Training on Time & Attendance Software

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Training Employees on New Time & Attendance Software. That includes helping them get acquainted with your time & attendance software. The way you train can be key when it comes to helping workers get acquainted with your time & attendance software.

Time & Attendance for Engineering Environments

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This starts with tracking how much time your engineers and other professionals dedicate to every phase of a project or product initiative. Tracking Time to Support ROI. That’s where time & attendance software such as stratus time can come into play.


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Restaurant Time & Attendance Tracking

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You also probably discovered—very quickly—that there was an administrative side to things that involved parts of the business you weren’t particularly fond of, like paperwork, and employment laws, and tracking time and attendance for your restaurant. Does your restaurant have the right time & attendance tracking software in place? Restaurants and food industry businesses of all sizes continue to manually track time and attendance, or rely on outdated technology.

Job Costing with Time & Attendance

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Estimating Future Job Costs with the Right Time & Attendance Solution. And when it’s time to build a job costing strategy, how you track time & attendance is one of the first things to look at. The data you receive from stratus time can help you shed light on costs of current projects, and help you plan your next project bid. Is Your Time & Attendance Solution Bad at Job Costing? Job Costing Across Multiple Projects.

Introducing Harmony’s Time & Attendance Module

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Tracking the hours they worked, creating and approving timesheets, managing PTO… all of these tasks can add up and consume a huge chunk of your precious time that could be used for other important things. Contact Us Learn more about Harmony Time & Attendance.

Managing Time & Attendance Needs for Tech Workers

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Time & Attendance in the Tech Industry Can Be Made More Difficult by Remote Workers. Personal Devices Create Time & Attendance Issues for Tech Companies. Rather than having to learn a new device or operating system, they can sync up their personal device with work-related data and projects, and jump right in. stratus time gives employees, managers, and administrators new ways to tap through their week.

Is it Time to Update Your Time & Attendance Policy?

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Issues with employee time & attendance can show up in any number of ways. Or, managers might suspect that time fraud is taking place. When there are time & attendance issues, many HR professionals find themselves needing to take the lead in order to solve them. That includes reviewing your time & attendance policies. Your Time & Attendance Policies. Have you reviewed your time & attendance policy lately?

6 Ways Automated Time and Attendance System Boosts Bottom Line Results


That’s why keeping track of employee time and attendance can have a huge impact on the bottom line. Inaccurate time tracking can lead to costly regulatory compliance issues.

Time & Attendance on Construction Sites

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Behind temporary fences, sites sometimes host dozens, perhaps hundreds of employees and contractors at any one time. Advanced Time & Attendance on Construction Sites. Being able to track time & attendance accurately is one of the key reasons why construction firms turn to next-gen software. It can help reduce labor costs, by assisting in eliminating instances of buddy punching, and other types of time theft. Construction Industry Time Tracking

Managing employee attendance with data our Attendance Platform.

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Employee attendance data, tracking, and management are a problem for many organizations. Does your team have the employee attendance data they need to make decisions? . Why track employee attendance anyways? Lack of time or effort for outstanding customer support.

That Dirty Four Letter Word – DATA!


Let’s take a look at data and the impacts a four letter word can have on your system(s). Data quality is affected by the way it is entered, stored and managed. Each vendor is slightly different, but you need at least one person on the client implementation side, preferably a SME — someone who is familiar with the legacy system, where and how the data is stored, updated and what are the expected end results. It all comes down to… Data, Data, Data.

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Getting Workers Comfortable with New Time & Attendance Software

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This includes time & attendance software, which can help managers and leaders track and analyze time-on-the-clock data, and utilize key information to create schedules, help control costs, and measure productivity. They worry that the new technology might be intrusive and encroach on their personal time. We offer three tips below to help employees buy into your new time & attendance software.

Time and Attendance Software and Employee Accountability


How can business owners or supervisors increase employee accountability using time tracking software to capture actual hours employees worked? What is Employee Time Fraud? Benefits of Utilizing Employee Time and Attendance Software. Time and Attendance

Business Loan? Leverage Time and Attendance Data

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In addition to financial statements, time and attendance reports can give unique insights into productivity, such as showing the loan officer a visual illustration of when and where your employee time is used. A cloud based time and attendance system automatically captures data in real time. When you are ready to review that information, a simple click of a button collects that data into easy-to-read reports.

Tech Insights: Managerial Insights From Time and Attendance Data

TLNT: The Business of HR

The time and attendance system in a 10,000 person company captures millions of transactions each year. That data drives core processes such as payroll. But can the millions of data points do more? I asked Gregg Gordon , Senior Director Big Data Practice, and Iva Zafirova , Principal Strategic Consultant at Kronos , what they’ve found about extracting actionable information from workforce data.

8 Ways to Set Up an Employee Time & Attendance System

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Gone are the days when the punch card/time clock was your only option for accurately tracking employee time & attendance. The spectrum of options ranges from the simple do-it-yourself solution to state-of-the art time & attendance software solutions —with costs and implementation appropriate to each option. Small businesses in their first year or two might choose to utilize a manual time & attendance system. Time Clock Hardware.

8 Ways to Set Up an Employee Time & Attendance System

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Gone are the days when the punch card/time clock was your only option for accurately tracking employee time & attendance. The spectrum of options ranges from the simple do-it-yourself solution to state-of-the art time & attendance software solutions —with costs and implementation appropriate to each option. Small businesses in their first year or two might choose to utilize a manual time & attendance system. Time Clock Hardware.

Reduce Idle Time: Adjust Scheduled Time and Attendance

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A cloud-based time and attendance system streams labor data in real time. Managers can create “scheduled versus actual” reports to adjust work schedules and direct workforce activities at all times. If you’re still using paper-based timesheets , you’re probably used to analyzing employee time individually –– because that’s about all you can do. For example, you can analyze the time spent by crews, teams, and locations.

FAQs for Integrating Time & Attendance

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In an effort to help you on your cloud-based software integration journey, b elow are three frequently asked questions to learn how simple integrating a time and attendance system is. Your time and attendance system should be able to import and export data from its data store in multiple ways including flat files, FTP, and web services. The web services API is designed for end users to consume and send data via XML, JSON, or SOAP.

Gathering Leave and attendance data | Data requirements to run payroll in India

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What is Leave and Attendance Data? Gathering leave and attendance data is fundamentally keeping track of leaves and attendance of employees. The Significance of leave and Attendance data. For the HR department too, it is a time-consuming activity.

Reduce Payroll Processing Time by 90%+ with Replicon’s Time & Attendance Software


The payroll processing team has to gather accurate time and attendance data, manually calculate gross pay while applying all federal, Replicon Products Time & Attendance Product Features

How Are You Managing Your Time and Attendance Process?

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Managing and monitoring manual time and attendance processes can be a time consuming task. To optimize your employee time-tracking, it’s essential you have a reliable and efficient process. Streamline your reporting with an automated time and attendance system. payroll manual data entry time and attendance softwareFor example, Payroll taxes: Represent withholdings of employee earnings.

Reliable Time & Attendance for Employees, Managers & Business Owners

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Between the country’s economic growth and the record low unemployment rate of 4.1%, times are looking good for many companies and workers. According to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data, average hourly earnings moved up nearly 3% from a year ago. According to the New York Times , along with raises, companies are also enhancing benefits packages, exploring new perks, and even changing the way they recruit. A Reliable Time & Attendance Solution.

Better Serve Customers: Track Employee Time and Attendance

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We can emphatically say that “time” will happen to your business. So we urge you to create more accurate time and attendance reports as a means to better serve your customers. Probably, if you’re still using outdated time and attendance processes like a punch card or spreadsheet. With an advanced time and attendance system –– that culls real-time data –– you can easily create customized reports. Cue the oracle!

Improve Business Profit: Plug Gaps in Time and Attendance

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An advanced time and attendance system lets employees punch in/out right down to the second of their time. With such high-quality data, managers can create customized reports to analyze employee time individually or in groups. With a cloud-based time and attendance system, your employees clock in/out using the mobile interface , the time clock , the web kiosk , or the telephone. Profitability lies in the margin of employee time.

Time & Attendance Software for Technology Startups

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Is there a “right time” for a tech startup to add operational management functions, especially if they’re not ready for a human resources department? Some tools help companies manage payroll and benefits, while others handle functions related to recruitment, onboarding, and employee data. But what about time & attendance for tech startups? For Tech Startups, A Time & Attendance Solution is About More Than Tracking Time .

What is Leave, Attendance and LOP data in Indian Payroll Processing?

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One of them is tracking leave and attendance of employees. While calculating the ‘net-salary’ of employees, the leave and attendance information plays a vital role. . Keeping track of leaves and attendance of employees is a daunting task. Payroll leave and attendance

What is the Best Employee Time Clock Hardware?


What is employee time clock hardware? An employee time clock is a hardware device for tracking work time. The term ‘punch in’ stems from early employee time clock hardware that required a physical card. Modern Time Clocks Simplify Time and Attendance.

Conference Attendance 301

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In 2010 I wrote Conference Attendance 101 , a post on my blog, Data Point Tuesday. Attending HR conferences successfully – getting the most out of the experience – really has taken careful planning and tons of time management. They all provide re-certification credits from the HR certifiers of your choice and they promise you’ll learn everything you need to know (until the same time next year) to be successful HR leaders.

Conference Attendance 101

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You took advice from my last blog post and decided which conference to attend. But now you want to be sure that you leverage your investment by making the most of your attendance. The speakers are typically big names in the industry who speak on universal topics relevant to the conference theme or they are big celebrity names meant to draw your attendance to the conference. Each time slot will hold multiple options for your consideration. Save time for Networking.

Adeptly Managing Time Off Requests With Time and Attendance Software

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With a cloud based time and attendance software, time off requests can be more effectively managed.On On a schedule, they can see who else from their team has requested the same time off. Since all time and attendance data updates in real time, the request will be made with accuracy. The Manager Dashboard also displays the time off request within the context of the Visual Scheduler. Managers can spend all day making schedules.

What is Attendance Management?


At the same time, an organization that implements a way to track its employees’ attendance can surely benefit from enhanced profitability and reputation. Attendance management is an excellent way to track your employees’ attendance and punctuality.

Prevent Timesheet Fraud with Secure Time Data Entry and Collection

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My time is my money. In fact, managers and shift supervisors spend large swaths of their time –– not innovating, not increasing productivity –– but mundanely verifying the hours logged on a timesheet. Secure timesheet data is a sensitive issue that touches everyone in the company. A cloud-based time and attendance system is a solution to secure time data entry and time data collection.

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How Do Biometric Time Clocks Reduce Payroll Costs? [4 Simple Ways To Cut Overhead Without Layoffs]


Consider getting a biometric time clock. 4 Ways Biometric Time Clocks Reduce Payroll Costs. Eliminate time theft by buddy punching. Eliminate time theft by hours padding. What is a Biometric Time Clock? What Are The Different Types of Biometric Time Clocks?

Sell More of Your Time and Attendance Software and Mobile App


Your company probably built a time and attendance app for a couple of reasons. Second, for solutions that only provide for virtual time clock data collection, expanding the platforms where people can use that virtual time clock is important for giving customers options. Want to offer even more options with your time and attendance app? Offer a physical time clock option that runs on your Android app.