Five Employment law highlights from around the country

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The $15 an hour minimum wage trend picks up some steam as Los Angeles votes to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour in increments until it tops $15 in 2020. Emeryville, in the Bay Area also has passed a similar measure. They are also restricting the appearance of female staffers at photo opportunities. A settlement between the Department of Justice and edX, Inc., Online classes may now have to be accessible under ADA standards.

Georgia Employment Laws Every Business Owner Should Know


It’s important to stay up to date on all of the employment laws in your state so that you can maintain compliance in your business. We did some of the hard work for you and put some of the most important Georgia statutes in one place so you can either learn them for the first time or give yourself a refresher. . It’s up to you to make sure you’re compliant with all laws and statutes in your area. Georgia DOL Employer Portal .


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Employment Laws Every Alabama Business Owner Should Know


It’s important to stay up to date on all of the employment laws in your state so that you can maintain compliance in your business. We did some of the hard work for you and put some of the most important Alabama statutes in one place so you can either learn them for the first time or give yourself a refresher. . It’s up to you to make sure you’re compliant with all laws and statutes in your area. A labama Employer Frequently Asked Questions.

4 Labor and Employment Law Changes to Keep an Eye On In 2015


Right now, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) —also known as health care reform—is probably your number one concern when it comes to complying with new government regulations in 2015. But while health care reform brings a whole new set of challenges to your business in the coming year, it’s not the only legal change you need to keep an eye on. Changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). An increase in federal minimum wage.

Does Managing the HR Function in California Require an SPHR?

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Don’t judge me. -_- …So the other day I was chatting with another HR Pro about state laws 1 , and at one point she commented that “opening a business in California is like opening a business in another country” , going on to say that having a California designated SPHR certification is a table stakes requirement for any HR Leader hoping to make informed policy recommendations around how to manage the workforce. of the California labor code here.

Don’t let this be the year that your business faces a big wage and hour lawsuit

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Thus, today, you get a substantive post about employment law, rather than a terse, “Thanks for reading, suckers!” ” Send Off. Today, for the myriad retweets and mentions that they give me on Twitter, I want to give a timely shout out to my friends at Seyfarth Shaw’s Workplace Class Action Blog and share with all of you suckers that a summary of their 2016 Workplace Class Action Report is now available. The U.S. Wage and Hour

Remind bosses: Reckless behavior can bring personal liability

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Federal laws permit employees to sue their discriminating, cheating, or negligent employers. A few laws also let employees go after a manager or supervisor’s personal assets. The U.S. The FLSA and FMLA both allow personal liability claims in some cases.

FFCRA leave run out? Workers may be entitled to more anyway

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The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) requires paid leave for most employees impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Congress passed the FFCRA back in spring as the pandemic was accelerating. That time would be paid under the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act (EPSLA).

Misclassification Alone Is Insufficient for Class Treatment

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Wage and hour class actions continue to be large thorns in the sides of many employers, and this recent decision serves as a good reminder of how critical it is for you to review your overtime policies, job descriptions, and exemption classifications. Trial Court Denied Motion for Class Certification. hours per day or an alternate work schedule that permits them to work 8.33 hours per day in exchange for receiving every other Monday or Friday off.

Recordkeeping: What you must keep – and for how long

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The trouble with recordkeeping at a lot of companies: You don’t know how complete your records are until you get involved in litigation or an audit. To be on the safe side, many employment law attorneys recommend you keep everything for at least five to seven years after an employee has left. That’s sound advice — if you’ve got the storage and personnel to keep track of all those docs for that long. Dates and hours of FMLA leave.

10 Tips for Hiring Minors This Summer

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It’s that time again, when employers are considering hiring minors for the summer—in camps, restaurants, resorts, swimming pools, and anywhere else business picks up in the warm weather months. There are strict laws pertaining to hiring minors. States also have child labor laws and when state and federal laws differ, the stricter law applies. Child Labor Laws Are Strict and Detailed. But, the U.S.

Employee or Independent Contractor? Right to Control Is Key

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The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit (which covers Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) recently concluded that the right to control, rather than actual control, is the key factor in differentiating employees from independent contractors under a state wage and hour law. The company classifies its franchisees as independent contractors. It also dictates the uniforms they must wear. ” As a result, the actual control.

7 Tips for Hiring Minors to Fill Summer Jobs


If you were to ask a panel of teenagers what their favorite aspect of summer is, the most popular answer would most likely be that they finally have more time to go out and get a job … right? . Don’t take these laws lightly—stiff penalties are attached to child labor law violations.

The Best Way to Process Payroll [Updated for 2020]


Or you own an existing one that is moving into the realm of employees. Payroll is one of the most important processes to handle correctly. Learn to Process Payroll Efficiently and Legally. 9 Reasons Employers Turn To Technology. How To Avoid The Top 6 Payroll Mistakes.

Beyond PPA, FFA and CARES: $1 Billion in Tax Credits That Have Always Been There!

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We have all been hearing about the Paycheck Protection Act, Family First Act and CARES – but have you ever heard of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit? Congress extended the credit in December 2019 for another year, and no one is looking into it. Click here to learn more !

Compensation Package: A Guide For HR

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Across most industries, the competition for talent is tough. As an HR professional, you must be strategic in order to attract the right talent and retain employees. How can an attractive compensation package be useful for the organization? Time off to volunteer: 26.3%

Sponsoring a foreign national: Everything you need to know


The process for a U.S. company sponsoring a foreign national is complex, and not knowing the rules and regulations could prove costly and time consuming. You must satisfy a number of government requirements before sponsoring a foreign national to be employed in the United States. The type of documentation, the time and the resources involved vary depending on the vacant position and the type of visa sought. or outside the U.S.),

Did California Concrete Company Fail to Provide Off-Duty Meal Periods?

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Complying with California laws applicable to meal periods is complicated. In a recent case, a trial court found that although the employer’s on-duty meal period agreement was invalid, its drivers weren’t forced to sign the agreement or miss off-duty meal periods against their will. This article addresses an employer’s obligations regarding meal periods. The concrete it produces is a perishable product that cannot be stored.

How Self-Employed People Can Access Unemployment Benefits


This is in addition to the $1,200 one-time payment for certain individuals. Essentially, what the CARES Act is doing is expanding benefits to anyone who’s been impacted by the crisis,” says Shamila Ahmed, an associate attorney at Romano Law PLLC in New York. The U.S.

WIRTW #344 (the “potty police” edition)

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Do you know what rights your employees have to use the bathroom at work? On November 11, from 3 – 4 pm, Jeff Nowak and I will be hosting a TweetChat on the evolving rights of pregnant employees in the workplace. Follow along and participate with the hashtag, #hrintelchat. Here’s the rest of what I read this week: Discrimination Do Accused Harassers Have a Right to Be Heard? — via Eric Meyer’s The Employer Handbook Blog Racial talk at work?

Simplifying New Hire Paperwork: Your Guide to the World of New Employee Paperwork

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For any employer, the to-do list surrounding new hire paperwork can be a long and tedious one. Typically beginning with a job application and ending with the election of benefits and retirement programs, there are many – often complicated – hurdles along the way. Learn more about partnering with an HR Service Provider to automate the new hire paperwork process. Some employers, however, complete the background check ahead of time.

WIRTW #372 (the “bad work day” edition)

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From Mediate : During last Sunday’s broadcast of Fox & Friends, co-host Pete Hegseth tossed an axe to tease an upcoming segment on timbersports, missed the target, and hit a marching band percussionist standing in the distance. Let’s go the replay : Here’s the rest of what I read this week: Discrimination. Or Can Employer Take Action? — via Dan Schwartz’s Connecticut Employment Law Blog. via Minnesota Employer. via The D & O Diary.

WIRTW #441 (the “Burl Ives” edition)

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Christmas Carol and the Old 97’s are two things that make me very happy. When the Old 97’s sing a Christmas carol. For this week’s musical share, I bring you Rhett and the boys performing “A Holly Jolly Christmas.” If this doesn’t put you in the holiday mood, nothing will. Click here to enjoy (sadly, the Austin American-Statesman doesn’t offer an option to embed the video). Boomer Bust — Ageism in the Workplace — via Workforce Magazine.

WIRTW #500 (the “500th” edition)

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It’s since morphed into what I hope is a useful weekly resource for employers to find the best labor and employment blog posts each week. Thank to everyone for reading along all these weeks and year, and to the other great bloggers who’ve published content that I’ve shared. 3 Main Legislative Paths Emerge So Far in the #MeToo Era — via Ohio Chamber Blog. Second-guessing the advice columns: #MeToo edition — via Robin Shea’s Employment & Labor Insider.

WIRTW #425 (the “tschüss” edition)

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The Hymans did not take a vacation this summer. Tschüss” is the German equivalent of “bye.” Title VII and sexual orientation bias, revisited — via Robin Shea’s Employment & Labor Insider. EEOC Rules That “Don’t Tread On Me” Hat Might Be Racially Offensive — via The Employment Brief. EEOC Guidance on Employer-Provided Leave and the ADA — via Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Voice Of Sexual Harassment: “Just Shut Up.