Can Employee Assessments Be Used for Succession Planning?

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“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”. You have plans for sales and plans for products and probably even plans for seating arrangements, but are you planning the future of your company? Succession Planning

How Your Succession Plan Can Improve Your Retention and Company Culture


When you create a succession plan that showcases growth opportunities and challenges your employees to do more, they have a more positive outlook on their future at your company. Leadership succession planning + retention. Staff-wide succession planning + retention.

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How Smart Talent Management Can Shift the Employee Productivity Curve

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One method for measuring the effectiveness of your team over time is the " employee productivity curve ," a chart representing employee effectiveness over time. The success of a new hire largely hinges on the onboarding process.

Stop Gambling with Your Succession Planning Processes


By Nicole Saunders, Senior Product Marketing Manager, SAP-SuccessFactors (Originally posted on SAP Community Network) SuccessFactors Q3 2015 Release If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas or stepped foot in a Casino, you’ve undoubtedly felt the rush of emotion of people gambling. Succession Development HCM hr Nicole Saunders sap SuccessFactors succession Succession & Development

Succession Planning by the Numbers: 3 Best Practices

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Most years, 10% to 15% of global corporations replace their top leaders because of resignation, dismissal, retirement, or health problems, and in 2015, more than 16% had to replace their CEOs, according to PwC research. Make succession planning objective.

Your Company Needs an Engagement Strategy

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This leads to increased productivity. It goes without saying that if employees love their work and feel connected to the company, they will want it to be successful. (Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at HireRight.

5 Steps to Avoid Talent Shortfalls Using Data-Driven Workforce Planning


a big postwar question, and ushered in an era of new revolutionary practices, such as coaching, job rotation, 360-degree feedback, high-potential tracks, and succession planning. Companies with poor workforce planning were at risk of going out of business or being sold off.

Will Technology Replace Recruiters – Ask #HR Bartender

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In more progressive organizations, and for more strategically inclined HR professionals, this has allowed HR to shift time and effort into higher value activities, e.g., leadership development, succession planning or workforce analytics.

Make Corporate Learning Resemble the Online Shopping Experience

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As they were talking about how their organization approaches learning, it occurred to me that they were describing the same conversations I hear from marketing executives about getting customers to buy products and services. Before you dismiss today’s post based on the title, hear me out.

How Your Succession Plan Can Improve Your Retention and Company Culture


When you create a succession plan that showcases growth opportunities and challenges your employees to do more, they have a more positive outlook on their future at your company. It sounds great in theory, but how can you build a company-wide succession plan that really supports retention? Leadership succession planning + retention. Having a succession plan for key leadership positions (CEO, COO, CFO, etc.) Strategy and Planning

5 Reasons HR Needs a Seat in the C-Suite

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Here, five reasons a CHRO is invaluable when it comes managing a company's greatest asset — its people — and their contribution to its success. When I worked at a SaaS company, its HR policies were as outdated as its technology product was innovative.

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Spark Hire Interviews Vendors at 2015 SHRM Talent Management Conference and Exposition

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Without fail, San Diego kept it classy for the 2015 SHRM Talent Management Conference and Exposition ! After a very busy couple days at the event, we’re back in Chicago and want to share a couple highlights from the show.

How to Meet the Needs of HR Customers (All 6 Types of Them)

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The organization looks to HR to ensure a highly skilled and productive workforce. A manager, however, is someone entrusted by the organization to develop talent and drive performance through a productive workforce.

Government Talent Crunch: Why Training Matters More Than Ever

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"It would be ideal to show your state legislature that with more training, you'd need to hire fewer people, or productivity goes up 15 percent, or if we cut training we'll lose this much money," says Greene.

The Hidden Costs of Ignoring Your Talent Management Strategy

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Building and maintaining a successful company hinges on having the right people to execute projects and drive results. But their technology tools, in many cases, haven't evolved past basic productivity software like email or Microsoft Word.

Beware the "Gray Ceiling": How to Manage a Multi-Generational Workforce

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Similarly, a recent report by AARP finds that 33 percent of older workers are delaying the age at which they expect retire, and nearly half are now planning to work part-time after they reach retirement age. While the mere thought of that may be enough to turn your own hair gray, planning for the dreaded multi-generational workforce is a necessity. Without a talent management plan to ensure a smooth transition, your company's productivity and competitiveness is vulnerable.

Vow to Wow New Hires

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an inviting, fun, and productive environment that people want to be a part of. Plan for the future. Employees want to know how they fit into the big picture, and they want to know you’ve envisioned a long-term path for mutual success. Involve them in the planning process.

A Few Thoughts on Building Teams

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From the piece: …at a recent Center for Executive Succession meeting hosted by Kevin Cox at American Express. Filling open positions quickly can avoid outages in product and service delivery but do nothing to address needed improvements in innovation.

Grow Leadership Through Relationships

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Each leader was required to have a succession plan in place and a successor ready before attending this workshop. The succession plan was the responsibility of the manager who wanted to be a leader, not the responsibility of HR or the manager’s supervisor. A business simulator was hired to perform “typical” meetings to point out the lost productivity in the work day. In training classes, we measure success by post-class evaluations.

Revamping The Status Quo In 2015: 4 Trends In HR Technology


The conference witnessed the rollout of out new HR tech products by the 60-fold. That’s the grand takeaway of this shift: accounting or recruiting, succession planning or training, the tools are about talent; about people, not about numbers.

Prepare for Nurse Retirements and Shortage with Intelligent Workforce Planning


Navigating Nurse Retirement with the New Workforce Planning. Workforce planning is the business process for determining the right talent, at the right time and costs, and in the right quantity to deliver on your business goals. However, a strategic plan is not enough on its own.

Potential Tweak to Your Succession Platform: The Shadow

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If you're lucky enough to have a decent succession program, you know the reality. You need as many tweaks and features in your succession platform as possible to keep things fresh. A final work product/report from the shadow would seem to the be a reasonable outcome to expect.

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Our HR Tech Survey—How New Innovations Are Shaping Human Resources

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BLR’s HR Technology Survey, conducted in January and February 2015, sought to learn how tech is changing the face of human resources and how professionals in the field are adapting. Are they assisting with productivity? do not employ tech), and tracking employee productivity (only 10.8%

Digital Disruption: HR Tech Takeaways at NYC’s HR Unconference


In Crispin’s mind, that speaks to a poorly designed product—your hiring process. Employer branding in 2015 means going over your application experience with a fine tooth comb: Will a candidate speak ill of you when they’re turned down?

The 5 Critical Things That A Good Manager Never, Ever Delegates

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As a leader, you know you must delegate many of the tasks for which you’re ultimately responsible, if you’re to be successful in meeting your goals. Be straight and upfront with them, whether putting them on a corrective action plan, suspending them, or firing them. Succession training.

8 Good Things We All Can Learn From Millenials

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By doing Strategic Workforce Planning , looking at the composition of your workforce today and in the far future. They have lived to see Pac-Man turn into GTA5 (Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most successful game, earning over $ 1 billion in three days).

The Key to Strategic HR: You Must Be a Strong, Capable Business Partner

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Know what drives success for the business. Does business success depend on innovation, capital utilization, customer connectivity, service excellence? Understand the business metrics (such as profit, margin, ROI, free cash flow productivity) and what drives them.

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Every Startup Can Experience Amazonian Woes. Here Are the Values You Need.


The issue is that Amazon is such a tremendously successful company on so many other levels. Many others, including Bezos in his memo responding to the NY Times piece, believe that a healthy corporate culture is critical to productivity and success in the long-term. “I

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Here’s Why Incumbents Shouldn’t Hire Their Replacements – Period

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We call that succession planning, and I’m on board with it. Get this person’s input into what makes a successful worker for the job, sure. It’s awkward at best and self-sabotaging and counter productive at worst.

Don’t Get Caught Making These Family Business Mistakes


If you want to give yours the competitive edge, it’s time to focus on your people plan. When you skip this, employees won’t know the direction of the business and it can affect productivity. Have a succession plan. It doesn’t have to be an intricate plan.

Ringing in the New: How HR Professionals Can Institute Organizational Change in the Coming Year


Use data to “connect the dots” between HR initiatives and company success. As baby boomer employees retire, talent management and succession planning become more important. Research has found that engaged employees are on average 31% more productive than their peers.


Public Sector Should Look Inward For External Success

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Those of us in the public sector need little introduction to the role that citizen-facing strategies play in the delivery of success. Which leads to my follow-on question: How effectively have we actually linked our people management to corporate success?

Link pay to performance. Like…seriously this time!

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Crystal Spraggins, SPHR When PayScale asked more than 5,500 business leaders the main reason their companies adjusted pay in 2015, 52 percent answered "employee performance." What will a successful plan look like? Further, a successful pay-for-performance program is: 1.

Revamping The Status Quo In 2015: 4 Trends In HR Technology

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Now the conference will witness the rollout of out new HR tech products by the 60-fold. That’s the grand takeaway of this shift: accounting or recruiting, succession planning or training, the tools are about talent and about people, not about numbers.

4 Reasons For High Employee Turnover


Create opportunities for your leaders to spend time together discussing goals, sharing success stories and providing feedback that reinforces your mission, vision and values. Take time to meet with your employees and be proactive in discussing career and succession plans with them.

Assess Systems and Combine to Form a Next-Generation, Cloud-Based Provider of Data-Driven Analytical Applications for Talent Management


The company’s solutions predict the success of candidates and employees from hourly to executive roles across industries. We look forward to supporting the growth and success of current and future clients by delivering innovative solutions for comprehensive talent selection and employee development.”. This combination creates a uniquely positioned human capital solutions company with an unrivaled product and solution suite for talent selection and employee development.

HR: You CAN Get There From Here


This might be reducing the time to hire for open positions, improving employee engagement or improving succession planning. Talent Management business impact HR Technology Innovation Leadership organizational change productivity talent analytics talent management

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HR Data Won’t Make You Less Human


Analytics is being used across the board in HR, including talent acquisition, performance management, succession planning and more. People are the backbone of any organization, and the most successful ones recognize that. That’s simply not true at successful organizations.

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How To Hire Your Dream Team Using Workforce Science


The knowledge gathered by psychometric testing and surveys can help in the hiring process, team building and even succession planning. Succession planning is no longer a matter of favoritism or convenience, but rather finding the right person for the position.

The Challenge of the Future Workforce #EWS2015

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Editor’s Note: Women of HR has partnered with Spherion on a series of sponsored posts to bring you highlights and commentary from their 2015 Emerging Workforce Study , which contains a great deal of interesting data and statistics about future trends in the workforce and our workplaces. 63% of employers have increased succession planning and efforts to address impeding Boomer retirement. Here’s a few ideas: It’s not enough to have succession plans in place.