The Annual Office Holiday Party: Is It Really Worth Having One?

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I know that after 2008, many companies opted out of the annual celebration for economic reasons, but there are still those who are offering this type of annual group merriment. HR Insights HR Management Best practices Christmas holiday party HR blog HR management talent management

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In Search Of: The Best Human Resources and Recruiting Blogs of 2014

Unbridled Talent

This morning, I deleted all of my blog subscription feeds (I use Feedly as my RSS Reader) for Human Resources, Recruiting and Talent Management blogs. Back in early 2008, I discovered blogs. Today, I face something that I haven’t faced in over six years.

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Winning the War for Talent in the Middle East


The war for talent is a challenge faced on both global and domestic levels. The Middle East is a prime example of how the war for talent is different at a geographical level. Here are 5 steps to developing top talent: Understand your organisation’s talent profile.

A look at skills assessments, bias and stereotypes

CLO Magazine

In 2008, Sarah Blithe, the article’s author, was working at a consulting firm where she delivered strength-based training sessions to the firm’s clients. Blithe said there are occupations, such as caregiving, management work and education, that are currently mostly taken up by women.

11 Things You Need to Know About Generation Z

Kevin Sheridan

Organizations, human resource leaders, and managers will need to learn about, and fully understand, this unique generation especially since they may be the solution to the never-ending talent attraction and talent retention challenge. Millennials, Millennials, Millennials.

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Recruit Smarter Not Harder


According to the Society for Human Resource Management (reporting on a recent survey by the DHI Group ), “…half of respondents (45 percent)…said that the time to fill open positions has lengthened since 2014. HR Technology Recruiting Talent Management HR Hr Tech recruiting recruitment

Meet 5 HR Pros Who Became CEOs

Cornerstone On Demand

Gone are the days of interchangeable workers turning out widgets; the modern workplace is built on innovation and creativity, and getting the best ideas requires understanding how to attract, keep and work with the best talent. from 2005 to 2008.

Carnival of HR – Happy 13th Anniversary Edition!

Robin Schooling

The Carnival of HR was started in those nascent days by Suzanne Lucas (@RealEvilHRLady ), who then handed over the reins to Alison Green ( @AskAManager ) in 2008. 2014. Thirteen years ago today (2/21/2007) the first Carnival of HR blog post was published.

New Year, Same Story: 2016 Forecast Is For Another Year of 3% Raises

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According to the latest survey by Towers Watson , the global talent management consultant, “Pay raises for U.S. ” Yes, you read that right — next year’s salary hike is projected to be the same 3 percent increase employees received this year and in 2014.

The Chicago Cubs and Winning Leadership Practices


A big piece of this, of course is talent management mastery, with particular attention to assessing skill gaps, planning for future needs, identifying and investing in talent, weighing risk, and deploying that talent effectively. As we’ve all seen with the Cubs, while talent is essential to success, so too is solid leadership. By making sure they had more down time, Maddon helped manage the marathon of a season.