The Best HR Tech for Mid-Market Companies


These providers focus on delivering pulse engagement surveys and real-time analytics to their customers. CultureAmp is a people analytics company that specializes in offering employee surveys and insight designed to promote a more engaged base of employees. TINYPulse.

Top 10 Employee Engagement Tools for 2019

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You can send out custom surveys and with the help of advanced analytics track employees from the minute they come in contact with the company until they exit. TINYpulse. TINYpulse sends a weekly, one-question survey, which is anonymous and helps you zoom in on the most important issues.

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What is Talent Management? 5 Tips to Do it Right

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Another example is HR data analytics expertise to make sure you get the most out of your existing population. HR analytics: This was mentioned before. Doom scenarios aside, companies like 6Q , Honestly , and TINYpulse (you gotta love the name) collect honest feedback from your employees and give you actionable insights based on the data they collect. HR Analytics candidate experience employee engagement HR tech HR tech tools talent management

#TChat Recap: The Hot HR Technology Trends Of 2015


Cloud computing, HR data management, talent analytics and best of breed and integrated HR and talent acquisition and management systems continue to be hot trends in the HR tech space. — TINYpulse (@TINYpulse) September 2, 2015.

How to Tackle the Engagement Crisis in a Remote Workforce?


One of the key advantages is talent retention, where research reveals that organizations that support a remote workforce strategy have 25% lower employee turnover, according to the 2017 State of Remote Work Report by OWLLabs and TINYPulse.

How often should you take the pulse of your employee engagement?

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According to an article in Canadian Business , there are several Pulse survey startups like Plasticity , Know Your Company , TinyPulse , Waggl, and Niko Niko , in addition to OfficeVibe. Should you be doing “mini” surveys of employee engagement?

HR Disruption: Trends and opportunities


If you haven’t started the migration (or should I say integration), to social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies, it’s time to pull your fingers out of your ears and stop that loud singing. Positioning for predictive analytics.

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20 Surprising Employee Retention Statistics You Need to Know


Collaborative research from Owl Labs and TINYpulse found that supporting a remote work program can have a meaningful impact on employee retention. Employee retention is a challenge for nearly every organization. Even the best leaders have a hard time keeping top talent.

21 HR tools designed for growing companies


TINYPulse : An app that helps you survey employees and identify trends through a metrics dashboard. Other UltiPro functions include timekeeping, workforce analytics and business intelligence.

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Is IT a profession in trouble?

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But when compared to other technical professions (computer science, data analytics, mobile design), the profession is growing at a much slower rate. So I asked TINYpulse, an engagement survey company, to look at some data. Why IT professionals feel left out.

How to Retain Employees Without Spending More -12 Easy Tips


Feedback and analytics from such surveys can help HR and team leaders to fully understand the expectations and issues of the employees in their organization. Try such tools as Glint, TINYpulse, or PeoplePulse.

4 ways the people around you are secretly judging your management potential

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A 2016 study by peer-recognition app TINYpulse and Microsoft Workplace Analytics tracked positive feedback given through the app for six months. There are a lot of ways to work your way up to management. And while assessments and psychological profiling are common tools used to identify and place potential leaders, informal observations can also be an indicator of leadership potential.

How to approach employee engagement surveys


Many companies use tools like Officevibe and TINYPulse to track employee morale in real-time, analyze data and do pulse surveys. Experts can also assist with benchmarking and analytics. Surveys can reveal employee engagement issues.

10 Simple Ways to Keep Remote Workers Engaged and Motivated


According to a Global Workplace Analytics study , a typical business saves about $11,000 per person, per year by leveraging remote work policies, and if those with compatible jobs work from home just half the time, there would be a national savings of $700 billion per year.

HR TechStack – Employee Engagement Software


Measure and improve your customer experience with beautiful, mobile-friendly surveys and powerful real-time analytics. Then translate your insights into action with real-time analytics and custom notifications. TINYpulse Engage. Employee Engagement Reporting and Analytics.

#Employee Feedback Is The Killer App #HR


Sentiment analysis and text analytics tools can monitor and help censor unsavory comments. People Analytics: A New Source of Actionable Business Data. SmallImprovements , TinyPulse, and StandOut by TMBC are other tools that are moving in this direction.

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7 HR Priorities (and the online resources that can help you stay afloat)


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