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The Reason Companies Should Calculate Cost Per Hire

HR Bartender

Back in 2012, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) worked with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to create a uniform standard calculation for cost per hire (CPH). Let’s say the organization is planning to open a new location next year. As a result, they will need to hire 10 employees.

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11 Real-Life Human Resources Examples

Analytics in HR

In the ever-evolving world of human resources , countless tools and strategies can help you maximize efficiency while keeping staff morale high. To prove how useful these techniques can be, we’ve gathered 11 real-life human resources examples from organizations all over the globe. Why is HR important?


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Best HR Companies in Dubai


So, human resources is one of the busiest departments in all businesses right now. And that is one unit no business can neglect as it is impossible to achieve growth without efficient human resource management. Therefore, many companies are outsourcing HR services to specialists. Top 10 HR Companies in Dubai 1.

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People Analytics and HR-Tech Reading List

Littal Shemer

This list of People Analytics and HR-Tech books is not exceptional. So here is my People Analytics and HR-Tech reading list on Kindle (no paper books, as I like the trees), ordered chronologically from newest to oldest. (Reading Time: 26 minutes) Let’s face it. There are too many professional books one can read in a lifespan.

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Is human resources ready for climate change?


Companies should also carefully consider climate change when designing their human resources policies and benefits. They can evaluate the adequacy of their health plans’ mental health network to meet members’ heightened needs. The post Is human resources ready for climate change?

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How Can HR Combat Workplace Bullying?

HR Daily Advisor

As a general rule, their targets value honesty, fairness, and integrity and, as a result, are vulnerable because they tend to be more tolerant of others even to their own detriment. What HR Can Do to Stifle Bullying at Work. But, what can HR do when the bully is the boss? Additional Resources. Loss of concentration.

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How to Create a Human Resource Strategy

Digital HR Tech

Whether you´re working in a large corporate or a smaller enterprise, a Human Resource strategy forms the basis of everything you do in HR. In this article, we will give a definition of the HR strategy, explain how the HR strategy impacts daily HR practices, and we will end with a Human Resource strategy example.