Rewards and Recognition Take the Lead in Driving Global Engagement

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Employee engagement is driven by a number of factors including management and leadership within a company, career opportunities and enabling infrastructure – whether or not employees have the tools and training to do their jobs well. According to AON Hewitt, this may no longer be the case. . Results from the AON Hewitt study indicate that rewards and recognition may, in fact, be the most important factor driving employee engagement on the global scale today.

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What's Going On Out There?

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Aon (including Radford ) just published data collected from April 7 to 10, 2020. 88% of participants have increased the number and frequency of communications from senior leadership, including topics like business continuity -- with 77% using video and web conferencing as well as email, and 33% using texting, among many communication channels. This is a well conducted survey covering a point in time that can be confusing and sometimes even disturbing.

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The Future Is Us!

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Compensation specialists, what do we do well that others don't? Design interventions that reward when the company achieves an outcome that is needed -- and create the measures that will accurately define the outcome, as well. well, you know. And as Dan pointed out yesterday, even the august duo of Towers Watson and Aon Hewitt are admitting to what the data has actually told us for a few years, ".