Top 5 Themes at HR Tech 2017


Diversity & Inclusion. It’s not enough to check off the diversity box. Diversity is the what, inclusion is the how, and diversity doesn’t work without inclusion,” said Rita Mitjans , chief diversity and corporate social responsibility officer at ADP.

4 Quick Tips on Authenticity from LinkedIn’s Talent Connect


In HR, we talk a lot about diversity and inclusion (D&I), but is it enough? Globoforce WorkHuman Research Institute and IBM Smarter Workforce Institute Unveil a New Employee Experience Index. LinkedIn’s Talent Connect conference was held in Las Vegas last week.

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Last call for #WorkHuman 2019 in Nashville

The People Equation

I just got an email from my contact at Globoforce, the company that organizes the event. Empowering through Diversity and Equality. Globoforce organizes an excellent conference. What are you doing March 18 – 21, 2019?

Becoming Simply Irresistible: Positive work environment

Bersin with Deloitte

Fair, inclusive, diverse work environment. Of course, a workplace should also be fair, inclusive, and diverse. In a study we did a few years back, we found that while 71 percent of organizations try to foster diversity and inclusion, only 11 percent had such an environment.

Recognition & Inclusion


As the worksphere experiences a cultural shift and diversity trends gain momentum, it’s important to remember that ever-changing corporate environments require nurturing. The Facts About Diversity Trends. SHRM/Globoforce Survey. SHRM/Globoforce survey results reported that.

Becoming Simply Irresistible: Positive work environment

HR Times

Fair, inclusive, diverse work environment. Of course, a workplace should also be fair, inclusive, and diverse. In a study we did a few years back, we found that while 71 percent of organizations try to foster diversity and inclusion, only 11 percent had such an environment.

Announcing the WorkHuman 2019 Agenda


Empowering Through Diversity & Equality. David Lapin, The Missing Piece in the Diversity and Inclusion Puzzle – A South African scholar and rabbi, David worked alongside the late Nelson Mandela and Mandela’s government to draft one of the world’s first formal code of corporate ethics to help build an inclusive, democratic society in South Africa. CEO and co-founder of PeopleFirm, Tamra is a WorkHuman and Globoforce blog veteran. By Sarah Payne —.

One Word You Should Stop Saying at Work


When was the last time that environmental change or change in equal rights or change in any social sphere cascaded from the bureaucrats down to citizens and ordinary individuals? Globoforce: How are employees are rewarded in a humanocracy? Globoforce: How are companies leveraging crowdsourced pay? Globoforce: Do you have advice for leaders who want to move away from the traditional performance process and are looking for a path forward? By Sarah Payne —.

HBR Says Women Experience More Incivility than Men at Work — Especially from Other Women (KD at #workhuman)

The HR Capitalist

Put on by Globoforce, WorkHuman is the most progressive HR Conference available, with past shows focused on emerging trends like mindfulness, meditation and more - the leading edge of people practices and how HR can build them.

ATS 141

Cultural Practices for a More Dynamic Workplace

Compensation Cafe

While it is important for leaders to provide a clear and motivating vision of the direction the company or team should take, it is equally important to provide employees the autonomy to determine the specific path to that goal. Recognition of differences and diversity.

Why Friends at Work Matter

Compensation Cafe

As workplaces become increasing more generationally diverse, it becomes important (even vital) to recognize the different, and evolving, communication styles of employees.”. Outside of the workplace, one in 10 reported having no close friendships at all - equal to 4.7

Recognizing Across Cultures: Scandinavia


It might seem, at first glance, like such an equality- and values-driven culture would be very good at recognition and reward. I’d like to begin by saying I’m aware that it is taking a great deal of liberty to generalize the cultures of five very unique and diverse Nordic countries!

Workhuman Announces Workhuman Live 2020


The conference, which features more than 60 sessions covering key topics such as diversity and inclusion, performance management, and the future of work, is dedicated to helping educate, energize, and engage business and HR leaders to create a more inclusive and human workplace.

300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


Even though HR is known to be a female dominated profession, there’s still much room for improvement in the top C-suite positions, especially when it comes to closing the gender pay gap (something we will know in more detail following data received from the Equal Pay Day 2018 deadline). Carrie Corbin , Global Head of Employer Brand for American Airlines | Culture |Diversity | Recruitment Marketing | HR Tech. Jennifer Reimert , VP, Solutions Consulting at Globoforce.

Eight Upcoming Talks You’d Be Crazy to Miss. Seriously.


The Talk: Succeeding Through Generational Diversity. With 20 years experience in leadership, engagement, diversity, empathy, and organizational development across industries–she is a coach, facilitator and researcher with real substance. Jennifer is currently VP of solutions consulting for Globoforce. PLUS: you’ll also hear from the equally awesome folks below. (We We all have limited time. I mean, there are only so many hours in a week.

8 Reasons to Attend WorkHuman 2018


A historic #MeToo panel will discuss respect, equality, and harassment in the workplace. We hope to encourage and inspire much larger conversations on equality and discrimination, promoting greater transparency and equity in the workplace.

“The Power of Moments” Best-selling Author Dan Heath Joins Keynote Speaker Roster for Workhuman Live 2020


Workhuman (formerly known as Globoforce) was founded in 1999 and is co-headquartered in Framingham, Mass., Conference dedicated to making work more human features powerhouse experts guiding breakthrough conversations on the most pressing workplace issues of the day. FRAMINGHAM, Mass. &

25 Employee Engagement Activities To Reinvent Your Workforce

Vantage Circle

Negative feedback doesn’t equal to being harsh about it. Equally important is to introduce them to the team. Furthermore, you get a diverse range of ideas. Celebrate Diversity Day. What is diversity, you ask? Source (SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey).