Seven Reasons Why You Need a Learning Management System

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A Learning Management System (LMS) is more than just a collection of powerpoints or training booklets in three-ring binders. Here are just a few of the things a Learning Management System can help you accomplish.

Six Ways a Learning Management System Helps Grow Your Remote Workforce

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A Learning Management System (LMS) provides value to everyone at your company, especially remote workers. Workers appreciate diversity, freedom, and flexibility , while management appreciates the built-in management and reporting. Training sessions are easier to manage.


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Zoom Integration for Learning Management System


SkyPrep’s Zoom integration allows you to host video meetings from your learning management system and broadcast them with your team in different locations. . You can create, manage, and deploy Zoom sessions directly from the training software. Stay on Top of Attendance.

Microsoft Teams Integration for the SkyPrep Learning Management System


More and more organizations are embracing new ways to onboard and educate their employees, customers, and partners by transitioning to remote learning. Keep on reading to learn more on what you can do with the integration and how you can keep your learners well-trained wherever they are.

Seamless GoToMeeting Integration for SkyPrep Learning Management System


It is becoming more of the norm for companies to have employees work remotely , whether it is full-time or part-time. The integration enables you to create, manage, and deliver GoToMeeting sessions directly from SkyPrep’s platform. Keep Track of Learner Attendance .

Townsville’s Learning Management System


To increase the challenge of maintaining this training, each employee also has unique learning requirements that must be met, and the skills span ranges from veterinarians to botanists, engineers to gardeners, and accountants to lawyers. ” – Maree Jackson, TCC Project Manager.

Webinar: Customer Exclusive: Paycor Learning Management Demo - 2/3 @2pm ET


Learning Management Systems (LMS) allow employers to deliver personalized training to their workforce. Before the pandemic, “learning” was a good idea as a general principle. After you attend, you’ll receive a $25 GrubHub gift card via email to enjoy lunch on us!

Corporate vs. Academic Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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The market for Learning Management Systems (LMS) is overflowing with different products. LMS software provides a central location for instructors to manage and deliver educational materials, including videos, courses, and training documents. Certification management.

How an LMS makes HR Tasks Simpler and Easier?


A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software-based (specifically, Software as a Service – SaaS) platform that enables the management, automation, and distribution of educational courses, training programs, or other forms of learning and development.

Workforce Optimization Best Practices for Blue Collar Employers in Labor-Driven Industries


The tricky thing about workforce management is remembering how much management it really involves. Trying to improve workforce management processes is all the more challenging in labor-driven industries. Sick leave, vacation days, and other forms of paid time off.

HR TechStack – Learning Management System


Learning Management System (LMS) Software Definition. Learning management systems (LMSs) are software platforms for instructors to manage and organize educational courses online and provide students a single location for all course material. LMSs are used to help streamline information between educational institutions and students over the internet, allowing for increased learning capabilities that are more accessible to the general public.

6 Workforce Metrics with Significant Financial Impact


Knowing which metrics and measurements to focus on is a perennial challenge for CFOs and finance departments, and the current state of workforce management makes it that much trickier. Lost-time injuries per employee. Number of workers and managers trained in safety management.

What are the Benefits of Job Scheduling Software?


Employee scheduling isn’t always thought of as one of the most exciting areas of workforce management (WFM) , but it’s quietly one of the most vital processes in the world of human resources. Effective scheduling is more than just time management. Time and Attendance

How to Boost Profits with a Cloud-Based Learning Management System


Many of your clients in small to large enterprises have a need for a learning management system (LMS), they just might not realize it yet. If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you may have just unleashed a new sales strategy that will not only increase the amount of revenue you can make in a year but will also provide your clients with automated technology that scales with them as their requirements change over time. InfinityHR and Learning Management.

Build your study and development community with a quality Open Source Learning Management System by your side. Learn to choose the option that suits you best!


Online study within an open-source learning management system is mainly about linking individual control with profitability. Organizations must have the proper infrastructure to support a fully operational Open Source Learning Management System.

Human Resource Management: How it Works, Main Objectives, and HR Technology

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Human Resources is a broad term applied to the department within an organization that is responsible for the management of employees as assets of the business—sometimes referred to as human capital. What is Human Resource Management? How does human resource management work?

The Benefits and Must-Have Features of Employee Self-Service Portals

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ESS allows your employees to access their own employee information and resolve tasks that might otherwise require a manager or Human Resources personnel. This saves everyone time and hassle. Time and attendance records should be accessible to employees.

Benefits of a Skill-Centric Learning Management System (LMS)


” Expanding on that thought, employees can attend training class after training class after training class, and even pass tests that show they’ve “learned,” however that does not truly mean that they can leverage the information presented in the class in the real world as skills. A skill-centric learning management system (LMS) uses skills as the fundamental building block of training. Managers benefit with.

How to Engage and Retain New College Graduates


It’s a way to get extra help over a summer or a semester – while shaping skills of the next wave of employees by supplementing classroom learning with work experience. Track the learning. Most internships are filled with structured and unstructured learning opportunities.

How to Keep Employees Engaged Using Scheduling Software

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When onboarding new hires , make sure they know how to view their schedule remotely and request time off. If you use a Learning Management System to cross train employees , then you’ll have more options for covering unexpected absences. Improve your response time.

5 Tips to Support Employee Mental Health in the Workplace

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5 Tips to Support Employee Mental Health in the Workplace: Implement a wellness program and mental health benefits Promote continual learning and development Provide sufficient PTO, leave, flexible schedules, and remote/hybrid work Offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Promote a healthy, balanced approach to performance metrics. Promote continual learning and development. Leaders and employees alike should strive for a growth-mindset and utilize continual learning.

6 Must-Attend Sessions at HR Tech Conference


6 Must-Attend Sessions at HR Tech Conference Published date: October 3, 2016 Home. Yogi Berra is one of my all-time chroniclers of the obvious. Talent Management Software, Talent Acquisition Systems, Learning Management Solutions. We all know that the expectations of the workforce are becoming much more aligned with what they have learned to expect as consumers. Two choices at exactly the same time, Thursday October 6 at 11:00 a.m.

6 Takeaways on Being a Supportive Manager From TEDWomen 2021


It’s time for managers to step up and support their people like never before. Amid increasing worker anxiety , the Great Resignation and shifting workplace priorities, managers are uniquely positioned to play a bigger role in their workers’ well-being and development.

Netchex Multiplex: How would HR handle your favorite movie characters?

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Problem employees can be frustrating and exhausting for HR, managers, and their fellow employees. The cooperation between leadership and management is critical to halting these behaviors before they affect other employees. Managers can’t rely on that to happen too often.

What Can Employers Learn From Amazon’s Leave Management Problems?


Workforce management and payroll operations got an unexpected moment in the spotlight recently with the publication of a New York Times report on Amazon employees’ struggle with systemwide leave management and payroll errors. Time and Attendance

Manufacturing Work Schedules


Anyone who has spent time on the scheduling side of a manufacturing workplace can tell you there is much more to the industry than just expecting workers to clock in and out for a nine-to-five shift. Time and Attendance

How to Calculate Labor Costs


With those kinds of figures involved, it makes sense for employers to take every action possible to manage labor costs prudently. . An example of an indirect labor cost would be the wages of an HR manager, an accountant, or a quality assurance worker. Time and Attendance

Making a Business Case for Investing in Workforce Management


That’s often the case with workforce management solutions. Too many organizations are content to make do with a WFM system that’s merely good enough, or even managing these functions by hand. Now workforce management technology has caught up with the movements of those industries.

The Learning & Development Podcast: The Impact Of COVID-19 On L&D with Sukh Pabial


The Learning & Development podcast is hosted by our Chief Learning Officer David James. Listen to episode 68 of the Learning & Development podcast here. David James: Welcome to the Learning & Development Podcast. We let go of that a long time ago.

SumTotal Recognized in Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology Awards


When it comes learning and talent development, Brandon Hall Group, a research and analyst firm in the human capital management HCM space, provides research, data and expertise. SumTotal was also recognized with a silver award for Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology.

The Learning & Development Podcast: Induction That Works With Ross Stevenson


The Learning & Development podcast is hosted by our Chief Learning Officer David James. Listen to episode 61 of the Learning & Development podcast here. David James: Welcome to The Learning & Development Podcast. What information do I need at the right time?

Three Do’s and Don’ts for Your Post-Covid-19 Workplace


Every business faced the same problem at the same time, and not one of them was prepared. Employers and their associates had to react to the unknown in real time. Major lessons were learned and relearned. Do realize that managing hybrid teams is the new norm.

How To Choose The Best LMS For Your Organisation


That you want to create a single destination for ‘learning’? That you want to track learning – and compliance? Or do you want to automate some of the administration around course booking and attendance tracking? For which you may not know the answer right now because some priorities emerge over time. Don’t buy an LMS, or any other learning technology, thinking it will be ‘the answer’.

Corporate Learning: Training Doesn’t Have to Be Old School


Corporate learning programs get a bad rap because people assume you just sit through an endless string of boring training sessions. How can employees learn when they have to suffer through 10-hour sessions with instructors akin to Charlie Brown’s teacher? Your employees already went to school, so now’s the time to change the way your company approaches learning. Beef Up Corporate Learning “Beef up” doesn’t mean “add more of the same.”

Instead of Hiring, ‘Upskill’ Current Employees

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“Upskilling”—investing in the skills of front-line workers—has upfront costs, but it can save employers time and money in the long run, says Jaime Fall, director of UpSkill America at the nonprofit Aspen Institute. When employees are always learning, it has the effect of reducing turnover and improving employee retention, helping a company keep pace with or outdo its competition, Fall said. Or do you have to spend time and money on an outside search”?

9 Ways to Motivate High Performing Employees — According to Them

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Creating a company culture that motivates and attracts high-performing employees is what everyone knows they need to do, but executing on that is where, many times, good intentions turn into questionable executions. But, too often managers listen to other managers and executives in their quest to engage and build high-performing teams rather than going straight to the source—their employees. Never Stop Learning. And learning doesn’t need to break the bank.

3 Strategies for Saving Your Association Employees’ Time

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Finding ways to save time can be difficult, but it’s not an impossible task. When you’re able to make your employees’ jobs easier, you can give them the time and freedom to get more creative with other aspects of their careers and provide more value to your members. The most important things to keep in mind for saving time are the basic principles of efficiency: use the right tools, spread the responsibility around, and don’t waste time on repetitive tasks.

How to Engage and Retain New College Grads


It’s a way to get extra help over a summer or a semester – while shaping skills of the next wave of employees by supplementing classroom learning with work experience. Track the learning. Most internships are filled with structured and unstructured learning opportunities. Start treating your interns like employees by setting up a learner profile in your learning management system (LMS). Build personal learning plans. Offer bite-sized learning.

Artificial Intelligence in HCM: False Idols and Real Value

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At the 2017 HR Technology Expo and Conference , Aberdeen witnessed something startling: Human Capital Management (HCM) technology vendors were downplaying AI as they described how they were catapulting their solution agenda further ahead into the 21st century. Despite several hopeful attempts by industry analysts to forecast a logarithmic bump every time new technology came online to improve the efficiency of various business practices, very few bumps have occurred.

It’s Time to Modernize Your Learning and Development (L&D) Ecosystem

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Whether its cause is generational, educational, experiential, or a mix of all of the above, employers are contending with shrinking labor pools, expanded competition for top talent, and high turnover — it’s time to revisit the quality of the learning and development (L&D) environment. Traditional Learning Management Systems Don’t Bring Enough Value. more likely than All Others to use a traditional learning management system (LMS).