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While Employee Development Programs Fail, Growth Organizations Help Everyone Succeed


This has led to the implementation of employee development programs that annually cost companies hundreds of billions of dollars. Employees in today’s knowledge-worker economy don’t respond well to techniques like command and control leadership or micromanagement. Click To Tweet.

Career Champions

HRO Today

Four HR leaders share how their approaches to mentoring programs are solving talent challenges. In this environment, career development is no longer a perk reserved for certain high-ranking positions—it is an expectation. the development of new perspectives (27 percent).


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‘It is a myth that there is a fixed female leadership “quota” you need to fight to get access to’, With Penny Bauder & Dr. Alessandra Costa

Thrive Global

The success of women around us is not to our detriment and does not ruin our odds of being recognized. There isn’t a fixed female leadership “quota” you need to fight to get access to. Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

Corporate Social Responsibility: One of the Key Drivers of Employee Engagement

Vibe HCM

In their words, “The Doolittle Institute has the privilege of providing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education to thousands of underserved students, many of them military personnel. One of our primary goals is to inspire and educate our country’s future workforce.”

Moving beyond the annual survey for better employee inspiration and engagement


From retention to compliance, there were a number of trending topics on the Ceridian HCM Blog this year. It’s equally, if not more important, to inspire, motivate and engage your employees over the long haul. The challenge most companies face is how to transform their current processes.

Why Companies Need to Build a Skills Inventory

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Although the cloud, digitization, and the Internet of Things allow businesses to gather and analyze all sorts of data, few organizations today have a system in place to track the skills their people have. Here’s how to get started. Article written by Jeff Hesse, PwC.

Don’t lose the humanity in human resources and technology


Over the last few decades, new technology has increasingly become a major enabler of day-to-day human resources activity. It’s easy to see why. Technology has simplified the HR function and made it more robust while helping companies to overcome common challenges. But has the proliferation of technology, and all the advantages that come with it, been at the expense of a critical driver of workplace success: Human, face-to-face interaction? How can you accomplish this?

11 Things You Need to Know About Generation Z

Vibe HCM

As the first surge of Generation Z enters the workplace, organizations may be surprised at how different they are from Millennials (also known as Generation Y). Thus, employers will need to also adapt and bring a whole new way of working to the workplace to win over Gen Z.

10 Enlightening HR Books That Will Benefit Your Career


I developed this theory based on the people I interacted with when I worked for a large public library, and I validate my claim with Pinterest boards with hundreds of quotes that all say roughly the same thing. If you want to learn, you’re just going to have to read.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #238: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

HR Examiner

Alight Solutions launches artificial intelligence to drive payroll transformation Link ». FM:Systems Announces Plan to Acquire Asure Software’s Workspace Management Portfolio Link ». Subscribe to Podcast or Download. How are you doing this week?

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HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #324: Jeanne Achille, Founder and CEO, The Devon Group

HR Examiner

Subscribe to Podcast or Download. Good morning and welcome to HR Examiner’s Executive Conversations. I’m your host John Sumser and today we’re going to be talking with Jeanne Achille who is the Devon group. So Jeanne, how are you? How interesting.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #245: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

HR Examiner

Paycom Announces Further Enhancements to Learning Management Software Link ». Glassdoor: HubSpot dethrones Zoom as the best tech company to work for in the U.S. Subscribe to Podcast or Download. Welcome to HR Tech Weekly, one step closer with Stacey Harris and John Sumser.

The C-Suite Gets an Upgrade

SAP Innovation

Machine learning isn’t going to run companies, but it will profoundly alter how companies are run. So why, in all our enthusiasm for data-driven team efforts, are we still in thrall to the decades-old mystique of the CEO? From Lone Wolves to Evidence Enthusiasts.

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Why LAX TechRecruit 2019 is a recruiter’s paradise

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

We are halfway through the year and it’s time to make the most of 2019. This is where LAX TechRecruit, founded by Stacey Broadwell , comes to the rescue. The conference brings together top industry veterans to discuss the best recruitment practices in the tech industry.