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I''m looking forward to the tweets from HR Technology (US), and then later HR Tech Europe, as I can''t get to either of them this year (in fact I''ve not been to HR Technology (US) for three years now since I last presented there.) But that doesn''t mean it''s the future of HR.

5 Things I'm Looking Forward to At #HRTechEurope

Cielo HR Leader

Cielo (check out our complementary Talent Activation Index ) is one of the sponsors of HR Tech Europe , which takes place in Amsterdam on October 23-24. At the same time, the lens on HR and talent functions has never been so intense.

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Walter Mitty and HR Transformation

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I''ve recently had this post published on the ASTD / ATD''s gloabl HRD blog - HR Artistry on a Global Canvas - again supporting this November''s Art of HR Conference. And if you want to Walterise your HR function, come along to the Art of HR taking place in Dubrovnik in November.

Getting Started with Talent Analytics: An HR Director’s Tale

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The chastened HR Director (HRD) stumbles out of the CEO’s office having received an almighty rollicking. The reason for his ire was the fact that he was so damn impressed with the HR Analytics a company the likes of GE had. Never one to accept feeling behind the curve in any way to his peers, the CEO wanted HR Analytics and he wanted it now. He now had a month to compile a plan on something he’d previously regarded as a mere fad—“Data in HR? Picture the scene.

So how do you know if you’re a Business Partner?

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I’m once again looking forward to chairing Symposium’s Successful Business Partnering Conference on 18th November this year. These are firstly, that HR focuses on the business (or other employing organisation) and secondly, that it focuses on partnering. HR role HR transformation

IBM, 3M Leaders to Present at 2020 i4cp Conference (i4cp login required)


Every year, the top-rated i4cp Next Practices Now Conference brings together over 400 senior human capital leaders for four days of focus on cutting-edge HR approaches and superior, high-level networking. Next year’s conference (March 23 – 26, 2020 in Scottsdale, AZ) is no exception and promises yet another line-up of amazing speakers. Kristen Ludgate, SVP of HR, 3M Kristen Ludgate is Senior Vice President, Human Resources, at 3M, a Fortune 100 global company based in St.


Namely grabs new CEO!


It had three or four payroll engines, at least two front-ends and the usual cluster of unintegrated acquired HR software products. I’m amazed at how little importance is routinely given to HR domain expertise. I was hired 30 years ago to start an HR tech magazine without any.

Five Must-Attend #HRTechConf 2015 Sessions


HR Tech is closer to a marathon than a sprint,” notes the event’s Co-Chair Steve Boese ( @SteveBoese ) in his annual conference tips post. CHRO Perspectives on HR Tech Monday, October 19th at 3:30 p.m. Awesome New Technologies for HR Tuesday, October 20th at 8:30 a.m.

Keeping it Simple: Driving HR analytics Value in 1 week

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I attended an HR analytics conference in 2014, and was very impressed by the HR analytics work done in excel by Elouise Leonard-Cross, then of Home Group, in the North-East of England. The Home Group HR team did a great job by keeping things simple. HR Analytics

What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean for HR?


Machines driven by artificial intelligence offer benefits for every type of industry, and HR departments benefit especially from AI and its even-tempered analysis, freedom of cultural prejudice and ability to collate vast bodies of data from disparate sources. Risks of AI in HR.

HR Meets Technology: The Ten Facets Of Culture


HR is experiencing a watershed moment. It’s not the sudden appearance of millennials texting in the staff cafeteria, or the first Internet conference call. It’s the shift to a new paradigm: HR and Technology is essential to the success of an organization. HR is insightful.

Leading in the new world of work: Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends

HR Times

HR teams have the opportunity to help us simplify our lives, simplify their own programs, use data to make decisions, and innovate. This means companies should redesign the learning experience as they simplify HR. HR as a function rated itself a 1.65

Trends 111

Standard Life Uses HR Cloud To Drive People-Powered Corporate Change

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Begbie, speaking November 17 at a conference in London, said the company needed an HR system that was capable of keeping up with this growth, and that could offer standardized processes for managing performance, talent, and rewards while providing support for local regulations.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #245: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

HR Examiner

Hosts Stacey Harris and John Sumser discuss important news and topics in recruiting and HR technology. HR Tech Weekly. John and Stacey discuss Stacey’s work on her upcoming book on the HR Tech Environment. EddyHR Acquires Pay-Role HR Solutions Link ».

HR Meets Technology: 10 Facets Of Culture

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HR is experiencing a watershed moment. It’s not the sudden appearance of Millennials texting in the staff cafeteria, or the first Internet conference call. It’s the shift to a new paradigm: HR and technology is essential to the success of an organization. HR is insightful.