2021 Talent Acquisition Strategy


The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work, and the way talent is acquired. What is talent acquisition going to look like in 2021? Hiring needs are rapidly changing; the talent market is continually evolving and becoming increasingly diverse.

Webinar: Using Candidate, Manager, and Recruiter Feedback To Diagnose and Optimize Talent Acquisition Processes from Hello to Hire


Webinar: Using Candidate, Manager, and Recruiter Feedback To Diagnose and Optimize Talent Acquisition Processes from Hello to Hire. Manager of Talent Acquisition & Talent Strategy Tony Suzda to talk candidate experience. To view the webinar, click below.

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Talent Acquisition, Profits, and the CEO


Talent acquisition leaders often struggle to have their voices heard at board level. talent acquisition talent strategy webinar TA securing a spot at the Exec Table board level people planning talent acquisition dataWhile the work they do is seen as an essential component of a company’s growth, their input is rarely taken into account when major decisions are made at board level.

Shedding Light on Talent Acquisition at Board Level


For those of us who work in the recruitment industry, the importance of talent acquisition is clear – it’s vital for business success. talent acquisition talent strategy webinar TA securing a spot at the Exec Table board levelHowever, for those at board level, the importance of an ongoing and long-term strategy to identify candidates for future vacancies in the company might not be so clear.

How to Scale Your Workforce from 0 to 100 in Less Than 6 Months

Speaker: Gaurav Valani, Head of Talent, Overstock

Many external Recruiters and internal Talent Acquisition teams build or destroy their careers based on how well they can do this in a competitive market like the one we are in. Join Gaurav Valani - Head of Talent at Overstock, VP of Talent and HR at tZERO, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Advisor - to learn how to create a more efficient hiring process that will enhance your candidate experience and encourage retention.

Webinar: How Candidate Feedback Can Inform Post Pandemic Talent Acquisition Strategy


How Candidate Feedback Can Inform Post Pandemic Talent Acquisition Strategy. Post pandemic talent acquisition strategy is a topic on everyone’s mind as we re-open and organizations struggle with how to remake the workplace to be a safe environment for customers and employees. There’s no one size fits all post pandemic talent acquisition strategy.

Webinar: Purpose Based Recruiting and Talent Acquisition


Studies show that purpose-driven businesses not only generate higher financial results, they are known to attract the right talent and keep their talent longer. In this webinar, we’ll explore how to strategically add purpose-driven best practices to your recruitment strategy to attract team members who are aligned with your higher purpose. Amber Gough is the Founder of Talent Fusion Point, a San Diego-based purpose-driven recruiting and consulting firm.

Talent Acquisition Success in 2016: The Empowered Recruiter [Webinar]


To stay competitive in 2016, your talent acquisition success will depend on a combination of effective recruitment marketing strategies, increased speed, and quality hiring processes. Your recruitment marketing strategies deliver new volumes of candidates for open roles, using various channels to attract that sought-after talent. Become an empowered recruiter and experience talent acquisition success in 2016!

Webinar: Purpose Based Recruiting and Talent Acquisition


Join us as we break down the strategies behind purpose based recruiting and talent acquisition. Employees and candidates expect more from the organizations of America. Thursday, January 31, 2019. 2:00 p.m.

Talent Strategy: Webinar Recap

Criteria Corp

Earlier this week, we conducted a webinar about how to apply the principles of strategic talent management to talent acquisition. A talent acquisition strategy is more than just recruiting. He specializes in talent management and human resources, providing insight into the vital importance of developing a strong talent acquisition strategy. Statistics on the state of talent acquisition today.

Evolution of Recruiting Tools

Speaker: Kristin Miller, Director of Recruiting, Corus360 & Christina Brickers, Lead Technical Resource Specialist, Corus360

Talent acquisition is evolving. Today’s recruiting tools will not only makes processes such as these faster, but also allow you to get the talent that matches your company’s needs. Join Corus360 Director of Recruiting Kristin Miller and Lead Technical Resource Specialist Christina Brickers as they walk you through how today’s recruiting technology will make you a strong competitor in today’s talent landscape.

Building a High Performance Talent Acquisition Strategy

Brandon Hall

Developing a talent acquisition strategy is complicated. It takes on myriad forms based on an organization’s culture, industry, location, business needs – and readily available talent. What works for one doesn’t always work for another – so why on earth would someone try to build a universal model for high-performance talent acquisition? I’m calling them The Three Pillars of High-Performance Talent Acquisition.

Entelo’s Must Follow Talent Acquisition Influencers


Recruiters are competing against one another for the best talent. They are among the best thinkers, researchers, practitioners, writers, and leaders within the recruiting and talent acquisition industry. Laszlo Bock ( @ LaszloBock2718 ) - Google’s longtime Head of Talent, Laszlo was the genius behind much of Google’s industry-leading approaches to company culture, development, and talent acquisition. Staying on top of hiring trends isn’t easy.

Why You Should Adopt the Golden Rule of Talent Acquisition and Candidate Experience


“Approach talent acquisition as you do every important relationship—with compassion, transparency and open communication—and treat candidates the way you’d want your mother treated if she were interviewing.”. That’s West Monroe Partners’ Golden Rule of talent acquisition, which Adela Schoolderman shared with attendees of a recent Talent Board webinar. Your candidate experience is your talent brand,” she explained. approach to talent acquisition.

Strategic Talent Acquisition: 3 Recommendations for Retailers

Brandon Hall

Retailers face a unique set of challenges when identifying and attracting talent. With most of the workforce comprised of hourly or part-time labor, finding quality talent in a short period of time is no small task. In fact, 67% of retail organizations are struggling to fill roles either because of a shortage of talent or increasing competition in the market. How can retailers create a strategic talent acquisition model?

Blending Tech & Personalization into the Candidate Experience

Speaker: Tasha Altorfer, Talent Acquisition Manager, Ceridian

For candidates, getting an automated email to confirm you have received their application is no longer cutting it. Why would candidates want to work for a company where they are just Applicant No. 16478? Which is why the candidate experience is so essential. Join Ceridian Talent Acquisition Manager Tasha Altorfer to learn how you can create a personalized candidate experience from beginning to end.

Talent Acquisition: Tips for Tapping the Gig Workforce


How will talent acquisition compete now that job seekers have countless options for work? These questions came up in a recent webinar on the gig economy. Talent experts Courtney Gear and Cheryl Oxley shared insight on how talent acquisition teams can lean into, rather than resist the transformation taking place in today’s workforce. How can you change the mindset of talent acquisition teams who view gig workers as job hoppers?

Redesigning talent acquisition – a bootcamp approach

Page Up People

There are vital shifts taking place in talent acquisition, and organizations around the globe are embracing best practices to help them get the right people for the job. Kim Duncan, Human Resources Operations Manager of the Medical University of South Carolina was a guest on our latest webinar series. This workforce fragmentation is really challenging the existing talent acquisition model,” says Vorhauser-Smith. “We

Innovation in HR: 3 Trends for Talent Acquisition


“Structure, structure, structure” has been the mantra of Talent Acquisition professionals for several years now. If your Talent Acquisition team has successfully implemented a structured, scalable hiring process —especially one that can process hundreds or thousands of applicants across hundreds or thousands of locations—then take a moment to acknowledge this tremendous feat. So what’s next for Talent Acquisition?

Do You Want to Improve Your Talent Acquisition Strategy?

Brandon Hall

Given the growing complexities of talent acquisition, leading companies are beginning to take a step back, reexamining their recruitment processes, and providing the same rigor around the idea of a total talent acquisition model. Next week, Kyle Lagunas and I will be joining Peoplefluent on a webinar, Total Talent Acquisition: Three Phases of High Performance , to discuss how companies can think more strategically about total talent acquisition.

Using AI to Enhance the Candidate and Employee Experience

Speaker: Jeanne Meister, Founding Partner, Future Workplace

Future Workplace Founder Jeanne Meister will be sharing the latest research and use cases on the deployment of AI in HR so you can understand how artificial intelligence will impact, transform and enhance the candidate and employee experience.

Customer Interview: Navigating Talent Acquisition During COVID-19, featuring ZeroCater


As a result, Entelo is working to share resources and information to help our customers and the talent acquisition industry as a whole as they navigate this challenging time. With your refocused hiring objectives, what are your current talent acquisition priorities? There are tons of free resources like podcasts, webinars, and articles that we might normally have the time to read.

How to Build a Balanced Talent Acquisition Strategy


Join me on 2/18 at 12 PM CST for the How to Build a Talent Pipeline webinar. We all need balance and that’s certainly true when it comes to your talent acquisition strategy. In our work as recruiters, HR and talent acquisition leaders, there are two kinds of recruiting needs: 1) reactive and 2) proactive recruitment. How to Find Balance in Talent Acquisition. 5 Talent Acquisition Truths.

Innovation in HR: 3 Trends for Talent Acquisition


“Structure, structure, structure” has been the mantra of Talent Acquisition professionals for several years now. If your Talent Acquisition team has successfully implemented a structured, scalable hiring process —especially one that can process hundreds or thousands of applicants across hundreds or thousands of locations—then take a moment to acknowledge this tremendous feat. So what’s next for Talent Acquisition?

Top Resources for Talent Acquisition Leaders in 2015

Cielo HR Leader

As we wind down 2015 and prepare for the year ahead, we wanted to share a few of the resources that resonated with talent leaders the most this year. These pieces, particularly the Talent Acquisition 360 research, will help you achieve even better business results as you prepare for 2016. Our blogs cover a range of topics relevant to HR leaders, talent acquisition leaders and recruiters. 12 Dimensions of a High Performing Talent Acquisition Function.

Implementing Technology in TA for the Win: An Agile Approach

Speaker: Denise Dresler, Director of Talent Acquisition, Avature

What was once traditionally used only in the software industry is making its way to the recruiting and talent acquisition space: agile methodologies. Join Denise Dresler, Talent Acquisition Director at Avature, where she will be discussing how to take this nontraditional approach of agile talent acquisition and effectively incorporate it into your hiring processes.

Talent Acquisition Leaders Share "Life Sciences Recruitment Best Practices"

Cielo HR Leader

As the Life Sciences industry undergoes dramatic shifts caused by globalization, mergers and acquisitions, technology and other factors, talent has emerged as a top priority in maintaining stability and success. For our webinar, “Life Sciences Recruitment Best Practices,” I spoke with two women who deal with talent acquisition challenges in Life Sciences on a daily basis to get their insights. Employee Value Proposition and Branding/Talent Attraction.

How to Transform Talent Acquisition in Asia Pacific Through RPO

Cielo HR Leader

Singapore-based experts Kumar Bhaya, Business Development Director, and Paul Daley, Senior Vice President, recently shared their insights into the Asia Pacific market in the webinar “How to Transform Talent Acquisition in Asia Pacific Through RPO.” Research shows that organizations that use RPO are more than twice as likely to rate their talent acquisition teams as effective compared to those that do not use RPO.

"Strategic Guide to Talent Acquisition Models" Webinar: Bonus Q-and-A

Cielo HR Leader

Such was the case during our recent “Strategic Guide to Talent Acquisition Models” webinar , in which industry experts Greg Summers and Andrew Manning gave insight into what factors organizations should take into account when deciding whether to keep their Talent Acquisition function in-house or seek out a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner. Do you often see B2C companies choosing to outsource Talent Acquisition?

The Evolution of Diversity in the Workplace - 2000 to 2020


Recruitment Diversity Technology Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Technology talent acquisition recruitingprocess D&I webinar articlesIncredibly, diversity in the workplace has been something of a hot topic for nearly two decades now.

Building the Business Case for TA Transformation

Speaker: Jerome Ternynck, CEO & Founder of SmartRecruiters

With the wheels of talent acquisition slowing down globally, this crisis presents new challenges along with new opportunities for TA leaders. The time is now for them to not only demonstrate the value of Talent Acquisition but also to build a solid business case for a modernized TA function. Learn how to build a business case for TA transformation to present to the C-level with the advice of CEO Jerome Ternynck.

Webinar: The Three Phases of a High-Performance Talent Acquisition Framework


Webinar: The Three Phases of a High-Performance Talent Acquisition Framework By Kevin Grossman. Many of today’s organizations struggle with a two-fold hiring challenge: finding and hiring top tech talent to fill critical skills gaps and finding numerous new employees to meet high-volume, repetitive hiring needs. Tuesday, March 3, 2015 :00am.

Building a Mature Talent Acquisition Team, with Bersin by Deloitte’s Robin Erickson


Growing an optimized talent acquisition team reaps long-term benefits for orgs – to start, improved recruiting, leadership, and financial performance. We spent time with Bersin by Deloitte* Analyst Robin Erickson, PhD to learn about the company’s recognized talent acquisition maturity model, her research findings on the current state of talent acquisition, and the impact of stronger relationships between recruiter and hiring managers. talent management

“Fixing What is Broken” – Hear the Changing Role of Talent Acquisition


Mary Beth: I’m Mary Beth Carter and I am currently the Senior Director of global talent acquisition for Owens and minor . You know one of the first things that jumped out at me when I reflected on our earlier conversation you were an English major in college so how does an English major select talent acquisition as their career path . The post “Fixing What is Broken” – Hear the Changing Role of Talent Acquisition appeared first on AllyO.

D&I technology stack - What’s available out there?


Not only do they improve productivity and innovation but from a recruitment standpoint, they widen the talent pool allowing us to find the best talent on the market.

How to Recruit with a Small Team and a Lean Budget

Speaker: Tanya Bourque, Founder, OpExpert

This webinar will cover how to eliminate costs while maintaining a great candidate experience. OpExpert Founder Tanya Bourque will explore how the right tools and technology can enable your talent acquisition process. Behavioral interviewing techniques to attract top talent. Resources aren't always unlimited. Especially for smaller teams. Attendees will learn: How to recruiter smarter, not harder. How to calculate cost per hire.

Get Ready for 2015: Ten Top Actionable Talent Acquisition Trends


And what will you do if you cannot find the talent you need when you need it? and I presented a webinar that […]. Hiring & Onboarding Human Resources Rewards & Recognition Sourcing & Recruiting Talent Acquisition Strategy Talent Acquisition Tech Talent Strategy Tools & Technology Workforce PlanningYou know you will need to hire new employees in the new year—but are you ready?

The Talent Acquisition Trends You Need to Focus on for 2018!

The Tim Sackett Project

My buddy, Kris Dunn, and I will be leading a free webinar tomorrow talking about the talent acquisition trends you should be focusing on in 2018 that will have the fastest and most lasting impact to your talent strategy success. Insights on key talent acquisition and staffing trends — and how they will impact your business. Hey gang!

Webinar Alert – Fistful of Talent, Recruiting, Awesomeness!

What is Paul Thinking

And we get to talk to interesting people when we do webinars and videos. Heads up – another great FOT webinar is coming your way… Jobvite , Kris Dunn and Dawn Burke are logging in and talking recruiting with the newest hit FOT webinar: Instagramming HR: 5 Filters HR Pros Can Use To Transform Into Better Recruiters on June 29th at 2pm EST!! Webinar Description. Fistful of Talent Webinars Featured FOT Jobvite webinar

Talent Acquisition Teams Plan to Increase Spend on These 6 Things in 2019

Linkedin Talent Blog

With quit rates at an all time high and more open jobs than unemployed people, it's safe to say competition for talent isn't going to get lighter anytime soon. Because of that, many companies are increasing spending in several key areas of talent acquisition in order to attract top talent, as Criteria Corp found in its 2018 Pre-Employment Testing Benchmark Report. And with competition for talent as tight as it is, a lengthy time to hire just doesn’t cut it.

Employer Branding: Funnel Building with your Employer Brand

Speaker: Iain Hamilton, In-house Consultant & Managing Director, People Traction

Employer branding is often viewed as a project rather than an evergreen way to attract and retain talent. In this webinar we will discuss how to build talent acquisitions funnels using employer branding content and embracing a life-hack mindset.