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Are you doing enough to leverage tech for employee relations?


It may not be surprising that during 2020, social and political conflict —along with ongoing challenges due to COVID-19—helped position the employee relations (ER) function as a vital factor in shaping positive employee experiences. million employees globally, including 2.3 million employees in the U.S.

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HR Courses Online: Enhancing Human Resource Skills for Professionals

Heyyy HR!

Want to know the best online courses to learn human resources? These are the most commonly used online HR courses to boost your confidence, increase your skillset, and make you the HR professional in demand. Finding the right HR courses online to prepare for your human resources career can be confusing.


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How to reduce labor costs in a restaurant


And as minimum wage creeps higher and higher, it has us wondering: how to reduce labor costs in a restaurant. Let’s learn how to calculate and how to reduce labor cost in a restaurant, the factors that may be contributing to increased labor costs—like time theft and unnecessary overtime—and the tools you can use to keep them in check.

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7 Toxic Factors That Damage Employee Relations


A shocking 48% of employees report experiencing abuse in the workplace. Additionally, Human Resource managers spend 24% of their time resolving employee relations disputes. Why are employee relations issues so prevalent and how can they be improved? What are employee relations?

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The 10 small business tools you didn’t know you needed


Things like coordinating communications, hiring and onboarding staff, managing payroll, plus organizing shift work and time off can cause a lot of stress. And not just for you, but for your employees, customers, and business partners, too. As a business owner, you’ve got a lot on the go. How does one manage it all?

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Minimum Wage Increases for 2022


Despite talk of raising it, the federal minimum wage is still $7.25 per hour and unchanged for most states that have historically maintained the federal standard. However, many states that have higher minimum wage rates have announced *increases for 2022. Alaska: $10.34 (already in effect; tips do not count toward minimum wage).

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What Is Human Resources?

Analytics in HR

As a function, HR covers the processes, practices, and strategies to attract, develop, and retain employees who contribute to the company’s overall success. HR is vital in aligning the organization’s business objectives and employees’ needs and aspirations.