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Talent and Performance Management Survey Summary

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The HR Daily Advisor research team conducted the 2016 Talent and Performance Management Survey in January, 2016. Talent and performance management are some of the most important and rigorous tasks any HR professional has to deal with. Managing Shortages. HR manager.

How to Make Headway on Pay Transparency

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It's time to accept that your job has changed from gatekeeper (limiting access to pay knowledge until employees are "ready") to educator (describing the nuts and bolts of salaries and incentives). Have you measured your progress on pay transparency? It's definitely time to check.

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Cafe Classic: Time for Spring Cleaning?

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My time is booked out." Problem is, if there are so many managers and employees that need you urgently -- or programs with ugly loopholes -- it's a safe bet that things aren't really in order. . Base Salaries Incentives/Bonuses Pay for Performance Performance Management

Don't Do That! Bad Habits and Compensation

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Change management should be the foundation of 90% of compensation communications. New incentive coming up next year? Performance measures are changing, that means employees' current behaviors/habits need to be readjusted, or even rejected, for the new goals to be met or exceeded.

4 End-of-Year Tips that Should Come in Handy

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If your open enrollment is on autopilot by now, your to-do list is probably loaded with performance review implementation steps and soon to be bulging with budgeting, merit increase and incentive award activities. And the managers use them.)

Where's Your Sense of Purpose?

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What and who do our employees care the most about (without any prodding from management) -- and how often do we look at things that way in HR? Learn how to make it an annual opportunity to improve your career prospects in our popular eBook, Everything You Do (in Compensation) Is Communication.

Got a Problem You Want to Solve?

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Executives and managers losing important contributors? Managers dispirited about having to lead without being able to reward? Margaret O''Hanlon, CCP collaborated with Ann Bares and Dan Walter to bring the book into the world. Thinking about a plan redesign any time soon?

Loving the Way Your Numbers Make Me Feel

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Yes, how you communicate continues to have real influence on engagement and performance. You betcha, and we all have our dazed and amazed stories to tell about employees (let alone managers) who reacted in a completely surprising way to information they were given.

There May Still Be Enough Time!

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You may have already completed performance appraisal discussions, but performance should certainly be part of the discussion when 2014 increases and bonuses are covered with employees. Give your managers discussion outlines to use in these meetings.

Growing a Healthy Compensation Program

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If you're an HR office of one, busily juggling everything from beneficiary forms to incentive awards, it's hard to believe that you share any pressures with other HR managers. Payment of bonus is determined by the CEO after the "books are closed" and results are discussed with Board.