4 Ways to Maximize Productivity and Optimize Your Contingent Workforce Background Check Program

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While organizations benefit from the flexibility of bringing on contingent workers to address skills gaps or fulfill increased demand, an inefficient hiring process can detract from the value. Maintain consistent screening practices. Know the regulations around screening.

How Your Background Screening Provider’s Global Partner Ecosystem Enhances the Hiring Workflow

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We usually think about evolution as a process that takes place over centuries or millennia, but technology evolution is a different animal altogether. Changing Standards for Background Checks. Screening that supports safe hiring.


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Background Checks for IT Professionals

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Protecting your data, reducing liability, and avoiding fraud and other criminal activity in the IT realm requires comprehensive, reliable employment screening services directly catered to the tech industry. The Benefits of Background Checks. We believe in background checks.

Navigating Background and Covid-19 Health Screening in Retail

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Consumer behavior has shown they want choices on how they can shop and obtain their products. Digitalization also has redefined how retailers market, sell and distribute products. End-to-End Digitalization of Criminal Records Check. Covid-19 Health Screening.

Finding the Diamond in Your Candidate Pool

Speaker: Anise Wiley-Little - Author, Senior Executive, Board Member and Managing Partner at MEGA-K Enterprises LLC

You will leave this session with the tools and guidance necessary to take your diversity and inclusion talent acquisition process to the next level. Assess your next steps and build a process that allows you to not just have diverse candidates in your pipeline but to select the diamond in that mine of qualified candidates, increasing your organization's overall productivity, profitability, and business results.

Background Checks and your Extended Workforce: 6 Tips for Hiring During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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While many businesses have been forced to close or transition entire workforces to remote positions, other businesses, such as grocers, medical providers and delivery companies, have seen unprecedented demand for services. Accurate prepared these materials for informational purposes only.

Crimcheck Technologies and Avionté Announce Strategic Partnership and Integrated Solutions that Improve Staffing Productivity

Crimcheck | Pre-Employment & Background Check Information

FCRA Disclosures and Notifications Many HR departments now use background checks to inform decisions like recruitment, promotion and termination. Whenever background checks are used, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) comes into play.

HR Tech Annual Conference: Sterling’s Top Takeaways

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We were proud to showcase all the ways in which we put people first in our background screening and identity verification services. Candidates are often unable to easily navigate the portal and do not have the ability to attach supporting documents via upload or snapping a photo.

Demystifying employment background checks


Employer background checks, or pre-employment screenings, are vital to the hiring process. Employment background check basics. A background check for employment is a legal investigation into an individual’s past. It includes items such as identity and employment verifications as well as global watch list, sex offender, national criminal search and county search checks. The value of employment background checks.

Background Checks for Safety Sensitive Positions

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One of the primary purposes for conducting background checks for employment purposes is safety. Regardless of the position for which you are hiring, employment background checks can help you protect your organization from fraud, violence, and crime. Improved productivity.

The Secrets to Managing Offshore Teams: Virtual Body Language, Cultural Unity, Maximizing Performance

Speaker: Jamie Getgood, Chief People Officer at TeamRecruit

Join Jamie Getgood, who will share his extensive experience as an HR Director and HR Consultant, teaching you best practices in managing offshore teams and how to maximize performance authentically.

Should You Include Social Media in Background Checks?


In a 2020 survey by The Harris Poll , 70% of employers who responded said they believe every company should screen candidates’ social media profiles during the hiring process and 78% of employers believe that current employees should maintain a work-appropriate social media profile.

Trend Watch: Background Screening

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COVID-19, the labor shortage, and the increase in remote workers are all shaping how organizations should screen candidates. As HR and TA leaders continue to navigate the new world of work, there are several key background screening trends to follow in order to stay competitive.

6 Top Trends in Employment and Identity Screening

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HR leaders are looking ahead, and as we continue to adapt to the constant shifts we are seeing in the workforce, employers are focusing on how best to manage potentially returning to work and compliant hiring practices, whether in-person, remote, or hybrid.

More than a Vendor. Becoming an Effective Screening Partner

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Since clients are at the heart of our business, we sat down with Matt Froman, Client Success Leader of Sterling’s Tech, Media, Entertainment, and Hospitality Vertical, to discuss key industry trends and the impact that a strong screening partner can have on your hiring process.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

screening and scheduling, and are left with little. higher productivity and an overall better recruiting. free time: • Researching open positions to determine which. to individual job openings • Filling out forms with the same information found. backgrounds.

Hiring & Retention FOMO? 3 Reasons to Add Social Media to Candidate Background Checks

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If you’re debating the merits of adding social media to your background screening process, you aren’t alone. A Harris Poll survey found that 70% of hiring managers consider screening candidates’ social media profiles to be useful during the hiring process.

Cisive Product Highlight: Social Media Screening


In this Cisive Product Highlight series, we’ll review key tools to consider when screening your workforce, as well as tips and best practices when ordering them from Cisive and our family of brands. This month’s highlight is Social Media Screening. What is Social Media Screening?

What Happens When a Candidate Background Check Reveals a Criminal Record?


One of the interesting trends noted was whether or not companies use a criminal adjudication or hiring matrix in order to make decisions regarding how to treat the results of applicant criminal background checks.

Crimcheck and Tempworks Software Announce Strategic Partnership and Integrated Solutions Focused on the Staffing Industry

Crimcheck | Pre-Employment & Background Check Information

Staffing customers can now quickly and securely order background screening and drug testing solutions, track status, and view completed reports within TempWorks Beyond.

Dice 2018 Recruitment Automation Report

Negative or. Very Negative 6% Positive or. Check all that apply) Dice Recruitment Automation Report 6 The Positive. According to our research, the top benefit is the automation. Check all that apply) 55% Dice Recruitment Automation Report 7 What Recruiters Want – and.

Getting More From Employee Screening

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Monitoring key performance indicators has become a critical element of any business strategy—and that extends to employee screening. To create an impactful, data-driven screening program, organizations need to track the right metrics. Screening costs. Number of checks.

What Are Your Biggest Background Check Problems For Your Camp?

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In a nutshell, this standard mandates compulsory background checks for all camp staff and volunteers who are 18 years and above. At a minimum, the standard requires criminal background checks and sex offender list searches. Basically, any camp which desires to attain the prestigious ACA accreditation needs to institute background checks as a matter of course. However, background checks shouldn’t just be viewed as a quick path to accreditation.

Background checks for employment: What, why, & how


An employment background check can help provide reassurance that a chosen candidate is qualified for the job and is a good fit for your organization. What are background checks for employment? Background checks for employment are a screening tool used to verify job applicant information through official legal records. FCRA protects employers from claims of unfair hiring practices and job candidates from discrimination or privacy breaches.

Global Criminal Background Screening: 3 Essentials for Success


Global background check programs are necessary for both international organizations as well as U.S. With remote employment broadening your talent pool from your immediate geographical location to nearly everywhere in the world, global background checks are expected to be more common.

Why Run Background Checks in the Media and Advertising Industry?

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Many employees are beginning to re-prioritize what they value in the workplace as a result of the majority of workers wanting flexible working options , an increase learning and development, and news ways to measure productivity. The Importance of Background Checks.

What Exactly is a Background Check?8 Background Check Questions Answered

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Background checks and ongoing employee monitoring are crucial for organizations of all sizes and across all industries. Being accountable for workplace and employee safety is a considerable responsibility, and while it may seem like a simple question – “what is a background check?”

How Background Checks Help in Hiring Strong Tech Candidates

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“knowledge workers ” started working remotely to practice social distancing or self-quarantine in a short amount of time. adults said a significant interruption to internet or cellphone service would be an obstacle in their daily lives. Tools for Making Informed Choices.

3 Critical Components of a Global Background Check Program

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Traditionally, global background checks were necessary for international organizations, businesses with offices in more than one country. Offices in each country needed to conduct background checks when hiring candidates for their local office.

Strategies for Hiring Safely in the New World Ahead: An SIA Webinar Recap

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Taylor talked about Form I-9, and how it is usually the “first time most of us check an employee’s ID after we hire them. Review the EEOC for pre-screening and temperature-taking guidelines. Q: Does Sterling offer Identity Verification as a product offering right now?

New In-App Background Check Packages for Added Peace of Mind


A great upfront screening process plus effective interviews are important always, but in some industries that’s not enough. You rely on background checks and drug screens for that extra peace of mind that you’re hiring someone fully capable of doing the job at the level you expect. .

5 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Reduce Background Check Turnaround Time


5 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Reduce Background Check Turnaround Time Nov. While most healthcare employers conduct background checks on new hires, it can also be a component that can increase the time to fill for talent acquisition. Since shorter background check turnaround times can contribute to improved results and cost reduction, we compiled this list of ways you can approach this critical component of the hiring process.

Don’t Panic! Background Screening Explained

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You nailed the interview—or many interviews. And as almost an aside, the recruiter says, “The offer is contingent on a background check, but I don’t anticipate any problems.” “Ok, The employer decides what types of background checks will be done. the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has strict guidelines about how an employer through a CRA, or a background check company, can request a background check. Drug Screening.

Applicant Tracking Systems: Key Information Unpacked


When candidates submit their information, the data flows into the centralized ATS to reduce the time spent on manual sorting and filing of data. This ultimately pinpoints areas where resources are best spent and identifies areas where there is little or no ROI.

Don’t Skip These Hiring Steps: Background Checks & References

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Many employers are unsure how to handle applicant references and background checksor whether they are worth the hassle. Too many business owners believe that these steps in the hiring process are too expensive or time-consuming. What is a background check?

Background Check for Employment – Types, Benefits & Regulations


What is Background Check? When most people hear background check , they think it as a simple process for employment purposes. A background check is the process of a company or person confirming that an individual is who they say they are. It also is for them to check the persons private and public records (for example, a criminal record , education records, and employment history). Types of background checks for employment.

The Hidden Costs of an Inadequate Background Check

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In today’s world, blindly trusting a candidate’s resume or interview isn’t realistic when choosing the right person for a job. A background screening is a “must-have” part of the hiring process, helping to reduce risk and increase transparency. Background Checks

From Pre-employment Screening to Post-employment Interviews: Strategies for Making Mental Health & Wellness a Priority Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

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The American Hospital Association explains that “May is a time to raise awareness of those living with mental or behavioral health issues and to help reduce the stigma so many experience.” De-stressing the job search with efficient recruiting and screening processes.

Spring Cleaning Your Screening Program During COVID-19

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Over the last few years, you have been conducting your background screening program consistently across your organization. Some have established a few background check packages for different roles within your workforce.

Should You Include Social Media in Background Checks?


Should You Include Social Media in Background Checks? If a candidate feels he or she was not hired because of one of these traits, that person can sue for discrimination. Related : Cisive Product Highlight: Social Media Screening . .