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7 Best HR Certifications in 2021

Analytics in HR

HR certifications are a popular way of career advancement for HR professionals. Let’s have a look at 7 HR certifications and who they’re for to help you choose the right HR certification program for you! Contents Why get an HR certification? Why get an HR certification?


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TalentSoft Analytics

HR Lineup

TalentSoft Analytics Overview. TalentSoft Analytics is a free analytics service that helps human resources organize their data, modify their KPI’s, and use actionable data to their advantage. TalentSoft Analytics Features. Certificate and Licensing.

Data alignment in an Analytical world


This is especially important when working with data and analytics, and extracting data as databases have become much easier to use. When focusing on analytics and the use of system data, System Administrators must focus on today’s environment, and what the requirements are for tomorrow’s data. I was recently presented with a requirement to build a specific report utilizing the analytics engine of the client’s Talent Management software. Written by: Ray Eaton.

Leveraging People Analytics to Motivate Employees

Speaker: Dr. Michael Moon, Director of People Insights, ADP

By understanding what motivates your employees, you will be able to provide a better employee experience. People analytics can help uncover what motivates your employees and what matters to them. The first step in doing this is defining what you are trying to measure and deciding what data will be needed. Learn from Dr. Michael Moon, the Director of People Insights at ADP, as she discusses the entire process of gathering, analyzing and understanding your people data.

From Predictive to Prescriptive Analytics

Ultimate Software

Having entered the predictive analytics space three years ago, Ultimate Software has seen HR teams start to rely on these important metrics for taking action in their organizations. Predictive analytics are good for people and good for business. When using analytics to marry recommended actions with predictive insights, this approach is known as prescriptive analytics. Predictive analytics are designed to predict the future.

SurvaleTM  Completes SOC 2 Type 1 Certification for Its Award Winning Talent Feedback Platform


Talent feedback for all talent facing programs resides within Survale’s advanced analytics dashboards, allowing leadership to analyze talent experience alongside operational data.

Workforce Analytics is Reinventing HR

Analytics Training

Introduction to Workforce Analytics Today, the need to understand what attracts skillful individuals to join an organization, stay motivated, and deliver outstanding results has become more important than ever. To tackle these thorny issues, companies have started investing in sophisticated data analytics tools coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to add to their HR department. The post Workforce Analytics is Reinventing HR appeared first on Analytics Training Blog.

What Is HR Certification and Why You Need It

HR Topics

HR certification is now available for generalists, specialties and geographic regions. If you loved studying and taking exams, you could spend all your time getting various HR certifications. Understanding the Various HR Certifications. Specialty HR Certifications.

Attention HR Pros: Certification Exams are Getting a Makeover

HR Daily Advisor

All HR professionals are also asked to help champion employee engagement and to support improved business decisions with data-driven analytics. HR professionals who seek to earn the Professional in Human Resources(R) (PHR(R)) or Senior Professional in Human Resources(R) (SPHR(R)), the nation’s most recognized HR credentials from HR Certification Institute(R) (HRCI(R)), will soon see these expanded areas of responsibility and knowledge on their certification exams.

Mission Critical: Leveraging Learning Engineering to Drive Digital Transformation

Speaker: Trish Uhl, Founder of Owl's Ledge LLC and the Talent & Learning Analytics Leadership Forum

Digital is disrupting every part of an organization's value chain at a record pace, creating a critical need to transform operations and employees' ways of working. Formal training alone can't keep up; it's often too slow, too generic, inconvenient, inefficient, unduly expensive and lacks or lags methods for measuring business-related effectiveness. Trish Uhl show you how to start leveraging Learning Engineering, a multidisciplinary approach that combines modern technology, data analytics, decision science, learning sciences and change management with human-centered engineering design methodologies to ultimately deliver targeted learning outcomes and business results that keep pace with the business and merge learning into the flow of work and lead Digital Adoption.

What's New with Oracle Certification - May

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Stay up to date with the Oracle Certification Program. New Exams and Certifications Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise 2018 Associate Developer | 1Z0-927 : This certification covers implementation topics of related Oracle Paas Services such as: Visual Builder Cloud Service, Java Cloud Service, Developer Cloud Service, Application Container Cloud Service, and Container Native Apps. Explore All Certifications. Check out how training + certification keeps a DBA relevant.

15 HR Analytics Case Studies with Business Impact

Analytics in HR

It is time that HR analytics starts to show the value it delivers to the business. This is hard to do as people analytics is still an emerging field. For this article, I have collected 15 of the best HR analytics case studies I’ve come across in the past two years. Quite a few case studies have come from the excellent Strategic Workforce Analytics report by Corporate Research Forum. 15 HR Analytics Case Studies. People analytics also helped E.ON

People Analytics in SMBs: Small Data, Huge Impact

Littal Shemer

People Analytics in SMBs: Small Data, Huge Impact. Furthermore, a small or medium business may lack the appropriate volume of data, the resources for shiny Analytics tools, and the right talent to lead initiatives and projects. Nevertheless, with the right guidance and mentoring in People Analytics , and with the right attitude and will power, HR leaders in SMBs can successfully overcome those barriers, and use People Analytics practices to impact their business.

Strategically Managing Manufacturing Skills Gaps With Learning Analytics


Expiring Certifications. Looking at certification coverage by manufacturing plant, job role, and tenure is important because it helps you see whether you have the coverage you need to meet the plan three months from now, six months from now, and five years from now. If you factor in risk of turnover and retirement , it can also help you determine if the certifications are held by employees who will stay and grow within the organization.

It’s Time to Build an Employee Value Proposition for People Analytics

Analytics in HR

People Analytics: What’s in it for Your People? At first blush, it seems like the above questions could be answered with people analytics. Numerous surveys report that in the aggregate, organizations with people analytics outperform those without. The optimization of learning and certification programs means that I’ll have the opportunity to build the necessary skills to fulfill a broader purpose.”. An EVP: Why People Analytics, Why Now.

How Workforce Analytics Can Take You Beyond The Clock

nettime solutions

Workforce analytics help businesses define, predict, and enhance their performance. When applied to the HR world, workforce analytics help HR staff analyze data relating to productivity levels, performance, if training is effective, and can even predict turnover. To understand just how significant workforce analytics are in your organization, below are three questions to consider: How can you reduce turnover and increase employee retention?

Graduate-Level HR-Analytics Programs on the Rise


But the change she’s most excited about is the rise of HR analytics. . “Thanks to analytics, now we have proof.” Tavis, who left the corporate world for academia several years ago, oversees a new graduate-level human resource program in HR analytics at New York University’s School of Professional Studies. Master’s-level HR programs in analytics are becoming increasingly common. “Recruiting is prime for analytics,” he says.

Embracing Analytics to Empower Flexible, Productive Work

Brandon Hall

In particular, we’ll discuss the importance of measurement and analytics, how to better leverage them to understand how work is accomplished and how to identify barriers to productivity and the solutions. Measurement and analytics allow organizations to identify, assess and understand the magnitude of obstacles. Click here for information on Brandon Hall Group’s Professional Certification Program.

The Role Of HR Analytics In Workforce Planning

Get Hppy

Workforce planning and HR analytics have become a key focus point for HR professionals around the world, as they confront new challenges in finding and retaining the right employees. A recent survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services found that for the vast majority of respondents, inadequate workforce planning has prevented them from meeting business goals. Leveraging HR Analytics. The post The Role Of HR Analytics In Workforce Planning appeared first on Hppy.

Taking Care of Business: Putting Your HR Analytics to Work

HR Payroll Systems

HR analytics got a lot of hype when they became a popular feature for HRIS software a few years ago. After employers got used to having analytics as a standard feature on their HR software , they lost their shine and became background noise. While HR analytics aren’t the magic bullet that they once were touted as, they can still be made relevant to daily operations. The following are a few ways in which you can put your HR analytics to work.

5 Learning and Development Questions You Can’t Answer Without Analytics


Analytics is critical to the measurement process, yet according to a survey of L&D organization from Bersin by Deloitte , only 10 percent of survey participants say they are “very effectively able” to use data and analytics to respond to shifting or time-sensitive business needs – and the research shows that L&D’s reliance on Learning Management Systems (LMS) is to blame. Learning Management Systems Can’t Do Learning Analytics.

Reports vs Analytics: Technology Deep Dive

Visier - Talent Acquisition

In an earlier blog post called Reports vs Analytics: What’s the Difference? , I showed how “reports provide data; analytics provide insight.” This will allow you to understand how analytics are produced and why transactional solutions can only support reports. While this data storage structure is optimal for transactions, it is less than ideal for reporting, and not suited at all for analytics. Analytic Technology. Layers to analytics.

How Can 6 Sigma Belt Levels Help My Career?

Career Metis

Lean Six Sigma will provide you with the procedural and analytic skills that are vital in managemental positions. You do not have to get certification in all levels, choose a level that suits the objectives of your career. With a Six Sigma certification, your wage will rise.

The Future Of People Analytics: New Horizons Of Intelligent HR Consumer Experience


People analytics is the talk of the town and has been a hot human resources (HR) trend for years. Next, predictive analytics allows us to look into the HR crystal ball. People analytics: Different stages of evolution ( Source ). Finally, endless possibilities arise where people analytics is mingling with other hot trends like machine learning or blockchain. Scenarios applying blockchain include enabling people to manage personal data with reliable certifications.

New in October: Analytics Dashboard, More Language Capabilities, and Timely Improvements for iOS 12 and Android 9 "Pie"


This release is packed with improvements, including the eagerly awaited analytics dashboard for admins, many new languages , as well as multi-language capability in the Forms plugin , plus a variety of compliance and security updates such as our ISO 27001 certification and the app lock feature. Release Notes Employee App Internal Communications App Update Analytics

Cyberseek™ Workforce Analytics Partnership Renewed Through 2022

Burning Glass Technologies

CyberSeek Workforce Analytics Partnership Renewed Through 2022. National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education at NIST, CompTIA and Burning Glass Technologies will build on the success of the most comprehensive cybersecurity workforce analytics platform and career pathways planner. We’re investing extensive resources in areas such as performance-based training, adaptive competency assessments and advanced professional certifications to respond to this changing environment.”.

Assessing and Planning Learning Programs with Analytics

Visier - Talent Acquisition

Pulling all this data together for analysis can seem daunting, but there are some sophisticated learning analytics solutions that seamlessly bring all the data in these systems together, enabling you to focus on answering your most critical L&D questions. What are our future certification requirements? The post Assessing and Planning Learning Programs with Analytics appeared first on Visier Inc.

4 Ways to Build Agile Teams Using People Analytics

Visier - Talent Acquisition

Here are four ways that people analytics helps HR leaders go beyond traditional methods so they can rapidly deploy high-performing teams: #1. When this process becomes automated and analytics-based , you can look ahead at how many roles need to be filled for a certain project, when they must be filled, and where in the organization they are needed the most. The best people analytics platforms can make this information more available and better structured.

It’s Time to Build an Employee Value Proposition for People Analytics

Visier - Talent Acquisition

This article is a companion piece to the white paper, The Employee Value Proposition of People Analytics. People Analytics: What’s in it for Your People? At first blush, it seems like the above questions could be answered with people analytics. Numerous surveys report that in the aggregate, organizations with people analytics outperform those without. An EVP: Why People Analytics, Why Now.

A Key Component to Economic Recovery is Understanding Shift Growth

Ultimate Software

They might need to attend a class or earn a certification. 12 Days of HCM Workforce Trends #12DaysofHCM Workforce AnalyticsLet’s start this article with an admission and a reality check. Sometimes the news can be overwhelming.

UKG 225

Embedded Analytics: The Value Of Context

SAP Innovation

This is first in a two-part blog series exploring the differences in capabilities and requirements between real-time, embedded analytics-based business systems and historical enterprise systems, as well as the impact this decision has for organizations trying to compete in today’s intensely competitive business environment. Historical enterprise systems can answer basic analytical questions of “Who did what?” Analytics #finance CFO Embedded Analytics real-time analytics

5 Compensation Analytics to Track That Answer Your Big Comp Questions

Compensation Today

This is a lesson from our forthcoming ecourse on compensation analytics, and builds on what we covered in the post on setting goals. For each type of analytic, you can dig deeper to really start pinpointing issues in your organization, ideally before they become a problem. Plotting range penetration against the key factors that matter to your organization (performance, certifications, skills, experience, etc.)

Tools and Certificiatons to Become a Successful Business Analyst

Career Metis

Certifications have been trending over a lot these days, and people are indulging themselves in it to gain some knowledge and acquire new skills. Certifications. All of these certifications will help you in one way or the other.

Tools 56

HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #331: Jason Roberts, Global Head Of Technology And Analytics, Randstad Sourceright

HR Examiner

Guest: Jason Roberts, Global Head Of Technology And Analytics, Randstad Sourceright. Jason Roberts is the global head of technology and analytics for Randstad Sourceright. A leading authority on HR analytics and systems, Jason has more than 16 years’ experience using big data to drive recruitment strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Today we’re going to speak with Jason Roberts who’s the global head of technology and analytics for Randstad Sourceright.