Kevin Sheridan

11 Common Stereotypes About Human Resources Versus Reality.

Kevin Sheridan

There are many stereotypes about Human Resources that give HR departments a bad rap within their organizations. These unfair allegations often prevent people from wanting to build a career in Human Resources. .

Oh, The Joys Of Getting Older!

Kevin Sheridan

About 2 ½ months ago, well ahead of No-Shave November, I decided to put away my razor. I wasn’t really going out that much, so I wasn’t really being seen or noticed by others.


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Funny HR Stories

Kevin Sheridan

During one of my recent keynote speeches, a member of the audience asked me to share the funniest or most unusual story about Human Resources management I had ever heard in my 35 years as management consultant. I included one below, but I thought it would be fun to invite my newsletter subscribers to share their funny HR stories. If you need a good laugh, these stories won’t disappoint!

The 7 Benefits Of Practicing Optimism

Kevin Sheridan

There is insurmountable evidence that being optimistic about life has many benefits, not just for your mental health, but also for your physical well-being. Countless research studies have demonstrated that if one becomes more optimistic, one’s life will improve in myriad ways.

Study 83

The HR Playbook: How to Decrease Costs & Increase Engagement

Learn how to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing employee morale.

Need A Little Motivation? 10 Great Career Quotes To Inspire You.

Kevin Sheridan

Sometimes you reach a point in your career where you need a little extra motivation. You might feel stuck in a rut, nervous about completing new job tasks, concerned about your job security, or just feeling a little lost.

Here is a Celtic blessing to wish you and your loved ones a great day.

Kevin Sheridan

May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Sláinte!!!

What is “Quiet Quitting?” – Understanding The New Viral Term.

Kevin Sheridan

First, there was the “great resignation.” But now, there is a new workplace trend rapidly spreading across the country: quiet quitting. In fact, the term is going viral on social media, particularly on Tik Tok, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The Ultimate Irony: Putin’s Grand Underestimation Of Ukraine And Its People.

Kevin Sheridan

Putin had the arrogant feeling that he could snuff out the character of Ukraine and its people. The palpable irony is that Putin’s cowardly invasion of Ukraine has had the opposite effect, illuminating the resilience, strength, and pride of the Ukrainian people. .


What to do to prevent being hacked or after your computer has been hacked.

Kevin Sheridan

Last week was not only interesting, but probably one of the worst weeks of my life. My computer was on at my desk while I was eating lunch and watching the news on TV.

Connecting the Dots Between Your HR Systems Strategy and Strategic HR

Speaker: Stacey Harris - Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner, Sapient Insights Group

Join Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group, as she shares groundbreaking research on how organizations can move the needle by 2025, reaching critical business outcomes through a strategic approach to HR processes and system strategies.

Invariably, Mistakes Will Be Made: The Three Key Tips For Great Customer Service Recovery.

Kevin Sheridan

I recently moved from Illinois to Florida. No one likes a move. As such, you want to make sure you hire the right Moving/Van Line company. If you don’t, your move will quickly go from bad to unbearable.

Illinois Meets Florida: Discovering A New Hobson’s Choice

Kevin Sheridan

Definition of Hobson’s choice. 1: an apparently free choice when there is no real alternative. 2: the necessity of accepting one of two or more equally objectionable alternatives.

Want Employees To Return To The Office? Then You Better Let Them Bring Their Pets.

Kevin Sheridan

It Turns Out That Man’s Best Friend Has More Leverage Than You Might Have Thought. Many Employees Say Their Pet Is The Main Reason They Are Unwilling To Return To The Office. As a result, many employers are preparing for a surge of furry new coworkers. Roughly 1.6 million pets were adopted in 2020.

How To Attract & Keep Readers

Kevin Sheridan

The global pandemic changed how companies must function. Today, more than ever, the best companies are guided by leaders who promise and deliver an outstanding experience for their entire team. They put their employees first and understand that customers and revenue will follow.

10 Steps to HRIS Success: A Guide to Buying HR Software

10 Steps to HRIS Success is an easy-to-follow handbook to help you select the best HRIS software for your company. Download this eBook now to learn how to define your department’s needs and systematically compare those with available HRIS products.

What Is Trending Now On

Kevin Sheridan

Employee Retention. A quarter of employees worldwide plan to quit their jobs post-COVID 1. Employee burnout and anxiety have been major reasons for employee turnover. Millennials and working parents are the populations most likely to leave their jobs post-COVID. Employee Engagement.

What A Wonderful Emergence! Our Collective Post-Pandemic Recovery!

Kevin Sheridan

Hoorah! It is what we have all been waiting for – the resurgence of the world economy. I am sure many of you were adversely impacted, emotionally and financially, by the Covid-19 pandemic, as was my business as a Keynote Speaker and Management Consultant.

Leaders, Do You Feel Like a Duck?

Kevin Sheridan

Guest Blog by Tresha Moreland. “I’ve I’ve always had a duck personality. Calm above water, feet going crazy below.” – K. Flay . Leading during volatile and uncertain times is like the duck who is calm on top but paddling like crazy below the surface.

Why Would Anyone Choose To Do A Job About Which They Aren’t Passionate?

Kevin Sheridan

When I published my Six-time Best-Seller, Building A Magnetic Culture back in 2011, the statistical breakdown of Employee Engagement was as follows: The statistics have not changed much since then, with the middle category of Not Engaged/Not Disengaged remaining the largest of the three categories.

Psychological Safety & Employee Wellbeing: Building a Healthy & Accountable Work Environment

Speaker: Tracie Sponenberg - Chief People Officer, The Granite Group & Melissa Doman M.A. Organizational Psychologist, Mental Health at Work Specialist, Former Clinical Mental Health Therapist

In this webinar, Tracie Sponenberg, Chief People Officer, and Melissa Doman, Organizational Psychologist & Mental Health at Work Specialist, will discuss methods for developing and maintaining employee wellness and psychological safety in your workforce!

A Gift From A Decorated World War I Veteran

Kevin Sheridan

Sadly, my 87-year-old Mother’s health is failing, both mentally and physically. Two months ago, she called me to tell me how much pain she was in, confessing “Kevin, I am ready to die. Will you please come out here to say goodbye?”

Doing Nothing Can Actually Make You More Productive. What?!

Kevin Sheridan

Yes, that is right: One secret to boost your productivity is finding time to do nothing. We’ve all spent over a year now trying to squeeze out effort in every second of our workday. Thus, it seems simply counter-intuitive.

The 12 Toughest Interview Questions (And How To Best Answer Them)

Kevin Sheridan

Acing a job interview often depends on great preparation for all types of questions, especially awkward or inappropriate ones about your family, personal lifestyle, current salary, and other off-color subjects. .

Working From Home: The Feelings Vary From Best To Worst

Kevin Sheridan

Since working from home (WFH) has become more permanent for many employees, we thought we would share the results of a Wall Street Journal survey asking people for the best and worst parts of working from home.

All You Need to Know to Retain, Engage, and Energize Your Workforce.

The Great Resignation and tight labor market make recruitment challenging and retention crucial. This eBook explains exactly how team building can improve employee onboarding and help you retain, engage, and optimize the performance of your teams.

How To Give A Great Speech

Kevin Sheridan

Are you nervous before you speak in public? Sweating, shaking, panic-stricken, and fervently wishing you were anywhere else in the world but here? You are not alone. Countless people all over the world share this same fear.

Interested In Becoming An Author? I can help you.

Kevin Sheridan

When I first became an author “accidentally”, I never anticipated how it could change my life forever.

A Guide For Coaching First-Time Managers

Kevin Sheridan

Managing a first-time manager requires a different approach than leading experienced managers. Their management role is entirely new to them, and naturally, they are excited but also a little nervous.

Promoting Connection

Kevin Sheridan

Promoting connection is likely not part of your organization’s mission statement, but much research has proven that your organization would benefit if connection was an integral part of your culture.

The HR Compliance Playbook: How to Improve Speed-to-Hire

Every global growth to-do list should begin with compliance. Navigating international jurisdictions can be complex and time-consuming, but with solid, up-to-date compliance procedures, companies can maximize efficiency, speed-to-hire, and mitigate risks.

How To Interpret The Nonverbal Cues Of Your Boss And Coworkers While Working from Home

Kevin Sheridan

We were once adept at reading the nonverbal cues of our boss and coworkers in a physical office space. Upon receiving an email which was confusing, we could simply swivel our chairs or walk down the hall and ask the sender for clarification.

The Virtual Manager

Kevin Sheridan

Cutting-Edge Solutions to Hiring, Managing, Motivating, and Engaging Remote Employees. 95.3% of participants would recommend this keynote to a colleague. Statistics provided by SHRM.). The Covid-19 pandemic has left a lasting impact on the way, and where, employees work.

God Bless You -Do You Know The Origin Of This Phrase?

Kevin Sheridan

Do You Know The Origin Of This Term? Given the current Covid – 19 Pandemic, there is heck of a lot more sneezing going on. As a result, there are many more “God Bless You” prayers/blessings being said. The origin of this phrase is more than a bit fascinating.

Study 96

How The COVID-19 Shutdown Is Overwhelming The World’s Workers With Stress/Anxiety

Kevin Sheridan

Quite simply, since the beginning of the pandemic, the workplace has become incredibly intense, forcing many workers to “be close to a nervous breakdown,” in the words of one employee I recently interviewed: Limited sleep. A loss of appetite. Unable to take time off.

Compliance Throughout the Remote Employee Lifecycle

Compliance is a constantly evolving challenge, from the recruiting stage all the way to employee offboarding. Companies must stay compliant at all stages in the employee lifecycle. This eBook offers strategies to maintain compliance, outlines common compliance mistakes, and more.

The 7 Proven Actions Of Great Customer Service Recovery

Kevin Sheridan

In any business, things do not always go according to plan. Mistakes are made and customers get upset. While this is a business reality, it is how the mistakes are handled that can turn dissatisfied customers into extremely enthusiastic promoters of your brand. 1. Apologize.

Unemployment Rates Fall. What Does That Mean?

Kevin Sheridan

Shutdowns will inevitably cause job loss and with the lockdown of almost all the country earlier this year, tracking unemployment rates is more important than ever. This begs the question; how do you quantify unemployment? There are two common ways to track unemployment, U-3, and U-6.

ATS 91

The 10 Tips To Engage Employees & Eliminate Burnout As The Economy Reopens

Kevin Sheridan

The Coronavirus pandemic has created new and unforeseen hurdles in an economy that was already facing slow growth and less innovation. Mental, physical, and emotional health have been severely altered due to the Pandemic.

There Is Always A Workaround: The Importance Of Improvisation

Kevin Sheridan

When the regular audience was stranded at home due the pandemic, the UceLI Quartet improvised, playing Puccini’s ‘I Crisantemi (Chrysanthemums) to 2,292 plants in Barcelona, Spain.

The HR Biweekly Payroll Calendar Template

Paying employees accurately and on time is a must for every business. But with new compliance regulations and hiring challenges popping up everywhere, keeping track of pay dates can be tricky. To help, Paycor is providing a downloadable biweekly payroll calendar complete with 2022 pay dates.