What Do Employees Want Most? Appreciation and Good Relationships at Work


Indeed, the top two key findings of our most recent Fall 2014 Workforce Mood Tracker report found that (1) peer relationships are critical to the modern work experience because of amount of time we invest at work, and (2) having friends at increases commitment to the company. Recognize This! Research from the Boston Consulting Group and The Network show employees around the world most need to know their work is valued and appreciated.

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How to Cry at Work (And Win Employee Loyalty While Doing It)

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Imagine the ‘50’s-era character in the 2014 workplace — where the dissolution of boundaries affects everything from office walls to glass ceilings. Onboarding documents tend to hit new employees over the head with information, but they don't give recent hires any strategies for handling tricky emotional terrain on the job. Helping employees understand the physiology of their emotions, as well as how to cope with those natural responses, can go a long way.

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7 Ways to Support Employees’ Engagement in their Financial Wellness


We can all appreciate how important compensation is to our overall well-being; it’s one of the reasons companies spend as much as they do on employee benefits, right? And you can use these even if you don’t have a formal financial wellness program. Companies can provide employees with a range of tools to engage them in the pursuit of financial wellness. Start During Onboarding. Talk to employees on a regular basis about financial wellness topics.

TLNT Summit 2014 – Activate Unwavering Employee Engagement

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Bringing together a number of world-renowned organizations and the brightest minds in talent management, workforce development and planning, the TLNT High Performance Workforce Summit 2014 was held on May 28-29 in Atlanta, GA. Organizations need to focus on activating (onboarding), developing and keeping their talent. They’re also hearing from the disengaged as well, only adding to the importance of engagement, culture and employee value proposition.

Representative Retention: Control Your Customer Service


Think of all the times you’ve hired someone who had every skill or experience you desired, only to find out that they were a nightmare to manage or didn’t mesh well with your existing team members. They work well with customers, but equally as important, they work well with co-workers too. Onboarding New Hires. Managing For Success The old adage of “a happy worker is a productive worker” is very much alive and well. Hiring Process Onboard Entry-Level Employees

Am I Creating a Positive Applicant Experience?


Delivering a positive applicant experience is a proven way to achieve these goals, as well as to reinforce the organization’s overall brand and create goodwill. Here are four questions HR teams can ask to evaluate whether they’re offering candidates a favorable experience, as well as some recommendations about how to make improvements if necessary. Job seekers should be able to easily find open positions on the company’s career site, as well as on job boards.

How to Spot and Stop Workplace Bullies


Well, it can be both. When you define the parameters of acceptable practices during the hiring and onboarding phase , it’s easier to enforce them later. What image comes to mind when you hear the words “workplace bully?” ” A ranting lunatic who yells and stomps and is king of the insults? Or, is it someone who subtly circumvents your work while smiling to your face? Either way, they’re toxic employees who inflict harm on your staff and company.

4 Signs Your Manual Hiring Process is Overworking HR Employees


Oversee the onboarding process. It doesn’t matter how organized a person is or how well he manages his time: If he has too much to do (like manually post open positions, review applications and communicate with candidates), quality of work will suffer. Manage employee relations. Maintain benefits programs. Ensure legal compliance. Make policy recommendations. Have you ever taken the time to list all that’s expected of you as an HR manager?

How to Grow Part 1: Performance Management in 3… 2…


It’s important to know how exactly you plan to manage the performance of a team before they are onboarded. Updating your performance management process not only helps the development of your employees, but drives business value as well.

4 Steps to Amp up Your 401(k) Plan Employee Benefit Communications


According to the August 2014 Charles Schwab 401(k) Participant Survey , a 401(k) is the top must-have benefit after health insurance when people are looking for a new job. Since you’ll be sharing the materials with new employees during onboarding and existing employees during open enrollment and throughout the year, you might also create different versions of the same content; personalization has been shown to enhance people’s interest in communications.

Spur Productivity and Retention With a More Strategic New Employee Onboarding Process


Half of all hourly workers leave new jobs in the first four months, and half of senior outside hires fail within 18 months, according to the SHRM Foundation’s report, Onboarding New Employees: Maximizing Success. Proponents of new employee onboarding would suggest as early as the gap of time between offer acceptance and the first day of work. One way companies can combat this regret-driven turnover is by developing a more strategic onboarding process. Onboarding basics.

Seeing Office Space Through the Eyes of Human Resources


An HR manager understands that office layout affects interaction, with customers as well as between employees, and can completely alter a brand’s image. Furniture and interior decorations: How a space is decorated should align with the business - what the company actually does as well as the brand’s voice. Each office should promote company bonding as well as each individual’s growth, and inspire employees to want to advance the business.

5 Steps to an Effective Internal Investigation

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Mehfoud showed how well-executed internal investigations are a necessity for compliance programs. Onboarding. In yesterday’s Advisor , Attorney Christine D. Today, we present 5 basic steps that make up an effective investigation. Mehfoud, a director at Spotts Fain PC, emphasizes that while flexibility is important during the course of an internal investigation, pitfalls are also common and should be avoided. To help, here are five essential steps that should be covered.

Want to Attract, Motivate, Engage and Retain Millennial Workers? Here’s the Silver Bullet


Some research: Achieve’s 2014 Millennial Impact Report showed that aside from what the company specifically does, sells, or produces, the top factors for Millennials when deciding to apply for a job are the company’s work culture and involvement with causes, just ahead of HR and diversity initiatives. So make sure employees — as well as job seekers and potential new hires — not only know about the programs you have to offer, but get excited about them.

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Top 3 Challenges of Communicating with Remote Employees


During onboarding, set clear expectations for for performance, deliverables, and follow-ups. You might be interested in this: Five Best Practices for Getting Your Employees Productive From Day One - Part 1 Wellness Programs Call for Better Communications Best Practices for Employee Communications Playbook 7 Ways to Support Employees’ Engagement in their Financial Wellness Top 5 Lessons Learned during the Open Enrollment Webinar feat. Reach Your Remote Employees.

What Talent Management, Engagement And Culture Share


Organizational culture has a say in how you recruit, and therefore in how (well) you engage. It is costly to hire, onboard, and bring a new hire up to speed. The SilkRoad Talent Talk Report 2014 states: “…in an unpredictable financial climate, companies need loyal, productive, and engaged employees more than ever. Company success links directly to what talent management, employee engagement and organizational culture have in common.

The Spooky Truths About Employee Communications and Engagement


When a company’s onboarding program is sparse, it’s more/less likely that the new employee will be let go or voluntarily resign. You’re more likely to lose new employees if you fail to provide an effective onboarding program. Don’t let employee communications and engagement give you nightmares this Halloween! This time of year, it seems like something frightening lurks around every corner.

HR and IT Partnership: Observations from a Veteran CIO

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Analytics and faster onboarding will transform HR. Technology companies are delivering HR systems that make it easier to find and onboard the best employees and retain them by providing more streamlined and engaging experiences. We can onboard new employees pretty quickly from an IT infrastructure perspective. I recently read an article that suggested how well employees are on-boarded is a good measure of an organization’s IT capability.

Trust But Verify In Hiring


A large part of an organization’s human resources function involves the onboarding of new personnel. By staying well prepared and keeping in mind common interview mistakes , as well as having all the information you can gather during a reference check, you will be able to rest assured knowing you are making the right hiring decision for your organization. During dealings with the Soviet Union, former President Ronald Reagan coined the term, “Trust, but verify.”

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd: Make HR A Real-Time Application

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If a company’s survival hinges on the ability of its people to execute against a well-conceived strategy, then its fate depends to a huge extent on its ability to attract, retain, and motivate the best people for the job. For Oracle, with 130,000 employees around the world, even a 10% employee attrition rate would require the company to recruit, evaluate, hire, onboard, and integrate thousands of people every year. By Michael Hickins - Originally posted on Forbes.

Boom & Bust HR

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Let me illustrate what boom & bust HR is by referencing a great new report from PWC Saratoga – “ A new vision for growth – Key trends in human capital 2014 ”. Well, if you haven’t already, you need to digitise your HR operations – all people processes need to become digital processes. From absence management, to compensation review, to performance management, to learning, to succession, to talent review, to recruitment, to onboarding. By Richard Doherty.

Transforming Onboarding to Help Maximize Success


That’s why after successfully attracting and recruiting talent into your organization, a positive onboarding experience is the next step to ensuring you retain them. Organizations should strive to create an onboarding solution that incorporates the latest best practices and trends, emphasizes employee socialization, increases engagement, and speeds the employee’s ability to contribute to your organization’s success, as well as their own. A Fresh Approach to Onboarding.

How to Spot and Stop Workplace Bullies


Well, it can be both. When you define the parameters of acceptable practices during the hiring and onboarding phase , it’s easier to enforce them later. What image comes to mind when you hear the words “workplace bully?” A ranting lunatic who yells and stomps and is king of the insults? Or, is it someone who subtly circumvents your work while smiling to your face? Either way, they’re toxic employees who inflict harm on your staff and company. Types of workplace bullies.

ATS integration with hiring tools: what you need to know


When choosing an ATS ask yourself how well it integrates with other HR tools that you’ll need. Onboarding & Talent Management. KinHR is probably the best when it comes to onboarding new hires in a comprehensive and thoughtful way. We consider an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to be the centrepiece of any effective hiring toolkit. This is why we built one from scratch and obviously consider it to be the best of its kind.

How Employee Engagement Affects Your Business’s Bottom Line


With job descriptions, interviews, onboarding and training, hiring new employees can be pretty pricey. Well-written job descriptions spell out the responsibilities of the position before new hires show up for their first day. Think your employees are happy to have a job? Think that means they’re helping your business grow? There’s a difference between workers who maintain your business and those who are committed to making it thrive. The latter are more engaged.

Lyft Chooses Oracle HCM Cloud to Adopt Modern Best Practice

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Hyper Growth Amplifies Onboarding Challenges. With hyper growth, Lyft has found it increasingly difficult to onboard talent efficiently. Storn is confident that Oracle Cloud HCM will provide the tools to properly manage current and future employees in a well-rounded way. Oracle HCM Cloud will integrate and streamline Lyft’s processes by providing a consolidated space for most of their HR portals as well as a database of compliance information relative to employees.

How to Build a Successful Employee Mentoring Program


In the sports world, a great example of this is the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team, NCAA champions in 2014 and eight times since 2000. The team knows how to win basketball games, and that knowledge has been successfully transferred from roster to roster for well over a decade, with hundreds of players flowing through the program. More effective onboarding/acclimation of new hires. Sustained success is the goal of any business.

#GamifyHR - Gamification in HR

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And learning - help people see how they''re developing skills, making compliance training into a story Or more interestingly, talent management - enabling a manager to get stock option on a new employee, if they do well the higher their bonus will be, so even if moving to a new team I still keep the same option (like Empire Avenue). I''m at Fleming Europe''s Gamification in HR Summit in Paris.

How Online Training Can Keep Your Office Safe


Managers and HR professionals are required to provide it, but typically are unable to figure out how to fit such learning in with the rest of the onboarding process. Online course software makes sense for companies with offices in multiple locations as well, as storing training materials on a cloud-based server makes essential training information more accessible than ever. The benefits extend to the employees as well.

How to Conduct a New Hire Review the Right Way


Meaningful new hire reviews are the result of two key steps – you conduct the evaluations at the right point in the onboarding process , and you assess the right factors. It starts with having really well-written job descriptions for each role in your organization. At the time of your new hire evaluation, you could then discuss your new salesperson’s progress with adopting your CRM system, giving examples of what they’re doing well and/or how they could improve.

3 Facts That Will Change the Way You Think About Employee Background Checks


Since it’s well known that larger companies have screening programs in place, applicants with something to hide are more likely to target smaller employers. The CareerBuilder study defined a bad hire as someone who either turned out to be a poor fit for the job or didn’t perform it well. You spend thousands of dollars to hire, onboard and train new employees. You may see employee background checks as more of a burden than a benefit.

Hiring the Wrong Salesperson is a $2-Million Mistake

HR Daily Advisor

A lot of companies that used to use search firms have taken that role in-house, but they just don’t have the competencies and skills to do it well. In tomorrow’s Advisor, DiMisa shows how often the problem with turnover isn’t pay but arises in the recruiting and onboarding processes, plus we introduce PayScale, Inc.’s The stakes are very high when it comes to hiring salespeople, says Consultant Joseph DiMisa.

How to Get New Workers to Love Your Company

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Well, guess what? The survey also finds that 43% say that time and money are wasted on ineffective onboarding processes (most thought at least $10,000 a year is wasted), while 15% of respondents say that poor onboarding is enough to make them consider leaving a job. You know those cool perks you offer employees like free food? Your new employees are not impressed.

How to Hire for a Job That You Don’t Understand


How will hiring and employing a new person affect the bottom line – salary, benefits, onboarding and training, for example? If you’re not working through a recruiter, who will handle the details for you, you will want to use one of the well-known national job boards. When you started your business, you thought you could handle it all yourself – sales, accounting, payroll, hiring, etc. Now, you’re not so sure.

#GamifyHR - Gamification Design

Strategic HCM

Gamification has to be different from normal process design to make it worth talking about (as not everything can be or needs to be gamified - we may be inherently playful but we''re lots of other things as well, and not everyone may want their fun at work), and if it''s different then we need a different name for it, and to understand what it is. Here are my notes on day 2 of last week''s HR Gamification Summit.

Lurking Business Litigation: 4 Things You Can’t Afford to Ignore


If you have to alter, renegotiate or break the contract that same legal counsel should assist in that process, as well. Legal counsel should be involved in drafting these documents, as well. Providing training on these issues and having a well-written employee handbook that outlines your procedures and guidelines will help limit your liability in many of these situations. It should be a part of your onboarding process for new employees to read and acknowledge the handbook.

Top 10 Employee Onboarding Programs - Sapling Blog


truly set up new hires for success at your company, it’s crucial to deliver a tailored Employee Onboarding program that embodies your company’s culture and prepares them for the road ahead. Successful onboarding programs go beyond administration to deliver a great experience, even before new hires have their first day on the job. And while many companies can stumble in making the investment in employee onboarding, there are a few companies that stand out.

They’re Onboarded! Now What?


And, some say as many as 17% may quit within their first 3 months, with as many as 30% deciding to leave within 6 months (BambooHR, 2014). To help ease the transition, most companies engage in some formal or informal onboarding process. PROBLEM WITH ONBOARDING: How do you execute it well and know it’s working? SOLUTION: Conduct an onboarding survey (well, qualifier, this is one important piece of the process). How long should the onboarding survey be?:

Technology is a Must-Have for Modern Onboarding

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Software Gamification for Onboarding and Training. But so do competitors… this creates new challenges: how to retain the most talented employees, how to effectively connect new talents of different locations, how to achieve the competitive edge in onboarding process. Pro-active onboarding does not suffice. The answer is – strategic onboarding whose part and parcel is going for technological innovations. How Do Businesses Employ Technology in Onboarding?

Employee Engagement: An Action Plan

Brandon Hall

According to Brandon Hall Group’s just-completed 2014 Employee Engagement Study, 70% of companies state that engagement is a priority, yet over 60% of employees do not actively participate in these activities. In fact, recognition was cited as the most valuable tool for engaging employees over engagement surveys, wellness programs, and coaching and mentoring.

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