Wage Fixing Indictment Has Implications for Employers

ACA Times

3 minute read: A recent federal wage-fixing indictment against the former owner of a health care staffing company indicates that the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division is taking a closer look at the competition in labor markets.

5 HR Management Tools To Fill Any Position in 30 Days


Like Sonic the Hedgehog fast. . Each day a role remains vacant, money is flying out of the company accounts. Businesses lose $500 per day on average from vacant roles, and with the usual time to fill a position being 30-63 days , that could be up to $30,000 for one vacant spot!


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Tired of Employee Turnover? Increase Retention with this Easy to Implement Cost-Free Solution


The numbers continue to inflate, the need to differentiate yourself from competitors is more important every year, and the cost associated with turnover can debilitate or even cripple a company. Company morale often takes a hit and a lack of engagement can burden the office.

A Disciplined Strategy for Success in High-Volume Recruiting

HR Daily Advisor

For companies with seasonal high-volume recruiting needs, every year can seem like “déjà vu all over again.” Whether it’s hiring for open enrollment, tax time, or the holiday season, the pressure to find a large number of qualified candidates in a short span of time never goes away. In fact, it’s gotten even more challenging in recent years, as unemployment rates hover around historic lows and the number of jobs added increases. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


Once again using HRmarketer software, we analyzed the #HRTechConf conference website and tweets to come up with the following Conference Twitter Primer — all the information you need to socially prepare for the world’s largest HR technology conference and exposition hall! Bookmark this page and refer to it during the conference if you need someone’s Twitter ID. The Basics. Location: The Venetian®, Las Vegas.

Benefits Software Made Simple: HRIS vs HCM vs Benefits Administration


With so many HR acronyms flying around, it can be difficult to understand the nuances between different software solutions and to find the best fit for your individual company. HRIS’ is an acronym for ‘ Human Resources Information System ’. .

A Franchise Expert’s Guide to Hiring Franchise Employees

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

You have to carefully follow the proven business model. Recruiting is an essential component. Learn Recruitment Best Practices. Learn from experts. Avoid recruiting mistakes that could threaten the survival of your business. Read the hiring information carefully. Take advantage of the collective wisdom of fellow franchisees who have built successful franchise businesses. Recruiting best practices are part of the formula!

“5 Things We Need To Do To Close The Gender Wage Gap”, with Megan McCann, CEO of McCann Partners

Thrive Global

Studies show that women are less likely to apply for a position if they don’t feel like they qualify or haven’t completed all the requirements. I had the pleasure of interviewing Megan McCann. Megan is the CEO of leading IT recruitment firm McCann Partners , which she founded in 2011.

Case Study: Call Center


This was the goal of our example company, a customer service center which had launched eight years previously with one healthcare client. In optimizing human capital, the organization had four specific goals: Increase precision of scheduling to maximize employee efficiency.

Why Is HR The Last To Get New Technology When Labor Is The Largest Expense?


Many businesses neglect HR technology in their quest for improved efficiency. They have automated solutions for accounting, merchant transactions, CRM, manufacturing, online marketing, tech support, and inventory management. They reenter data because systems can’t talk to each other. Why do businesses ignore the logical place to extract ROI? Let’s discuss five reasons HR should have technology on par with everyone else.

Starting a business in another country: Learn from those who did it


A stark reality for companies operating in today’s economic environment is the need – or opportunity, rather – to establish an international presence in the marketplace. Know the cultural norms. This also impacts recruitment, making it a “delicate business”, Kristina says.

What is a PEO? – Top 10 FAQs Business Owners Have About PEOs

Prism HR

It’s your responsibility to ensure your employees are paid on time, stay safe throughout the workday, and have access to benefits like workers’ compensation, health insurance, and 401k. Using a PEO to outsource HR lets you focus on your mission and operations to deliver the best products and services to your clients. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top 10 FAQs business owners have about professional employer organizations (PEOs). How does the PEO model work?

National Customer Service Week: A Thank You to Those Who Answer The Call


October 4-8, 2021, is National Customer Service Week and we’d like to recognize a group of workers that often fly under the radar. Their conversations are measured down to the second. Call Centers Must Consider the Employees’ Mental Health. Payactiv is a great recruiting tool.

How (and Why) to Build a Culture of Respect for Your Service Workers


Front-line service workers have long-faced chronically low wages, undesirable work hours, and limited benefits. In the face of such pervasive lack of respect, is it any wonder that front-line service workers are seeking new job opportunities? Wages? Hours? Enough!

11 trends that will shape HR in 2021


This year has upended the priorities of most HR leaders, as they had to quickly navigate everything from remote-work culture to legal concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine. Kropp recently shared his top predictions of the trends that will shape the world of HR in 2021: 1.

Trends 114

How To Hire Summer Interns: Create A Successful Internship Program At Your Company

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

The interns can apply their schooling in a real world environment. The managers that supervise the interns can improve training and mentoring skills. An internship is a structured learning experience for a college student. Interns may be paid a wage or earn course credit. Unpaid internships are becoming less common in the United States. This is because employment laws require that interns be paid a wage in most situations.

Measure, then improve turnover of temporary employees in 8 steps

COATS Staffing Software

It’s said all the time, but do companies actually do anything about it? Can people be any more essential than the temporary employees of a staffing firm? They are “the” service being provided to the staffing agency’s clients. Lynn Connor, COATS Staffing Software.

HRMS Success: How To Manage Human Resources In 2021


Welcome to the Swipeclock guide to Human Resources Management Systems for small businesses ! A 5-Step Guide to Choosing the Right HRMS. Recruiting, Applicant Tracking, and Hiring. How can a Human Resources Management System improve your small business?

How do I pay quarantined workers? Absence management for COVID-19.


Business owners and Human Resources professionals are doing their best to protect their employees while continuing to serve their customers, clients and—in the case of healthcare providers—their patients. Whether or not the employee is sick is a determining factor for FMLA.

Podcast episode #10: Step into the future with Josh Bersin


Josh is an analyst, author, educator, and thought leader focusing on the global talent market and the challenges and trends impacting business workforces around the world. I guess, talking about the future is always interesting, but I’m going to talk about the present too.

CEO’s Letter: RP-Oh-No

HRO Today

This month we rank the best providers in the industry with our annual RPO Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings ™. If you asked me my opinion about the near future, I would tell you I am both ebullient and apprehensive. And all roads lead to wage inflation.

How to Create an Effective Performance Management Process

Astron Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many workplace changes, and the newest trend we’re seeing is “The Great Resignation.” ” This refers to workers quitting their jobs in droves–according to the U.S. Low-wage workers wanting better pay.

10 Steps to a Successful Hiring Process: A Hiring Process Checklist For Small Businesses

Prism HR

Adhering to well-defined hiring process steps will help your business find, hire, and keep the best employees. Following this hiring process checklist will help your business to level the recruiting playing field. Learn More. Learn more about what is an ATS?

7 Ways to Keep Call Center Employees Engaged


Your call center employees are very often the first employees your customers interact with. They are problem solvers, and they are the keys to driving innovation, knowledge, and revenue throughout your organization. The rigors of this work can lead to increased employee frustration and disengagement. According to Gallup, only 30% of the current American workforce say they’re engaged and inspired at work. According to Gallup polls, only one in three workers in the U.S.

#HotInHR: Tech Firms Hoard Talent, Millennial Workplace Trends 2017, Creepy Employer Data Practices?


Every Monday we send a summary of the previous week’s funding announcements, mergers, acquisitions, and partnership news from the HR technology, recruitment, talent management and employee benefits space. Tech firms shell out to hire and hoard talent – The Economist. As tech firms battle to hire and hoard talented employees with huge pay packages, Silicon Valley may be changed for the worse. Term of the Week.

Data 59

10 Ways To Stop The Great Resignation At Your Company


Earlier this year, associate professor Anthony Klotz of Texas A&M University predicted a ‘ Great Resignation ’ would be the next challenge for American business. The Great Resignation has been trending, but it didn’t begin in May. The tight talent market has proved them right.

HR Advice for Small and Medium Businesses

HR Partner

Most small and many medium sized businesses have to figure out the Human Resources side of business as they go along. . We surveyed hundreds of HR consultants to find out the most crucial HR advice for small and medium businesses that they most frequently find themselves giving.

How to Turn Pay Secrecy Obstacles Into Pay Transparency Opportunities


I’ve been thinking about the impact of snap decisions a lot lately. Having just finished the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, I have a new interest in the role of the subconscious on action and performance. Gladwell presents mounds of evidence supporting the idea that instinct shouldn’t be discounted relative to more involved decision-making processes. This practice of pay secrecy has undoubtedly perpetuated the pay inequity that exists in our country today.

Downsides to Low Unemployment

HR Daily Advisor

In the November 2016 jobs report from the Department of Labor, we saw that the national unemployment rate has fallen to a 9-year low and now sits at 4.6 We’re seeing that more jobs have become available as the economy grows, but it also likely highlights that some people have stopped looking for work—which will also decrease the unemployment rate as this rate only considers those who are actively looking.

How to Improve Your Onboarding Process (COVID & Remote Work Issues for 2021)


Start the new year by aligning onboarding with carefully-considered policies. Let’s discuss the issues that affect new hire onboarding. We will discuss the following broad Human Resources categories. The Human Part of Onboarding. Can the employee use personal equipment?

TECH+ 2021: Executive Summary


Paycor hosted TECH+, our annual national partner conference on Feb 1st and 2nd and this year, the event was virtual. Here are 11 key takeaways: #1: Transparency, Technology and Data Analytics are Transforming Employee Benefits. What’s the advantage of data analytics? Training.

Reinventing Work

Sergio Caredda

A few days ago, on the occasion of May 1st, I had writ ten a short post about “Rethinking Work”. On the other side, there have been many calls to look at what can be positively built after this crisis. He was looking for “bold ideas” on the way the World of Work will evolve.

When Should Employees Return to Work After COVID-19?

Best Money Moves

Reducing the risk of COVID-19 when reopening the workplace is the number one priority for employers and it’s hard to stay current with the latest recommendations. At least 24 hours have passed since resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and.

PEO: The Ultimate Guide (Everything You Need To Know)

Genesis HR Solutions

Get ready: You’re about to read the ultimate guide to professional employer organizations, also known as PEOs. If you are a small to midsize business or nonprofit organization and you’ve never heard of a PEO, keep reading—you’ll be surprised to learn how partnering with a PEO can make your company more attractive to employees, and even help grow your company’s bottom line. PEOs and the co-employment relationship. Co-employment is the business model used by PEOs.

Developer Job Offer Letter template


With high demand for software developers projected to increase much faster than average in coming years, job ads and offers need to stand out. It’s common for companies to compete for tech talent. When offering a job to your best developer candidate, congratulate them and highlight how they will contribute to the mission of your products and company, especially if you’re a smaller company that is still establishing its brand. Here are a few ideas: Flexible working hours.