How to Build a Thriving Culture on a Global Scale

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Technology has helped level the playing field for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) , allowing them to successfully compete against huge multi-national corporations. Likewise, gender diversity is something that cannot be separated from country and culture. “Gender diversity becomes a major problem depending on the country we are operating in,” says Sathyanarayanan. Want to see how other organizations have transformed their business with Oracle HCM cloud?

From Clif Bar to Oracle and beyond: Battery Ventures VP of Talent


All that good work did not go unnoticed, and Kelly was scooped up by Oracle to lead the executive search team of their 33,000 person product development unit. How small startups can compete with huge companies for top talent. retained search Diversity executive recruiting

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How Talent Intelligence Software Improves the Success of Clinical Trials


Technology has opened the door for more geographically diverse clinical trials. Finally, there is the matter of diversity and inclusion, drivers of excellence in medicine, notes Dr. Desmondes Haynes , a pulmonologist in Jackson, Mississippi. Hiring Systems Promote Diversity .

HR Tech 2019: Josh Bersin on untangling the HR tech market


“‘Curiosity is actually becoming a competency,” he said. Diversity and inclusion has become so important that’s now a significant market in its own, said Bersin.

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Smart HR IT Brings New Insights to Age-Old HR Challenges

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

For Joyce Westerdahl, CHRO at Oracle, the key is keeping her eye on the business. Lazenby: What drives Oracle’s talent management strategy? Westerdahl: Our main focus is to make Oracle a destination employer. Even during tough recessions, we are always competing for top talent.

5 Recruiting Mistakes Your Startup Might Be Making


It’s very hard for them to be competitive in terms of salaries, especially if they’re competing for tech talent with the Googles, Oracles, and Amazons/Apples of the world. That will both reduce diversity of people and diversity of ideas, and you may not last long.

Are your employees engaged, or just playing the game?

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

When individual workers compete for their manager’s approval instead of working together to succeed as a group, they create a negative environment and breed a lack of trust between colleagues. To read more about Oracle work around employee engagement, please click here

The New HR: Accountable, Measurable, Analytical

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

To develop a strong, engaged workforce, a robust career development and competency model needs to be developed with tailored learning programs based on the specific needs of individuals. By Aaron Green. The past decade has seen HR professionals charged with delivering ROI back to the business.

The Modern Campus: Challenges and Opportunities for HCM

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

By Joseph Clay, Vice President – Human Capital Management Transformation at Oracle. Last year, Oracle partnered with University Business on a survey of business, finance and executive leaders in Higher Education to identify the most critical challenges facing their institutions.

What’s Coming Up at HR Tech?


Once more, the first day of the conference will feature our popular Women in HR Technology Summit, with a half-day of sessions focusing on diversity, inclusion and professional development.

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Redefining Social: Get Your Head Out of Your Apps!

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

It is true that many social media tools are beneficial to our function, as they expand our access to candidates and provide diverse avenues for interaction. Christine has over 25 years of diverse HR experience. By Christine Mellon.


Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: My Review of The HR Technology Conference #HRTechConf

The Tim Sackett Project

Talvista – (The overall diversity winner) -provides a view beyond the noise of unconscious bias, ensuring a skilled talent pool and workforce that is more diverse and inclusive. – The future of the HR Tech and TA Tech stack are not a big umbrella, we do everything, enterprise systems (Workday, Oracle, SAP, etc.). If you’re an HR or Talent Acquisition leader today, one of your core competencies has to be around technology.

Vive la Révolution: 5 Key Takeaways from #HRTechEurope 2014

Cielo HR Leader

Two days, 10 streams, 150 speakers, 2,142 delegates and a whole lot of Heineken – the fourth (and final) HR Tech Europe Conference ( @HRTechEurope ) in Amsterdam flew by at a pace no HR transformation could hope to compete with. .

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


RitaMitjans : Mom, Harvard ’90, Chief Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer. d_lux_brand : Fierce advocate for pay equity, gender equality, and diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Oracle. Oracle. Diversity !=

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications are designed to address the most complex business requirements. Oracle HCM Cloud. Oracle HCM Cloud is a complete HR application suite which helps organizations become more strategic and agile with a best-in-class workforce experience.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #214: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

HR Examiner

So a diverse and interesting week but maybe starting popping up at the top though just what we saw going on at the eleventh annual H.R. We have a constant battle with what is competency management in our world.

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If You Don’t Ask The Right Qs, You Get The Answers You Deserve!

In Full Bloom HR

For example, one major vendor, Oracle, has a very different view of true SaaS than I do, and they have the long tail of their installed base plus almost unlimited resources to ensure that their point of view has legs.

HR TechStack – Applicant Tracking Systems


Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications are designed to address the most complex business requirements. Application Tracking Software Definition. An applicant tracking system (ATS) manages the recruiting process by collecting and organizing applicant information.

HR TechStack – Employee Engagement Software


Competencies are measured by behaviorally-anchored rating scales. Contact records from other databases such as PeopleSoft, Oracle and can be synchronized through API integration thereby ensuring that the contact list is always up to date.

Prepare Your Questions For #HRTechWorld and #HRTechConf

In Full Bloom HR

For example, one major vendor, Oracle, has a very different view of true SaaS than I do, and they have the long tail of their installed base plus almost unlimited resources to ensure that their point of view has legs.

12 Marketing Trends Every Top Brand Needs To Know In 2016

SAP Innovation

Data-driven tools and CRM solutions like Hubspot , Salesforce Pardot , Oracle CRM , and Nimble are helping marketers collect, organize, and analyze their data; generate new insights to incorporate into their marketing strategies; and make better recommendations and predictions for future actions. They embrace diversity and differences. You need meaningful, bold, and inspirational content to stand out from all other competing brand messages.

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