Planning for 2023: Incentives, Bonuses, and Variable Compensation

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As with our review of 2023 compensation budgeting in the last Astronology® , predictions on how variable compensation will unfold next year are challenging. Almost 40% have changed their compensation programs (e.g., 2023. % Astron Solutions’ Perspective.

HR Project Management: A Beginner’s Guide 2023


If you work for a company that creates technology products (or simply owns a lot of digital properties), chances are you have a “ project manager ” on your technical team. Did you know?


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2023 Compensation Budgeting ForecastPart 1: Base Pay Adjustments

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Good news – the data are starting to come in regarding 2023! In this part one of a three-part review of 2023 compensation planning projections, we will share what we have found. 2023 U.S. There are conflicting predictions coming in regarding 2023.

Job Candidate Compensation and Benefits


Job candidate compensation and benefits are a motivating factor for job seekers as they evaluate job opportunities, as well as for employees as they decide whether to remain with an organization. How can employers create competitive rewards systems to compete for talent?

HR Technology Trends for 2023 and Beyond


There has been a lot of buzz on HR technology trends for 2023, and what the future of HR will look like. The way we work and interact with technology has changed dramatically following the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, technology drives how we communicate and collaborate.

Anti-Perks: How to Avoid Them and Get Employee Benefits Right for 2023


Businesses also know that offering benefits and perks pays off in attracting, hiring, and retaining workers. In fact, “ total compensation ” for workers is the sum of their wages plus the dollar value of their benefits and any bonuses or commissions they receive.

HR Challenges During Recession [2023 Edition]


It also includes identifying gaps in the workforce and recruiting and hiring new talent. Examine employee compensation and benefits packages to determine whether they bring value to your organization. The post HR Challenges During Recession [2023 Edition] appeared first on CoreCentive

Workforce Trends and Predictions for 2023: What HR Leaders Need to Know

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Human resources professionals have contended with challenge after challenge over the past few years, and 2023 is shaping up to be a continuation of many of those issues – along with a few new ones rearing their heads. WORKFORCE TRENDS IN 2023.

Tips for hiring independent contractors

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Independent contractors are an especially helpful option for small businesses that need support in a certain area or a specific project but don’t have the demand or budget to justify hiring a full-time employee. Who Can You Hire as an Independent Contractor?

New California Law Expands Pay Scale Disclosure, Pay Data Reporting Requirements


Employers should review the new requirements and begin preparing to comply with the changes for 2023. . Currently, California employers are prohibited from asking job applicants about their salary history during the hiring process.

Data 70

Best Employee Recognition Ideas For 2023


Not only do hiring managers need to teach their new hires, but they must also inspire them to keep doing their jobs that’s because only they can. It is a fundamental share of your employee’s general performance management system , your company’s values, and overall culture.

Short-Term Solutions for Staffing Issues in Long Term Care


However, the solutions aren’t going to be simple and the timeframe to implement them is growing short. Since this is a systemic problem, it requires systemic solutions. Three areas that can be explored are: technology, organizational changes and immigration policies.

Watch Out California Employers: SB 1162 On Track To Become Law


If he does, it will take effect on January 1, 2023. . In addition, SB 1162 requires employers with 100 or more employees to submit a separate pay data report for employees hired via third-party staffing agencies.

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The Talent Management System in a Nutshell

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Talent management without a talent management system is virtually impossible, at least for organizations of a certain size. One that requires all the help you can get, both from an organizational and a technological perspective. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the latter, meaning the talent management system. What’s in: What is a talent management system? Why use a talent management system? What is a talent management system?

Pay transparency: Insights from HR leaders


This legislation follows similar measures in 17 states across the United States, including Colorado, Connecticut, and Maryland, and precedes new laws which will take effect in early 2023 in Washington and California.

Managing A Total Talent Workforce – The Impact Of The Gig Economy

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As well as outlin ing the benefits associated with a total talent workforce , this piece will advise on the best way to ensure all workers are hired and onboarded efficiently and compliantly. . .

California’s New SB 1162 Promotes Total Pay Transparency


SB 1162 will help identify the gender and race-based pay disparities by requiring pay transparency at every stage of the employment process, from hiring, to promotion, and ongoing employment.

Report 130

Astron Solutions’ 2021 Wrap-Up: Our Key Takeaways

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Compensation and Benefits: With the ending of most state unemployment funds and emergency federal programs in early 2021, we anticipated a slow but steady decrease in unemployment rates. The post Astron Solutions’ 2021 Wrap-Up: Our Key Takeaways appeared first on Astron Solutions.

New York City Law to Mandate Salary Transparency


This is the latest move to encourage salary transparency and address systemic pay discriminations. Prior to this law, NYC employers were allowed to withhold pay information until the hiring process was complete.

How to Start a Recruitment Agency during the COVID-19 Pandemic?


Companies and organizations looking for suitable candidates hire them to find the best match and help them fill available positions. However, businesses also hire people for busy periods (e.g., Hence, temp agencies typically hire for flexible positions. percent in 2023.

Pay Transparency Laws Go into Effect Across the Country

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1162 law which is also requiring nearly 200,000 companies with 15 or more employees to disclose pay ranges on job ads that are in state, is slated to go into effect January 2023. Payroll & Compensation

Washington’s Pay Transparency Law Has Implications for all Employers


Other compensation can include discretionary bonuses, stock options, travel allowance, relocation assistance, profit-sharing, or other forms of compensation that would be offered to the hired applicant.

Be Cautious, Be Prepared: Q3 Insights for Navigating a Workforce Inflection Point


Leaders preparing for 2023 have two imperatives, according to hrQ Corporate Vice President Brian Wilkerson. Those who do so now will be better prepared to face challenges and make decisions when they come to a nearly certain inflection point in 2023.

Addressing the HR Concerns of the Gig Economy

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It is anticipated that by 2023 gig work will make up half the U.S. Most recently, large gig companies such as Uber and Lyft have been challenged on how they classify and compensate their drivers. Does your organization hire gig workers? Currently, 57.3

Are Your Employees Eligible for Student Loan Debt Forgiveness?


While there are other key factors of workplace satisfaction — such as professional development opportunities and inspiring leadership — employee compensation is still an important factor. The cancellation program will last until December 31, 2023. 2022 Benefits Hiring & Retention

How to Start a Recruitment Agency during the COVID-19 Pandemic?


Companies and organizations looking for suitable candidates hire them to find the best match and help them fill available positions. However, businesses also hire people for busy periods (e.g., Hence, temp agencies typically hire for flexible positions. percent in 2023.

HR Tech: A Complete Guide from A to Z


Today, technology is indispensable for HR teams. The right HR tools allow remote, on-site, and hybrid teams to flourish. In fact, HR tech solutions have dramatically improved productivity, engagement, and compliance. . Forward-thinking HR managers have guided leaders in taking big leaps with disruptive technologies. And some of these technologies are quickly becoming normalized—or will within the next few years. But what exactly are these technologies?

9 Employee Retention Strategies for Keeping Your Best Talent


A staggering 35% of employees may leave their jobs each year by 2023. Giving employees a voice starts with employee engagement surveys delivered with the aid of a modern engagement platform. First, make sure that the compensation your organization offers is appropriate ?

Faculty Salaries Fell By Nearly 5% As Inflation Eats Into Living Costs

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While some colleges have taken voluntary steps to address the issue, there is no permanent solution in place to the effect of inflation jumps on wages. It is also putting a merit increase program in place for 2023. But one-time grants are not a lasting solution.

How the New Independent Contractor Rule Affects SMBs


Nearly 1 in 5 small business owners say they’re more likely to hire an independent contractor versus a full-time employee. PEO brokers should be ready to field questions and provide creative solutions for their SMB clients who may be apprehensive about this projected update.

Top 10 Tech Recruiting Challenges in 2022


No matter how you look at it, business in the global technology industry is booming. Additionally, as technology evolves new job titles are emerging that did not exist before. IDC predicts that ICT spending from 2021 through 2023 will grow by at least 5% per year.

Generic vs. Specific Job Descriptions: Which is better?


Hiring Range: $48,185 – $57,822 Hours: Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Top-notch management, highly qualified, competent staff and opportunities for career advancement and professional success make the City of Durham’s Public Works Department a great place to work.

Illinois SB 1480 Equal Pay Law Takes Effect Next Month


Beginning in 2023, the Secretary of State will publish the data on the gender, race, and ethnicity of each corporation’s employees on the Secretary of State’s official website within ninety days of receipt of a properly filed annual report filed.

Affordable Care Act Requirements for 2022-2023


Open Enrollment for 2023 begins on November 1, 2022, and ends on January 15, 2023. All new hires should receive a written notice about the Health Insurance Marketplace within 14 days of starting the job. on wages or compensation for high earners.

November Legal Updates


If you’re an existing ComplianceHR client, you can access these updates and robust links to learn more about each of these changes through the PolicySmart solution. The below list contains November Legal Updates, which have been added to the PolicySmart solution in the last month.

Illinois Equal Pay Act To Require Employer Pay Data Reporting


The Equal Pay Compliance Statement must also detail how, and how often, compensation decisions are evaluated, and on what basis or bases compensation is set. . The one critical tool available to every employer is a pay equity audit. .

Report 130

Illinois Equal Pay Act To Require Employer Pay Data Reporting


The Equal Pay Compliance Statement must also detail how, and how often, compensation decisions are evaluated, and on what basis or bases compensation is set. . The one critical tool available to every employer is a pay equity audit. .

Report 130

What Seattle’s Minimum Wage Law For Gig Workers Means For Employers


Technology has drastically changed the U.S. A study by Mastercard found that the gig economy is expected to grow 17% by 2023. A key development is the recent passage of Seattle’s minimum wage law for app-based delivery drivers. Cost of workers’ compensation insurance.

How to Attract and Retain Retirees Returning to Work


Compelling compensation. Additionally, one-quarter of employers plan to raise employees’ salaries for 2023 by 5-7%. The use of technology in the workplace has skyrocketed in the last few years. Is hiring talented retirees on your to-do list?

1099 vs W-2: The difference between employees and contractors

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While individuals have until April 18, 2023, to file their personal income taxes, businesses have to start thinking about tax requirements a bit sooner. Both forms provide end-of-year compensation information that employees and contractors need for tax purposes.