The New Recruiting Metric: First Year Retention


Today I want to talk about first year retention, a measure that I believe is going to continue to grow as a recruiting metric, even though many companies wouldn’t consider it even remotely linked to recruiting as of today. What do you think of first year retention as a metric?

Employee Retention: Tomorrow’s Recruiting Metric


Today I want to talk about first year retention, a measure that I believe is going to continue to grow as a recruiting metric, even though many companies wouldn’t consider it even remotely linked to recruiting as of today. The future of recruiting metrics.

How to Give Your Resume a Boost with Metrics?

Career Metis

The easiest and most effective strategy for highlighting the achievements in a resume: with metrics! There are several reasons for quantifying your accomplishments on your resume with metrics. Then include metrics on your resume that seem to align well with these KPIs.

Futureproof Your Organization with These 8 Manager Effectiveness Metrics


Whether your organization is ready to adapt these new roles or wishes to coach current managers to be more effective, this updated article provides the key metrics you need to measure their success by. . Here are two distinct sets of metrics for each type of manager.

How to Scale Your Workforce from 0 to 100 in Less Than 6 Months

Speaker: Gaurav Valani, Head of Talent, Overstock

Many external Recruiters and internal Talent Acquisition teams build or destroy their careers based on how well they can do this in a competitive market like the one we are in. Metrics, Metrics, Metrics: The exact metrics we measure to track our progress and improvement.

The Secret To Selecting and Measuring Key Employee Performance Metrics


Measuring critical employee performance metrics offers organisations key benefits for attracting and retaining top talent while meeting operational imperatives. The primary benefits of employee performance metrics are tied to fostering better employee engagement, which enhances productivity, innovation, creativity, employee loyalty and longevity. That’s why today’s software applications for measuring key performance metrics are so valuable.

Five Must-Have Manager Effectiveness Metrics for Engagement, Performance, and Tech Innovation Success


How to Link Workforce Metrics With Business Outcomes, Part Two. The second in a four-part series on linking workforce metrics to business outcomes, this post looks at five key metrics for manager effectiveness that will help your organization motivate talented people.

What To Know About In-House vs. Outsourced Executive Coaching

Dr. Nadine

Enlisting the services of an executive coach can prove transformative and can reinvigorate a languished leadership development program. When retaining an executive coach, a critical question involves whether to select individuals from outside your company or hire an in-house coach.

What HR Can Learn from Stakeholder-Centered Coaching

HR Daily Advisor

Executive coaching is an established tool in the HR box. But in recent years coaching has, if not fallen out of favor, become more difficult to “sell” in the C suite. In a corporate culture increasingly driven by metrics, that can be a significant downside.

Wellness Programs that Make An Impact

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Can a workplace wellness intervention help improve employee vitality and purpose? A new study published in the American Journal of Health Promotion is the first to demonstrate that a short, intensive workplace wellness intervention can produce sustained improvements in wellbeing.

How to Develop Healthy Habits When You’re Busy All the Time

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Walter is a fitness coach and he was conducting exercise sessions bright and early each day of the event. Lastly, the book addresses metrics. If you’re looking for wellness resources, consider picking up a copy of Walter’s book.

Baby steps towards a true AI team coach


Its a long road to get to get to a true AI team coach When trying to apply recent advances in AI to a domain you often get stumped by the ‘not enough data!’ This is exactly the issue we face at Saberr when it comes to building a true AI coach for working teams.

From “Rinse-and-Repeat” to Performance Coaching


Back in the day, the role of manager was well understood. And it worked well to help employees develop specific skills, follow processes, and meet business metrics. Performance coaching is the key to success in today’s workplace.

BHAGs: How To Use Them In Employee Coaching


What are BHAGs, and how can you use them to be a better coach to your employees? Most are focused on one of four broad categories: reaching a defined target or metric, competition, organizational change , or reputation.

Sold Out: A Lesson on Event Content (and the Future of HR)


SOLD OUT – #707: HR Metrics that Matter: The Process of Developing a Business Scorecard It made me stop and think, especially in light of some of the conversations I had with others at the event about what sort of content was being offered.

Compensation Cafe: A Question of Measurement and Value Creation


Nonfinancial metrics are increasingly used in compensation formulas; recent research and trends in crowdsourced data may improve the value of these trends. Getting compensation formulas right can be challenging, ensuring that leaders maintain a balanced focus on short-term results as well as long-term value creation. Traditional levers in those formulas have been in the form of various financial metrics. By Derek Irvine. Recognize This!

Best of the Force: Performance Analytics, Team Chemistry and Hockey

Compensation Force

More quantitative attention is being paid to how well players improve the in-game performances of their teammates. Indeed, how can the coaches improve the TQ—Teamness Quotient—of their players’ performances? Metrics/Analytics Pay for Performance Performance Management - General

Quality Hires Take Front Stage. What’s the Catch? Paying Them Well

Compensation Today

New workforce study reveals quality is a number one concern for recruiters The newly released LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends 2016 report, advised that four in ten talent acquisition managers around the world agree that quality of hire is the most valuable metric for future employee performance.

Use Real-Time Analytics and Coaching to Vastly Improve Call Center Agent Performance

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Supervisors can use the analytics to see which new agents are doing the best at using compliance language, which ones have the best hold time metrics, and the ones that utilize the most empathetic language. Coaching Informed by Context.

How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Mobile Recruiting

ExactHire HR Trends

If you’re already using a mobile-optimized applicant tracking system , you may very well already have access to a robust analytics dashboard that allows you to evaluate the behavior and source of your job portal visitors. Initial Questions for Mobile Recruitment Metrics.

The Connection Between Resilience and Positive Business Outcomes

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Today’s employers are challenged to provide competitive wellness programs that not only support the wellbeing of their employees, but also improve the bottom line. Strategic HR 2016 business coaching wellness

5 Things to Consider When Building Employee Surveys


You’ll be aware of what your workforce is unhappy about as well as what they value most when it comes to working for your company. Furthermore, with increasing emphasis on pulse surveys , companies have greater access to real-time metrics pertaining to employee engagement.

Is Team Chemistry the Next Big Thing in Performance and Rewards?

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More quantitative attention is being paid to how well players improve the in-game performances of their teammates. Indeed, how can the coaches improve the TQ—Teamness Quotient—of their players’ performances? Is "making teams better" the new holy grail of performance analytics?

The Guaranteed Way To Have Better Quality Of Hire

Spark Hire

While they need a team member who can do the job properly, they also place a heavy emphasis on finding someone who blends in well with veteran employees. This is an important, yet little-used metric for assessing the effectiveness of a new employee.

A New HR Talent Management Model

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Non-financial incentives often work just as well, if not better! In addition, a good retention policy – and the use of talent management metrics – helps to build a competitive advantage. Related : 9 Talent Management Metrics You Need to Use. Google staff sets their own so-called objective and key results (OKRs) and managers try to coach employees towards creating and achieving their goals.

How To Engage Your Boss While Showing Your Value

Dr. Nadine

We’ve all experienced it, whether it is well-founded or not. In his book Deep Work, author Cal Newport defines this phenomenon as the “metric black hole”. An executive coach can assist you in demonstrating your worth. Leadership Career Emotions Executive Coaching

How to Develop Employees While Downsizing

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Let them know exactly why you’re downsizing and how you came to that conclusion, as well as how it will affect them. Coach your organization’s managers in how to keep their teams informed of everything that’s going on every step of the way and offer them support when they need it.

Stop Promoting the Wrong People


Even if you have a good way of identifying high potentials in your organization—using objective metrics, not manager recommendations, because research shows that managers get it wrong 60% of the time —you still may be missing a key piece of the puzzle.

Reconstructing Performance Management for Both the Employee and the Company

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Despite good intentions, many companies therefore end up making a token nod to ongoing coaching and development. What the report revealed is that employers have a wealth of untapped data from rewards management, wellness, well-being, and learning and development.

Solopreneurship – 3 Oxymoronic Ways to Climb The Corporate Ladder

Inpower Coaching

The answer to that question, I believe, is meaningful for all of us – even those with bosses who climb the corporate ladder, live in cubes or on airplanes, slogging away on either side of the glass ceiling (which is there for some men as well).

The Rooney Rules Killed NFL Diversity Hiring

The Tim Sackett Project

“ The Rooney Rule is a National Football League policy that requires league teams to interview minority candidates for head coaching and senior football operation jobs. ” Basically, in 2003 the NFL decided that finally, enough was enough in a league where the majority of its players are black and the majority of its head coaches are white. Minority coaches are just as good as white coaches, they just aren’t getting interviews.

How AI Can Bring the Best Out of Teams (An Expert Interview)

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NV: Your view on the age-old employee engagement issue: AS: Getting humans to engage, getting them to work well with each other is a problem that is as old as the hills and the same fundamental reasons haven’t changed. The good thing is that a lot of them are succeeding really well.

Employees Become Successful When They Know What Success Looks Like

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They’re linked to organizational KPIs (key performance indicators) – a business metric that determines if the company is achieving its goals. What is a good use of manager time is coaching employees who need support improving their performance.

Kronos 410

Free Agent Nation: Using Talent Assessments To Build Your Superteam

The Tim Sackett Project

How to use your assessment platform to give your managers incredible leverage to onboard their new hires , with a focus on what makes each employee special – as well as what could hurt them in your unique culture. — A roadmap for how your managers can embed behavioral observations into their performance coaching , with an eye on emphasizing each employee’s behavioral strengths while neutralizing the weaknesses that we all have.

A better way forward: Putting business impact first in leadership development

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The essence of this question can be applied to leadership development initiatives as well. Assessing the impact of a program against clear metrics represents the highest level of the well-known Kirkpatrick Model (Level 1: Did you feel it was worth your time?