HR Trends: The Key Reads of April 2022

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Welcome to our summary of April best reads on HR trends! HR Trends for April 2022. For more monthly summaries, weekly articles on HR trends, invitations to webinars, and more, subscribe below!

Looking Ahead: HR Trends for 2020

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As per Astronology® tradition, our last article of the year will be our thoughts on possible HR trends and hot topics for the coming new year. HR Technology We continued to gradually move closer to a more technology-based society. How does this fit in with the HR realm?


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5 HR Trends Impacting the Industry

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Are you aware of these five trends that are impacting HR? The human resources industry is one that’s been around for nearly as long as there have been employees, but the world is changing, and HR needs to change with it. What are some of the most prominent trends impacting the HR industry, and what will human resources professionals need to do to cope with these changes? HR Becoming Part of Company Brand. The Rise of AI in HR.

5 HR Trends for 2020


Here Come the Roaring 20’s: 5 HR Trends for 2020. With the 2020 Global Leadership Survey in full swing, we pulled the team together to brainstorm the trends we believe clients will be wrestling with over the next 10 years.

HR in 2022: Major HR Trends and Topics To Guide Your Year

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What new HR trends are emerging that will enable positive change? . Here are the 8 biggest HR trends and topics for 2022 that should ultimately guide your focus, goals, and policies throughout the year. HR topic: New and continuing COVID requirements.

Be prepared: wage pressures will continue


BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Compensation Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) HR Insights HR Management HR News HR Trends Human Resources Labor Market Labor Relations Living Wage Pay Increases & Raises Strategy Talent Acquisition Talent Shortage U.S.

We have 4,000 weeks on Earth: How should work fit into this?

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Change Management Culture Engagement Future of HR High-Performance Workforce HR Insights HR Management HR Trends Human Resources Organizational Leadership Retirement Strategic HR Strategy Talent Management Time Management Wellness Work-Life Balance Workplace Relationships Featured

Employee Perks: 15 Emerging Trends Your Company Should Consider

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Generally considered part of an employee’s compensation package, employee benefits include things like health insurance and retirement savings. READ: Seven HR Tips for Better Leave Management Policy. Retirement planning. READ: How Can HR Help Support and Retain Working Mothers?

3 Trends HR Professionals Should Put on Their Radar in 2021


Never before in history has the importance of HR professionals been so apparent. That said, business owners and managers need highly trained HR professionals on board to look after employees’ wellbeing. years while people near retirement are staying put for just over ten years?

UPS workers demand air-con in vans; ex Twitter employee found guilty of spying


BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Bonuses Compensation & Benefits Diversity Employee Relations HR Insights HR News HR Trends Human Resources Labor Market Retirement Talent Shortage Uncategorized Workforce FeaturedUPS workers demand air-conditioned vans.

Employee Benefits Management: Getting the Most Out of Your Benefits Plan

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Put some effort into improving HR communication with employees so that everyone feels free to voice concerns and preferences. You might offer a partial match on programs like retirement savings, but other voluntary benefits are relatively inexpensive for the company.

HR Functions: 10 Fundamentals for Every HR Professional


Companies depend on their HR departments for personnel management. And every aspect of HR influences the employee experience. As a result, organizations are recognizing the vital importance of HR functions and the professionals that implement them. What Are the Key HR Functions.

Top HR Trends (and Challenges) of 2019


In the HR world, we’re no different. Let’s take a look at some HR trends for 2019 that we’re likely to see in US workplaces. Top 5 HR Trends for 2019. Employee wellness has been on trend for years, but expect to see some high-tech changes in 2019. In fact, many HR professionals rank mental health as a bigger priority than physical health for the first time this year. Expect to see these things emerge as top HR trends for 2019.

What is Benefits Administration and How Can HR Technology Make it Easier?

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Employee benefits are a major facet as well, which means benefits administration is an important role to fill by your HR team. Administrators need a firm grasp of the available options and programs, from retirement savings to health insurance.

The Essential Features of Benefits Administration Software

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LEARN: What is Benefits Administration and How Can HR Technology Make it Easier? Here are a few of the must have features for benefits administration software: Compatible with payroll software and other HR functions. LEARN: HR Data Security: Safeguarding Sensitive Employee Information.

Now Available for Download: HR Trends to Watch in 2018


There are many stakeholders influencing today’s HR landscape: employees, HR leaders, and the organizations they work for— plus, benefit suppliers, insurance carriers, and technology providers. Since 2004, Benify’s innovative technology has been helping companies around the world navigate the dynamic HR ecosystem to make it Great at Work for their employees. The trend snapshot is now available for download here.

Benefits Packages: A Comprehensive Guide


Health insurance, paid time off, and retirement benefits are the most central features. Trends in Benefits Packages. The company also provides good health coverage, PTO, retirement plans, and meals at the office. Trends in Benefits Packages.

Most interesting HR stories of the week

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Moreover, this trend has continued into the early part of 2022 too, falling to 32%. US engagement levels slump. Recent rises in the proportion of workers declaring themselves to be ‘engaged’ at work have gone into reverse according to latest research from Gallup.

Top Ten Advantages of BenAdmin Software

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The right HR technology improves the efficiency and accuracy of benefits-related tasks. For HR departments, benefits administration can be a time-consuming challenge—and one that is often outside of their expertise. BenAdmin software takes much of the heavy-lifting of your HR team.

Why Should Companies Hire New Graduates?


Others sing their praises for their ability to be adaptable or ambitious, as opposed to (we’re led to assume) their aged coworkers set in their ways and coasting along until retirement. Recruiting HR tech HR trends leadership recruiting

Get the 2018 HR Trends in 3 Minutes


If you missed Paycor’s 2018 October HR and Compliance Web Summit, we’ve got you covered. HR megatrends for the next ten years. The current recruiting market is heavily saturated, and as baby boomers retire, transferring their knowledge to new generations of workers is top of mind. Reports suggest that 75 million workers in the United States will retire in the next decade and be replaced by a talent pool of just 45 million. Here’s a look at other recruiting trends.

Retirement Savings Plague Workers Who Are Fearful They’ll be Working Past 70

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One of the most talked about HR trends of 2018 is financial wellness. However, a new CareerBuilder survey highlights employees’ concerns over whether or not they have enough saved for retirement, hindering plans to retire at the typical age of 65. workers are still pumping the brakes on their retirement plans. Four in 10 workers (40%) don’t think they’ll be able to retire until 70 or older. Benefits 2014 401(k) retirement planning workers

Why One Millennial Thinks You Should Be Hiring Older Workers

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This generation is 76 million strong, and Boomers are now working far beyond the retirement age. Recruiting and Staffing Talent Management Best practices Generational issues hiring HR management HR trends recruiting & staffing talent management There‘s much discussion about Generation Y and the benefits we bring to the workforce, but what about the Baby Boomers who are often times overlooked?

How Crisis Has Shifted Hiring in 4 Big Industries


Leading the shift to digital hiring are these four industries: HR and staffing. HR and staffing. It seems only logical that HR and staffing would be among the first to adopt video interviewing, as they represent a cross-section of industries.

How Crisis Has Shifted Hiring in 4 Big Industries


Leading the shift to digital hiring are these four industries: HR and staffing. HR and staffing. It seems only logical that HR and staffing would be among the first to adopt video interviewing, as they represent a cross-section of industries.

Get Current on the Latest HR Trends in 3 Minutes


If you missed Paycor’s Spring HR and Compliance Web Summit, we’ve got you covered. Then skim this review, where we’ll highlight key takeaways: • How to get ahead of dramatic changes in HR. 3 HR trends your employees are talking about. 2017 is a year unlike any other for HR professionals. Here’s a look at other emerging HR trends to keep your eye on. What to do : Read more about how paid family leave could evolve in Paycor’s HR Trends whitepaper.

HR Trends and Technology: Adjusting to an Agile World


On November 9-10, Paycor hosted its ninth HR Web Summit featuring sessions on a variety of topics ranging from Department of Labor, Form I-9 and EEO -1 Report compliance to common trends within the HR industry. The article below provides a recap from one of the most talked-about sessions of the Web Summit – HR Trends and Technology: Adjusting to an Agile World, presented by Paycor’s Chief Human Resources Officer Karen Crone.

4 Months into 2019, What are the HR Trends That are Here to Last?


There were many predictions of HR trends that would take the industry landscape by storm when 2019 started. However, just like new year resolutions, some of these trends have proven to be short-lived fads, and they have largely faded into obscurity. However, there are a few HR Trends that have stood the test of time and are still going strong even as the first quarter of the year draws to a close. Here are a few HR Trends that are here to last.

Essential HR Practices in the Era of The Great Resignation


Workers resigned, switched, or retired from jobs in record numbers in 2021. The winners will be companies with quality HR. HR should support employees in 6 important ways. . HR has a responsibility to constantly and consistently support and train managers. . HR Trends

Why Should Companies Hire New Graduates?


Others sing their praises for their ability to be adaptable or ambitious, as opposed to (we’re led to assume) their aged coworkers set in their ways and coasting along until retirement. HR tech HR trends leadership recruiting

Tips to Develop a Top HR Strategy


HR professionals need a wide range of skills, with adaptability being one of the most important aspects of this kind of work. This guide will therefore take a look at some top tips you can keep in mind in order to develop an HR strategy that really works for you. Keep Up with Trends.

Everything You Need to Know about COBRA Health Insurance

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Vacations, disability leave, retirement plans, and life insurance are not included with COBRA. Given the complexity of COBRA administration, many companies choose to outsource this important HR task. Talk to HR staff and look through onboarding paperwork you received as a new employee.

Popular Lifestyle Spending Account programs for 2022

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The standard benefits — medical, vision, dental, and a retirement package — are the… Read More. HR Trends and InsightsA lot has changed in the world since 2020 and so has the employee benefits picture.

PTO: Boost Employee Engagement & Performance


As policies shift and new benefits models emerge, it has become a hot topic in HR. Or, upon resignation or retirement, they receive this payment. This reduces HR’s administrative load, notes Forbes. HR should then discuss the matter with them. What is PTO?

The Reluctant HR Champion? It’s About Leading the Workplace Orchestra

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Editor’s Note: This is the 11th of 12 essays from the new book, The Rise of HR; Wisdom From 73 Thoughts Leaders. It’s compiled by Dave Ulrich, Bill Schiemann and Libby Sartain, and sponsored by the HR Certification Institute. Dave Ulrich’s 1997 book, Human Resource Champions , helped capture the role of HR professionals for the modern world. It shifted the view of HR as a compliance function to HR as strategically valuable. Trends shaping the future of HR.

6 Must-Have HR Tools in 2021


HR is a constantly evolving field, with new responsibilities and opportunities becoming available as digital transformation takes hold and companies start to rely on human resources to do more than just mediate between employees and the organization. HR Trends Productivity

Tools 91

Hybrid & Remote Work Expected to Fuel Continued Employee Turnover


According to the Microsoft study, In 2020, 17% of employees left their jobs, and that trend reached 18% in 2021. Employee Retention & Recruiting HR Trends Remote & Hybrid Work

What the Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Decision Means For the Workplace

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Discrimination Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) HR Management HR News HR Trends Legal, Compliance & Policies Sexual Discrimination Title VII (EEOC) UncategorizedEOK, presumably I’m not the only employment lawyer trying to apply the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges to the employer-employee relationship.

3 Ways HR Can Help Employees With Their Financial Smarts

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For nearly half the adult population, debt remains a persistent concern, while a sufficient retirement nest egg feels unattainable. Compensation & Benefits HR Trends Voluntary Benefits Featured financial wellnessThe stock market broke records and then recently plummeted; unemployment is low, wage growth is sluggish, and the cost of living is increasing. It’s no wonder Americans are stressed about their finances.

2022 Recruitment Challenges


Furthermore, we are seeing a large number of people retiring, which has been coined the “Great Resignation”. . Candidate Experience HR Trends Recruitment Talent Attraction hiring onboarding recruitment social media recruitment