Rethinking talent management

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Part I: The rise of contingent talent. Gillen on December 3, 2014. HR’s identity is built around managing the people side of the business — recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining the workforce needed to keep the organization up and running. 1 What does this mean for organizational talent management overall and for HR specifically? Part I: The rise of contingent talent. The talent paradox and the contingent workforce.

Changing Performance Appraisal Ratings – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

I am trying to put together some guidelines for managers who want to modify/edit /change ratings on the evaluations. The employee completes a self-evaluation and the manager completes an evaluation. During the performance review conversation, the review document is sometimes changed based upon the conversation. Both the employee and manager agree upon the change. Maybe the manager forgot an incident – it happens. Why document the reason?

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Time for HR’s 2014 Performance Appraisal

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It’s a good time to reflect on your accomplishments of 2014. How close are you now to where you thought you’d be on January 1, 2014? How pleased are you (and your hiring managers) with the people you’ve added to the staff? How about your talent management programs? One of those ways is when the managers and employees don’t take the process seriously. Legal trouble from lack of documentation. Happy New Year, readers!

“Talent Management? Isn’t That for Hollywood?”

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Talent management? Bersin, a highly respected consultant who is Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting, offered his research and tips for succeeding with the new talent agenda. Bersin’s research shows the following top talent priorities: Top Global Talent Priorities. Talent Acquisition & Access. Talent & HR Analytics. Globalized HR & Talent Management. Fix Performance Management.

Why Should You Want to Work There?

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An international survey of more than 500 HR executives by global talent management firm Bernard Hodes (now part of Findly ) has found that the quality or reputation of products and services, the corporate culture and the work environment are a business''s most important attributes when it comes to bringing talent on board. More often than not, there was no response indicating that the document was actually received. b. Many tout their Talent Management initiatives.

Top 10: HR Daily Advisor 2014 Year in Review

HR Daily Advisor

As we reach the end of 2014, we take a look back at some of your favorite articles. The 9 Things NOT to Include in Your Documentation. In yesterday’s Advisor, we covered Attorney Franck Wobst’s key things to include in documentation. Today, things not to include, plus an introduction to a timely BLR Bootcamp on performance management. We’ve identified the 10 most common mistakes of managers and supervisors who conduct performance appraisals.

Weekly Must-Reads: Companies Look to Immigration Reform for More Skilled Talent

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Similar to other internal online workplace communities, this new service will let employees collaborate, edit documents, collect professional contacts and chat with colleagues. Talent Management Weekly Must-Reads The top stories HR pros need to know this week. Immigration is at the forefront of national debate this week, with President Obama proposing policy changes last night.

The Top 12 Free and Open Source HR Software Systems


On the other hand, Apptivo isn’t built specifically as an HR tool; it covers tons of other business disciplines like CRM, financials, project management, and marketing. That means it’s not quite as specialized for HR managers, and may be missing some functionality like training and performance appraisal. That said, Natural HR does not yet include payroll or benefits management, and its so-far-unannounced monetization strategy poses a potential risk.

Are We Ready For Social Talent?


After all these tweets, quotables and brilliant posts, there’s this recurring theme: social talent. Social Talent Is Different. We’re at the opposite of traditional employment, though social talent could be complementary as well. For the moment, recruiters still need to run through this document and organize interviews for shortlisting candidates. Why Social Talent Now? A focus on social talent increases talent pool diversity.

How Can We Be Happier At Work?


What constitutes meaningful work is dependent on the individual, as evidenced by the importance of the Psychological Contract — so let’s move forward and integrate this into how we view our own work and how we craft management strategy. Although it is well documented that we all require “down time” to stay fresh and focused, many of us simply cannot secure quality time away from our work. Consider that managers might hold the key.

5 Steps to an Effective Internal Investigation

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If it’s triggered by an employee complaint, a background interview and initial document collection may define the scope. Collect and preserve necessary documents. Documents (including e-mails and text messages) are your best form of evidence. Issue a document hold that suspends normal documentation destruction practices and instructs relevant parties to preserve documents—be sure you have procedures in place to link documents to their authors and recipients.

The Hot Potatoes Of Social Screening


I mean, where’s usually the first place most sourcers, recruiters, HR folks and hiring managers go today when screening a candidate? According to my friends from EmployeeScreenIQ and their The Unvarnished Truth: 2014 Top Trends in Employment Background Checks report (surveyed over 600 individuals representing a wide range of companies): A substantial portion of respondents (38 percent) search online media for information about their candidates as part of the hiring process.

3 Tech Tools No HR Department Should Be Without


Let’s take a look at three key technology systems that, when working in unison, can help you go from feeling like an office manager to finally feeling like the HR director. Performance management software. Managers often don’t complete performance reviews on time, or at all. Claims of preference are more likely to pass legal test when the review process is not automated and its administration is left to the memories and actions of managers across an organization.

HR’s Guide to Compensation Communications


According to insights from Towers Watson’s 2014 Global Workforce and Global Talent Management and Rewards studies , only half (52%) of employees feel their company does a good job of explaining pay programs, and 29% of respondents in a 2007 survey said that pay communication is the component of their company’s rewards program most in need of improvement. And what about your managers?

“I know the perfect person…”

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Posted by Robin Erickson on October 21, 2014. Talent is universal. is the Vice President for Talent Acquisition Research at Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP. She writes about various topics in talent acquisition, including integrating with talent management, improving quality of hire for critical jobs, leveraging social recruiting to build talent pools, and building a global recruiting function. 3 The Talent Acquisition Factbook® 2011.

Why More (Cloud Applications) Really Is Better

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

I simply can’t go back to the days of printing claim forms, scanning receipts and faxing in documentation. It involves sales, HR, talent management, and finance. It also requires master data management, security, analytics, and integration. By Deborah Hamilton. It doesn’t matter that I’ve done it a dozen times before. I am still amazed at how easy it is to submit a claim for out-of-network expenses through my health insurance provider.

The Complexity of Globalizing Compensation

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It is recommended that companies maintain documents in every country in both English and the local language. As everything you do in compensation is communication, you need to make sure any new plans are communicated to employees by managers, local HR, on the company intranet and via various other means. She has managed both local/ in-country national and expatriate programs and has been an expat twice during her career.

A Blockbuster Hack


Yesterday, I asked Gordon Rapkin, CEO of Archive Systems , an HR-document-management firm based in Fairfield, N.J., At a recent records-management conference he attended, Rapkin said his company surveyed attendees on how many felt HR followed their organization’s information-governance policies. compensation executive compensation HR technology talent management

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Why companies must consider a strategic approach to employee education

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Meanwhile, the fields of healthcare, STEM occupations, creatives and arts management, and business and legal services are expected to create new job opportunities. However, companies are still navigating how best to provide education opportunities that will retain and recruit the right talent.

Talent strategies for 2015: The world has changed

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While the business world expands, the world of talent has completely shifted. This year our Talent and HR predictions for 2015 has some important new ideas to consider — in this article I will give you some highlights, and you can download the report here. Our entire workplace has changed, and so has the way we attract, manage, and empower people. He was really a wonderful manager, but it was all about “doing your job” and getting a good performance appraisal.

Leading in the new world of work: Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends

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This week we officially launched one of the largest-ever longitudinal studies of talent trends and readiness around the world: Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2015. Traditional practices like performance management are being left in the dust as we embrace agile, feedback-rich systems that let us talk to each other, set and reset goals, and collaborate more easily. Fig 1: The Ten Global Trends Shaping Corporate Talent in 2015. Posted by Josh Bersin on March 5, 2015.

Is There Really a Skills Gap?


They write that ensuring the supply of high quality STEM professionals to teach and support future STEM talent is paramount if we are to collectively solve the skills challenge in the UK’s high tech industries. It’s one field where the jobs market has shifted along with rapid advances in technology, which brings with it brand new skill sets and careers: UX (user experience) designers, social media analysts and online community managers – roles that barely existed 10 years ago.

Why Take Onboarding Digital? 3 Benefits You Need To Know About


November 2014 research by Aberdeen Group found that the shorter the onboarding process, the less likely an organization is to retain first year employees. Even better, you can give new hires access to a “new hire portal” where documents can be filled out, electronically signed, and turned in before they ever step foot in the office. HR Technology Talent Management digital onboarding onboardingTraditional onboarding can be a bit depressing.

FAQs About California’s Required Paid Sick Leave


California recently enacted AB 1522, called the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014, which requires most California employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees effective July 1, 2015. A: The employer must include the paid sick leave balance on the wage statement/paycheck stub or can provide a separate document with the balance on each payday. Talent Management legal compliance Michele O''Donnell paid sick leave sick time

5 Reasons Why Recruits Secretly Hate Their Hiring Managers


What do you wish hiring managers knew? Unempathetic hiring managers. I wish that hiring managers knew that just because I went from student assistant jobs in college to working minimum wage customer service doesn’t mean something is wrong with me or my work ethic. Some hiring managers consider this sort of testing to be a great way to weed out applicants who wouldn’t fit their company culture. Hiring managers are busy people, but that’s just rude.

A Balancing Act: How to Manage Social Media in the Workplace


The push and pull of social media monitoring is a difficult one to manage. As an HR manager, your relationship with an employee or a prospective employee’s social media profile must have the right amount of intimacy and distance. But how do you find the balance between being a laid back, carefree manager and an overbearing social media monitor? Have someone besides the hiring manager review social media profiles. Talent Management Recruitment HR Employee Engagement

Are You Dedicated to Your Flex-Work Policy?


I like what Cali Yost of CEO of Flex+ Strategy Group said in a 2014 press release, “Telework is not a perk and it’s certainly not just for moms and Gen Y. If you don’t ask your employees to document what they do every minute of the day in the office, why would you do it when they flex work? Truitt John Hollon retention Talent Management Talent Think Innovations LLC TAOHR Telework The Aristocracy of HR TLNT Total Rewards Women at Work Work Life Balance Work- Life Strategies

How to Quickly Improve Any Performance Appraisal System


This same study found that managers in these programs spent, on average, 17 hours per employee preparing for their performance reviews. The Society for Human Resources Management ( SHRM ) has reported that 95% of employees are dissatisfied with their company’s performance appraisal process, and, according to SHRM, 90% of these employees do not believe their performance review process yields accurate information. [ii] It’s too valuable a data source and management tool.

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Carnival of HR – Happy 13th Anniversary Edition!

Robin Schooling

In 2017, to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the carnival, I wrote The Unofficial (and totally non-scientific) History of HR Blogging to document, as best we could, the evolution of HR blogging. 2014.

5 Tips to Tackle Compliance in 2017

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In 2014 the construction industry accounted for 20% of all private industry fatalities according to Bureau of Labor. Reduce these with mobile capable Talent Management System that can provide on-the-job access to training and safety documents and videos. Federal contractors need to keep all paperwork and documentation on hand in the case of recruitment outreach, audits, or surveys.

Proforma SI Announces Partnership with Peoplecart

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Press Release ( - TORONTO - Apr 13, 2017 - Glenda McCarthy-Gaspar, President of Proforma SI, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Peoplecart, Asia’s leading HR Technology platform focused on driving workforce excellence through real-time performance management and social recognition. Together, the companies will work to revolutionize the HR industry with brand management and technology-driven solutions. Empowering Managers for Recognition Success.

Addressing 2015’s No. 1 business challenge:

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Nearly nine out of 10 (87 percent) of the 3,300+ business and HR leaders surveyed consider culture and engagement issues to be “important; 50 percent say they’re “very important” — double the results in 2014. This finding was echoed in other TalentKeepers research into valued leadership attributes, in which more than 16,000 survey respondents listed Trust Builder, Communicator, and Talent Developer & Coach as their top three preferred leadership talents.

Why your talent acquisition strategy should include veterans…and 5 ways to help make it happen

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Transportation and supply chain management provider Ryder System, Inc., is the vice president for Talent Acquisition Research at Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP. She writes about various topics in retention and talent acquisition, including integrating with talent management, enhancing quality of hire for critical jobs, leveraging social recruiting to build talent pools, and building a global recruiting function.

New at Workday Rising:

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The reasons Rochester chose Workday and the benefits that decision has enabled make an interesting case in point for organizations in any industry looking to move HR systems to the cloud or better manage the talent aspects of M&A activity. Rochester Regional Health is the product of a July 2014 merger between Rochester General Health System and Unity Health System. Supporting health care M&A. Posted by Peggy Chin on October 25, 2016.

New at Workday Rising:

HR Times

The reasons Rochester chose Workday and the benefits that decision has enabled make an interesting case in point for organizations in any industry looking to move HR systems to the cloud or better manage the talent aspects of M&A activity. Rochester Regional Health is the product of a July 2014 merger between Rochester General Health System and Unity Health System. Supporting health care M&A. Posted by Peggy Chin on October 25, 2016.

Cybersecurity culture

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Estimates from around the globe show data breaches are up nearly 50 percent, 1 and a study done for McAfee in 2014 by the Center for Strategic and International Studies estimated the global economic cost of these breaches at more than $445 billion. They should also be aligning their organization culture and talent to protect their company’s and employees’ information assets. As used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte Consulting LLP, a subsidiary of Deloitte LLP.

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HR Supercharged: How Modern Tech is Changing Work

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In a 2014 IDG survey, only 24% of enterprise organizations migrated or planned to migrate HR functions/applications to the Cloud. Not to mention, the potential of a system to include Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics in sourcing , recruiting and managing people more efficiently. HR departments, for instance, use applicant tracking systems to manage job ads, sort resumes, shortlist applicants, coordinate with their team/candidates and so on.

The Data Dilemma

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With the digital economy in full swing, HR leaders are embracing technologies that capture employee data and deliver insights that can be interpreted to better attract, retain, and grow talent. But the flood of numbers pouring in from talent management platforms across the organization carries risk as well as reward. Another challenge of data security is managing authorizations and keeping them up-to-date as systems change and employees move around the organization.

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How to Audit Your Employer Brand in One Day and Improve Talent Attraction

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Your employer brand is your talent attraction strategy and should display exactly who you are as an employer to talent worldwide. 93% of CEOs are aware of inadequacies in their talent attraction strategy , but more than 60% state they haven’t addressed this issue. What’s stopping leaders from taking action on improving talent attraction efforts? Conduct a SWOT analysis for each category, and use a separate document for quick reference later on.

Retail talent in the spotlight

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It’s also when many of the talent challenges pervasive in the retail industry come to a head. As part of studying retail disruptions, Deloitte examined the talent practices of a wide range of retailers in our recent publication, Retail Talent Disrupted. Talent Strategies. Aligning talent practices with the company’s value proposition. Agile ways of working also enable retailers to integrate new talent models into their business strategy.