recruitment, corporate culture influences many different aspects of a business. When I was first recruited by First Credit Union, having the opportunity to learn from Sandra McDowell , VP of Communications and Culture, was a huge draw. Provide an HCM solution that empowers everyone.

Bring your recruitment process to the next level


Recruitment , as we know of, has changed, especially in the past year. Ceridian, together with Hanover Research, explored the optimal recruiting experience , and here are some of the top insights in the report: . How long does your recruitment process take? Recruitmen

HR technology disruptions for the year ahead

HR Times

The world of HR technology is about to go through one of its most disruptive times in decades. As I detail in the report “ HR Technology Disruptions for 2017 ,” we are seeing a tremendous shift from a focus on core HR systems toward new systems that focus on “making work life better.”. HR Technology Strategy. Dozens of fast-growing vendors have reinvented tools for check-ins, employee feedback, pulse surveys, and real-time analytics.

3 recruitment trends to expect in 2015


By Maurice Fernandes, Manager of Employment Brand & Social Media, Ceridian. Employment brand will be the most important tool for recruiters I view an employment brand as what people say and think about a company as a place to work. Recruitment & Talent Management career employment brand HR technology HR Trends Human resources mobile recruiting recruiters recruiting

4 out of 5 People Think HR Technology is Going Through an Awkward Phase


James Arsenault – Director of Strategic Communications, Ceridian. Growing up is never easy, whether it’s getting through middle school or a technology platform. When it comes to technology platforms, this process has been repeated many times. Before ERP platforms there were hundreds of start-ups solving supply chain problems. Before comprehensive financial software there were accounts payable, receivable and bookkeeping packages.

2 reasons why it’s important to give back at work


By Kelly Allder, VP of HR Programs, Ceridian. This time of year also brings Ceridian’s Annual Fundraising Campaigns – in support of our own Ceridian Cares charity in Canada and the United Way in the US. At Ceridian, we have always believed in doing more, giving back and making a difference. As Executive Director of Ceridian Cares , I see the incredible difference our grants make in the lives of families everywhere. About to get a pie in the face for charity!

Sharing the Love: Employee Giving Campaign Tips from #CeridianCares


By Kelly Allder, VP of People Programs, Ceridian. As the Executive Director of Ceridian Cares (our Canadian charity) and the ambassador for our giving back activities in the United States, I am so proud to lead a team this dedicated to giving back. You’ll want to distribute the name-free reporting details from payroll to the key fundraising stakeholders every day – and a secure third-party payment solutions provider can make this easier.

Link, Don’t Rank


At the first ever Ceridian Women’s Network (CWN) Summit at our INSIGHTS customer forum, it was all about linking women together and creating a network of support instead of competition. Lisa Sterling, Chief People Officer at Ceridian, mom extraordinaire, is one of the most inspiring people (not HR) leaders I’ve encountered in the almost ten years I’ve spent in the HR tech industry. She’d rather be thinking about technology, marketing and the shortest path to a vacation in Japan.

To remember Dave MacKay: Inspire one, they’ll inspire a movement


By: Zain Jaffery, Application Support Manager, Ceridian. This is the OneWalk to Conquer Cancer that Ceridian Cares walkers participate in every year, in 2016 we surpassed our fundraising goal raising over $20,000. . My humble beginnings with the Ceridian Cares journey started a few years ago, when I signed up to make pancakes on a cold, crisp morning at an office fundraising event. Through Ceridian Cares, our late president Dave MacKay started a movement at Ceridian.

Assessing Values in Online Technology Part 4

HR Examiner

Assessing Values in Online Technology. Here’s where we are in the series: Assessing Values in Online Technology – Part 1. Assessing Values in Online Technology – Part 2. Assessing Values in Online Technology – Part 3. Recruiting: 17%.

4 tips for making the most of new performance management technologies


Technology has already had a profound transformative effect on many things we do in business. We now have cloud solutions for storing our data remotely and accessing it, mobile devices for adding flexibility to our daily routines and elaborate telecommunications solutions that make it easier to keep in touch with colleagues worldwide.

Take coffee breaks with your team to improve productivity


By Michael Petrescu-Comnene, Dayforce Lead Software Developer, Ceridian. Through a quick coffee-making session in the kitchen I’ve been able to find out that there are some serious cooks, skiers, and olive oil connoisseurs amoung us at Ceridian. Ceridian 's Ottawa developers knock your socks off! A study conducted by Staples found that a quarter of employees , even when they do take a break, don’t disconnect from work-related technology.

How recruitment and hiring trends will evolve in 2018


Traditionally, recruiters would sift through resumes, tap their network or check specific keywords on LinkedIn. Recruiting, like many other industries, is facing change thanks to a blend of technology, attitudes and expectations, and it’s a competitive landscape for employer differentiation thanks to an increasingly inefficient job market. What does that mean for recruiters? Greater use of AI technology during the hiring process.

HR Tech: What Puts the Intelligence in Intelligent Software?

HR Examiner

“It is easy to feel overwhelmed by emerging technology of any kind. The following is intended to give you a simplified foundation for understanding the new technologies that many in the market still call AI, but is better labeled Intelligent Software.” – John Sumser. The Technology that Powers Intelligent Software. Intelligent technology is being applied to a variety of problems across the HR spectrum.

The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018


A common question I get asked is: “What are the top applicant tracking systems I should consider using?” We fine-tune this list of top applicant tracking systems based on community feedback — 117,000 people read the last 3 reports and 100+ commented. Instead, a homegrown ATS is ATS software built by the employer themselves. Complete List of Top Applicant Tracking Systems. Greenhouse Software. Ultimate Software/UltiPro. Newton Software.