Employee Appreciation This Holiday Season


As you scramble for new ways to make your employees light up like a Christmas tree this Holiday, let us gift you some helpful tips. Employees love meaningful gifts. Even if you get all 800 of your employees the same exact gift, add a personal touch to it. Throw in a line about why they are so valuable to you as an employee. This is the perfect time to dote on an employee! If you can, cater gifts to the interests or needs of your employees.

three ways employee appreciation is a win-win

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When it comes to appreciating your employees, many organizations hesitate, considering only the costs. But employee appreciation, when executed correctly, is actually beneficial for both employee morale and bottom-line results. years to an employee’s tenure.

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Seven Excellent Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day


Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated each year on the first Friday in March. On this day, employers around the world make the extra effort to appreciate their employees’ hard work and dedication. Why is Employee Appreciation Day important?

8 Ways Bosses Can Show Employee Appreciation


Well ideally, you’re telling your employees how much you appreciate them and how valuable they are to you year-round. And because of that, your appreciated employees will stick around longer, as well as be more motivated and engaged on a daily basis. If your appreciation efforts have been slacking a bit, take this holiday season as the perfect time to make up for it. Show your employees how much you care with these eight great ideas.

16 Clever Ways to Show Employee Appreciation


Employee Appreciation Day came and went over a month ago, but it’s important to recognize employees on a regular basis, regardless of a special event. It’s time to recognize employees! Give employees a Bring Your Daughter/Son/Spouse/Pet to Work Day.

16 Clever Ways to Show Employee Appreciation


In honor of employee appreciation day, I thought I’d bring back this list of clever ways to show employee appreciation. After all, it’s important to recognize employees on a regular basis, regardless of a special event. Showing employees they are appreciated by their employer and office colleagues boosts morale and increases workplace effectiveness. It’s time to recognize employees! Allow extra time at lunch or for breaks.

How to Get Employees Excited for Your Holiday Events


Now is the best time of year to get together as a company and celebrate the season of joy. As an HR professional, you’re likely in charge of the holiday festivities and your most important task is getting employees excited about the events you’ve planned. Poll everyone ahead of time.

10 Fun Ideas for Celebrating Work Anniversaries


On the inside, you’re full of warm-hearted gratitude for the loyalty of employees who stick around for the long haul. The question to ask yourself is whether your team knows how much you appreciate their efforts. Support the Employee’s Charitable Cause. Give Coupons for Time Off.

How to Engage Employees During the Holidays


All this excitement – and stress – can infiltrate your workplace and hinder morale, decrease productivity, and derail employee engagement. Through all the hustle and bustle of this time of years, you can still find ways to reduce stress, boost employee engagement, and keep your team on track.

3 Challenges for Creating Authentic Engagement


Employees who engage their authentic selves at work contribute to unparalleled employee and customer experiences. Of course, this [creating authentic engagement] is more challenging than doing things by rote: challenging for the employee and challenging for the manager.”.

How To Make A Great Employee A Brand Ambassador

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Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can also have a major influence on how clients and potential employees view a particular brand. Staff members can act as powerful brand ambassadors for their employer when it comes time to recruit potential new hires or customers.

can you recover from a recognition fail?

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Let me tell you about the time…. …my my organization discontinued the Perfect Attendance award the very same year I would have won.”. …my I want to recognize an employee who went above and beyond to get the job done. Please join me,” and this time…you hear your name.

why one holiday party a year doesn’t cut it

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The mood this time of year is undeniably festive—at least, as festive as work can be. In fact, many employees report feeling a pit-in-the-stomach feeling this time of year. It’s already a busy and stressful time of year,” Julianne told us, who works at a call center in Arizona.

Where to Find MTM Recognition in 2020

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MTM loves visiting our clients and building new relationships at trade shows each year, so it’s no wonder we dedicate so much time attending them. I like discovering how we can help with several of their employee recognition needs. Company Culture Employee Recognition

my husband’s employer is killing our marriage, applying to a company for a third time, and more

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Employee’s husband called me to tell me she was taking unapproved leave. What do I do in a case where an employee’s leave was rejected and then her husband phones me to tell me that she will not be at work and she will take the leave? Unless this was health-related and an emergency (like the husband calling to say that his wife, your employee, was in the hospital), then yeah, he absolutely shouldn’t be a part of this conversation. Applying to a company for a third time.

Make Your Next Employee Event “Instagrammable”

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Now that the holidays are well behind us and we’ve recovered from party season, I want to talk about human resources and employee parties. In my career, I planned parties, but I also attended the P&L meeting. The goal of an employee event isn’t to just plan the party.

On Appreciation, Recognition & WorkHuman: Q&A with Tim Sackett


We asked Tim for his take on Employee Appreciation Day, recognition, and why he’s attending WorkHuman in May. Our employees are under a ton of stress and we need to find ways to help them. What do you think about Employee Appreciation Day?

Blue Collar Employees Need Recognition, Too!


No matter what industry and employee population, we all recognize the need to engage, appreciate, and motivate our workforce. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative solutions to engage employees, encourage both peer and management recognition, and deliver rewards.

Tips For Coaching and Developing Employees Through Failure

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Coaching and developing employees is always important. When an employee reports to a supervisor, counseling or coaching is an essential part of their interaction. This is important even if the employee reports to other than the supervisor be it HR professional or line manager.

How Lifelong Learning is the Key to Success

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For many, the pursuit of lifelong learning comes in the form of attending workshops, obtaining further training in their field, taking additional courses outside of work, or earning or updating certifications that contribute to their industry knowledge and expertise. .

The Importance of Learning and Development in the Workplace

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How learning can benefit your employees and your organization: Development & learning opportunities increase retention rates. Development & learning opportunities encourage a growth mindset in your employees. Invest in your employees’ skill set in their field.

Empower Employees & Learn to Lead Without Authority


Every manager wants their employees to be happy, productive, and to feel a sense of purpose in their work. Here are 5 important tactics to help you empower employees and learn to lead without authority: Give Your Employees a Voice. Employees don’t always feel that they have an opinion that matters in the workplace. Consult employees about ongoing projects, policies, and processes. Attend conferences, events, and training outside of the office.

5 Eye-Opening Statistics to Cement the Importance of Rewards and Recognition in the Workplace


This is not only an unhealthy approach to work but also kills all the enthusiasm and creativity in employees with time. So, how do you create a workplace where employees simply love showing up? Offering timely rewards and recognition is a proven morale booster.

21 HR Tools for Employee Engagement & Workforce Planning


Here’s a list of 21 HR tools that demonstrate how technology can improve employee engagement and workforce planning efforts at your organization. Employee Data Management. Employee and manager self-service options allow for fast, easy payroll and simplified benefits administration.

7 Ways to Flaunt Your Company Culture in a Job Interview

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Take advantage of this time with candidates to show them what your company and the position are all about. Introducing them to happy, engaged employees who are clearly practicing what you preach will speak louder than any interview-room explanation. A job interview is a two-way street.

Successfully Communicate With a Global Workforce Using an Omni-Channel Strategy With Whirlpool Corporation


Engaging a large, global workforce can be challenging, and Whirlpool Corporation has a staggering 92,000 employees spread across the globe. . During the webinar, Nicole, Kathy, Angie, and Emily discussed the following tactics to increase employee engagement: .

A Complete Guide to Employee Engagement for 2020


An Engaged Employee is the Holy Grail for any business. With enumerable aspects linked to Employee Engagement, it has become a matter of critical interest for any organization to drive growth and opportunity. So what is Employee Engagement? Manager impact on employee engagement.

Employee engagement: Key steps to recognize and thank good people

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Valuable employees need to know their work makes a difference, so it’s important managers to thank good people. When saying thanks to your good employees, acknowledge the hard work they do, and tie it in to how it’s helping your organization meet key goals. When thanking employees, there are several approaches to take. Employees will appreciate the gesture, and it provides a personal touch. Take a few minutes to give an employee a call and thank them.

How to Engage Employees During the Holidays


All this excitement – and stress – can infiltrate your workplace and hinder morale, decrease productivity, and derail employee engagement. Here’s a look at some ideas to enhance employee engagement during the holidays. Share the results with your employees.

Achievers Named One of the 50 Most Innovative Workplaces by The Elevated Awards


Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. The organization was founded on the values that diversity is our strength, we’re stronger when we disrupt together, and it’s our time.

How to Build a Resilient Workplace


Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Utilize employee feedback. Invest in employee recognition and rewards. Employee Appreciation Day.

8 great ways to show employees you care

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Need some fun and creative ideas on how to show employees you care about them? Employees long to be stretched in ways that allow them to learn new skills, so take this as an opportunity to offer them the chance to further their education. Perhaps there is a certification program that many employees have been wanting to participate in, or maybe a class at a local college that will enhance their abilities to learn valuable things that are pertinent to their current roles.

New Employee Benefits That Could Be Your Secret Weapon


Today’s employees crave benefits that are as innovative as they are. Providing the perks employees really want – in addition to the medical coverage they need, of course – can help you attract and retain top talent. Want to raise employee morale? Healthcare and 401(k)? Boring.

do retreats have a place in corporate culture?

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Early in my career I was part of a team responsible for putting on an annual employee event. It was huge; thousands of employees from around the United States attended. When you take employees out of their normal environment, great things happen.

Clients Join Namely’s Third Hackathon


Over the course of just 24 hours, 25 clients worked alongside Namely employees to build new enhancements and features. Setting the Stage The Hackathon was a core part of our inaugural client summit, HR Redefined, which was attended by over 150 HR professionals from across the country.