3 Ways HR Pros Can Use People Analytics to Help the Bottom Line

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I’ve always found that the best way to problem-solve and determine the best path forward is with good data. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to pursue the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) People Analytics Specialty Credential (aka the PASC).

7 HR Data Sets for People Analytics

Analytics in HR

HR data sets are rare finds. In this article, I will list the 7 best HR data sets available online. In addition to the data set, I will also list the challenges in the data. This can be a potential analysis or something to look out for in the data. HR Analytics

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7 HR Data Sets for People Analytics

Analytics in HR

HR data sets are rare finds. In this article, I will list the 7 best HR data sets available online. In addition to the data set, I will also list the challenges in the data. This can be a potential analysis or something to look out for in the data. HR Analytics

11 HR Analytics Courses Online

Analytics in HR

This article lists the eleven best HR analytics courses in the world today. Getting started with HR analytics – also called People Analytics – is a big step for a lot of people and organizations. An HR analytics course that answers these questions can be invaluable.

Why Being Data-Driven Isn’t Enough


Over the last two decades, we’ve seen almost all corporate functions infuse analytics into their businesses. Even the most qualitative departments, such as Marketing, moved from “art” to “science” through the use of data. . The data hurdles HR faces. Worry less about data.

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3 Ways People Analytics Prepares You for the Future


In fact, in identifying some of the top threats organizations are facing for the future, 4 of the top 10 “at risk” capabilities related to the implementation of workforce analytics. Used the wrong way, people analytics can be just as unfair, particularly if they reflect human biases.

How to Get Started with HR Analytics in 5 Steps


While emotional intelligence has long played–and continues to play–an important role in HR/employee relationships, it’s not overly useful when dealing with data-driven issues. Advances in qualitative science and statistical modeling now put HR analytics within the reach of most companies, allowing the use of employee data as a means of improving business outcomes. To successfully implement an HR analytics program, you need to take the following steps.

Analytics And Big Data: Driving Agility In The Chemical Industry


How important are concepts like Big Data and analytics to the modern enterprise environment? One study estimates there are currently six million developers all over the world currently working on Big Data and advanced analytics projects.

7 Best Data-Driven Marketing Podcasts in 2019

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You can easily listen to a podcast while you’re in the car on your way to the office, while exercising, over lunch, or even while multi-tasking at your desk. To help you out, we’ve collected a list of the top seven best data-driven marketing podcasts in 2019. The Data-Driven Marketer.

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4 Best Practices For Choosing the Right HR Analytics Technology


When setting up a workforce analytics function, it’s clear that the people you include are vital to long-term success. Follow these four key best practices for choosing the right HR analytics technology: 1. Keep Analytics Distinct From Reporting.

The Eight Step Model for Purposeful HR Analytics


Jonathan Ferrar is a respected consultant, speaker, and author in HR strategy, workforce analytics, and the Future of Work. The Eight Step Model for Purposeful Analytics. In essence, know why you are undertaking the specific analytics exercise. Step #3: Gather Data.

Unleash 2019: It’s All About Smart Data and Reboot(ing) HR


I come away with my thinking stimulated and lots of new friends that are as passionate about people analytics and all things HR as I am! Your guide to Unleash from a Smart Data Perspective. I am myopically focused on people analytics and transforming HR the right way.

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People Analytics – The Future of Knowing Analytics About Your Team

Thrive Global

Although it’s been a buzzword for the last several years, businesses have relied on analytics, at least since the Industrial Revolution. But here is the future: People Analytics. The future will be knowing and understanding the analytics about your team. What is People Analytics?

15 HR Analytics Case Studies with Business Impact

Analytics in HR

It is time that HR analytics starts to show the value it delivers to the business. This is hard to do as people analytics is still an emerging field. For this article, I have collected 15 of the best HR analytics case studies I’ve come across in the past two years. HR Analytics

Why HR Needs Data-Driven Workforce Planning to Avoid Talent Shortfalls


In the following graph, we see how many hires are being made, by comparison to the number of job openings: For nearly the entire history of the JOLTS data, more hires are tracked than job openings, but recently this relationship has switched.

How to Ensure the Validity of People Analytics Efforts?

Analytics in HR

Traditionally, researchers generated such evidence by collecting data using surveys, interviews, or observations. With this data, they gained insight into the workforce and developed practical interventions to improve outcomes ( Van den Heuvel & Bondarouk, 2017 ). HR Analytics

Here's Why Intuition Matters In Our Data-Driven Age

Cornerstone On Demand

In the age of analytics, why are we so enamored with reducing the “human" in order to embrace the data? " I'm sorry, data-loving colleagues, but the job of recruiting should not be left to software alone.

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Data or Intuition: When Should HR Rely on the Numbers?

Cornerstone On Demand

So, how do you know when it makes sense to use data and when to trust your gut? Yes, personality can be one of the items on your checklist, but using objective data allows you to avoid making an irrational—and sometimes illegal—decision. Do you operate on gut feelings a lot?

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People Analytics – Build the Value Chain

Littal Shemer

People Analytics – Build the Value Chain. HR people must acquire better analytics skills. The data-driven part of HR practitioners’ work has emerged rapidly in the last years. All HR sectors must now leverage their data assets to make better decisions, and support all kinds of stakeholders, from employees to executives. How can they up-skill and become more analytical? The key words here are “experiment with data”, our own data.

9 Assessment centre exercises & practical steps to select the right combination


As an HR practitioner, making an assessment centre successfully work for you is all about the process: proper selection of the right combination of tools, techniques & exercises to test skills which may otherwise not be assessable through traditional methods. Group-based exercises.

Why HR analytics isn’t Top Sport!

Analytics in HR

This made me think that for HR analytics, more or less the same applies. However, good analytics can already be achieved with a basic level of knowledge and some solid equipment. A quick scan of the data revealed that no one in this sector started in the lowest pay grade.

IDC lays out road to redemption for human resource analytics

Analytics in HR

A majority of organizations in an initial survey are only in the early stages of HR analytics mastery. IDC has been turning its research lens on the growing discipline of human resource analytics and, in 2017, released its IDC MaturityScape: Workforce Analytics Adoption 1.0

5 Talent Data Trends to Watch in 2018


60% of this data will be generated — not by consumers — but by enterprises. Indeed, businesses are awash in data, and workforce data in particular as organizations have moved to digitize the entire employee lifecycle — from sourcing to offboarding.

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Why Corporate Wellness Programs Need a Dose of Occupational Therapy and Analytics


Recommended Read: Make HR Analytics a Priority, But See the Bigger Picture ]. How Occupational Therapy Informs Wellness Measurement and Analytics. Participation rates alone tell you little about why those who need it most are declining “Exercise Mondays” or the softball team.

Tech Unknown Podcast With Tammy Powlas: Boosting Business Intelligence With Customized Analytics Solutions

SAP Innovation

Custom analytics app building allows you to create enterprise-wide dashboards, robust applications, and provide your end users with guided navigation and drill-down capabilities.”. Business users today have specific needs for analytics insights, no matter which application they are using.

HR Analytics: Who’s Fooling Who?

Analytics in HR

I’m going to argue here that many organisations using HR analytics to improve their people programmes are fooling themselves. Let me explain: evidence-based HR analytics relies on a model something like this: HR programme –> Competencies –> Employee performance –> Org performance. The role of HR analytics is to calculate whether your HR programmes do in fact raise employee competencies and performance. appeared first on Analytics in HR.

How do we build career paths for People Analytics teams?

Analytics in HR

Many companies (69% according to the 2017 Bersin report on High Impact People Analytics ) are now realising the importance of People Analytics skills as a core part of their HR function. You need only look at the number of People Analytics jobs that are now advertised online to understand just how critical this area has become to the future of HR. In a recent interview between Geetanjali Gamel, the global leader of workforce analytics at Merck & Co.,

Better Business Decisions Start With Better-Informed Leaders

Business2Community Leadership

Digital transformation brings about an incredible opportunity for fostering a data-driven culture and enabling faster, better-informed decision making. However, psychology and attitude—which play a larger role in tackling data-entangled decisions—are often overlooked.

Convincing the right applicants to apple - an analytical framework

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However, it’s always a useful exercise to think through the numbers behind anything we do in business, and this is really no different. In this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday, I explore the why behind extra effort to convince top applicants to engage with your recruiting team through data.

Insights from IMPACT 2018: Building Data Fluency in HR

Bersin with Deloitte

Data literacy combines people and information in a powerful way. HR teams need to go beyond people analytics and develop basic data literacy skills that enable them to ask better questions so they can make better and more informed decisions.

Changing the Analytic Mindset of HR for Good

Littal Shemer

Changing the Analytic Mindset of HR for Good. I dedicated this talk to HR professionals who make their first steps on their data-driven journey. How to change the analytic mindset of HR for good? I’m a People Analytics consultant and mentor. Data Makes you fly.

Integrating HR Systems


Data Analytics : Let’s face it, running reports are only as useful as the data within them. By connecting various HR systems it is easier to create accurate data without having to do a manual “v-look up” exercise on a spreadsheet. Written by: May Huffer.

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The best leaders test their opinions with data


We then created a secondary model by using actual employee personality and sales data. Lastly, we compared the two models ─ letting the “data speak” to views of the knowledgeable SMEs in the room. data-driven model) are shown with blue arrows.

Data 112

How to Use Compensation Analytics to Tell a Story

Compensation Today

This is a lesson from our forthcoming ecourse on compensation analytics, and builds on our previous post on how to dig into comp analytics for specific questions. Be on the lookout for the course launch, which includes helpful examples and insightful exercises — coming soon!

A New HR Paradigm

HRO Today

Innovations in data science are enabling the transformation of HR. These consumer and workforce technologies generate a tidal wave of data. This data is so valuable that the American Bankers Association has started to refer to it as “a currency of the modern economy.”

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3 Ways Data Can Transform Your Workplace


What if all the data you needed to make strategic decisions was right at your fingertips? For far too many HR professionals, that scenario is but a dream: only 8% of companies report that they have usable HR data,despite the fact that 71% of companies rate HR analytics as a high priority. With the launch of Namely Analytics, HR teams now have the data they need to make strategic people decisions. How will data help you build a better workplace?

Insights from IMPACT 2018: Building Data Fluency in HR

HR Times

Data literacy combines people and information in a powerful way. HR teams need to go beyond people analytics and develop basic data literacy skills that enable them to ask better questions so they can make better and more informed decisions.