Why Your Company Needs a Mobile Recruitment Blog Right Now

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if that’s not evidence you need a mobile recruitment blog, then what is? Mobile Recruiting Mobile Application Mobile Candidate Experience Whether it’s through social media, regular internet routines or mobile usage, we are constantly barraged with an overabundance of information. That means, the easier it is to digest this information, the more likely we are to absorb it.

Recruiters: Hiring Veterans Made Easy

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Readers of this blog know that I’m a facilitator for SHRM’s seminars. When a recruiter has 20, 30, or more requisitions on their desk, it’s hard to find time to learn all those MOSs. The site provides that shortcut we’re looking for in two big areas when it comes to veteran recruiting: 1) Connection and 2) Education. The post Recruiters: Hiring Veterans Made Easy appeared first on hr bartender. Recruiting and Retention Technology and Social Media SHRM technology

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Guest Blogging for EmployeeConnect


Contributing to the EmployeeConnect Blog is about sharing your passion and expertise with thousands of other HR professionals everywhere in the world. The articles you can read on the EmployeeConnect blog are shared across our social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and G+), giving you the opportunity to appear in front of the eyes of thousands of readers.

Engage Blog: Top 10 HR Blogs of 2016


Social Media & Blog Manager, Achievers. For Achievers and the Engage Blog, 2016 was extremely eventful. Here on the Engage Blog, readers enjoyed a wide variety of HR topics in 2016. To recap the hottest HR themes from last year, we’ve compiled our top 10 blogs of 2016. We appreciate you taking the time to read and share the articles we put a lot of thought and love into creating, and we look forward to bringing you more great HR content on the Engage Blog in 2017.

10 Habits of Highly Successful Tech Recruiters

Speaker: David Nicola, Senior Sourcing Lead, Terminal

Ever looked around at other recruiters and wondered why they're closing when you're not? Is it your candidate journey, or your candidate experience? Are you texting too often, or not texting enough? Trying to figure out what you're doing differently is a daunting task. The blogs are saturated with buzz words, and every other week there's a new opinion about whether or not social is "really" the way to go. When it comes to evaluating your own recruiting strategy, where do you even begin? Join David Nicola for a fun and informative session that will help you lay the groundwork to answer these questions, and determine which actions you can take today to improve your recruiting success!

GUIDE: Best practices for your careers blog

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s guide to the best practices for your careers blog. It has the essential SEO and content tips you need, as well as best topics for your blog posts. Starting a careers blog or re-committing to the #LifeAt blog already on your site is not difficult. Blog Post Download

10 Blog Ideas for Your Company's Career Blog


We’ve put together a list of top 10 blog ideas for your company's career blog. Whether you’re just starting your company’s career blog or you're looking for ideas to refresh your existing one, these examples will inspire you and spark your creativity! Recruitment MarketingRead More.

Best company careers blogs (and why your career site needs one)

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The best company careers blogs not only build candidate engagement and drive traffic. Ultimately, a careers blog is a great channel to give culture clarity through employee stories. Here’s how the best company career site blogs are doing it. The SEO power of a careers blog.

10 Essential Behavioural Science Blogs

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In any case, after my listings of “ Essential ” resources on Organisation Design , HR General Blogs , Leadership , Talent Acquisition and Diversity and Inclusion , here the list of blogs that I recommend and that focus on Behavioural Science. The blog of Jennifer V. The Blog of BehavioralEconomics.com is part of the largest behavioural economics network. Center for Advanced Hindsight Blog. Center for Advanced Hindsight Blog.

Guest Blog – 5 Mistakes to avoid when recruiting a remote team

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Read more Guest Blog – 5 Mistakes to avoid when recruiting a remote team. The post Guest Blog - 5 Mistakes to avoid when recruiting a remote team first appeared on Omega HR Consulting. Communication Guest post Onboarding Recruiting remote staffs remote workers guest post onboardingRemote work is a reality no one can look away from. Even organizations that never thought of going remote, had to adapt to this new normal to sustain their businesses.

Understanding talent acquisition vs. recruitment in 2020


As such, it is important to have a viable talent sourcing / recruiting process in place. This brings to mind a question about the differences between talent acquisition and recruitment , which are often confused with each other. The biggest distinction between talent acquisition and recruitment is the role each plays in the short and long term development of your workforce strategy. Blog Employee Experience HR Strategy HR recruiting recruitment talent talent acquisition

Accomplish Your Recruiting Goals: Think Like a Marketer

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We all know recruiting is tough right now. I discovered the model in a blog post written by Gini Dietrich on the site Spin Sucks, the PESO Model outlines four different types of media: paid, earned, shared, and owned. While the model talks about media in terms of marketing media, we can use the principles for our recruitment marketing. An example is when someone from the company speaks at a conference about a program they’ve developed to improve diversity recruiting.

Recruiters: 8 Things Job Seekers Want from You [poll results]

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Just in case you missed it, a few months ago, I wrote an article about the things that recruiters want from job seekers. I received a comment saying that it would be interesting to look at the flip side: What do job seekers want from recruiters? It’s my blog so I can do that kind of stuff. Like “if a recruiter is making their first contact via phone, they should make sure their phone number displays a business name versus ‘No Caller ID’ or ‘Unknown Caller’.”

Build a Social Recruiting Army to Amplify Your Employment Brand

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about the PESO Model and how it can help frame your recruitment marketing strategy. But why not for recruiting talent? How to Build a Social Army for Recruiting. I’ve heard quite a few recruiting pros lately talk about social media as just another posting platform. SHRM used the software to keep bloggers informed of press releases around the conference and blog posts related to speakers, events, etc.

Will Technology Replace Recruiters – Ask #HR Bartender

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That was the question I received recently from a reader: What actions should recruiters take to make sure technology doesn’t make our roles obsolete? So I reached out to some colleagues whose roles touch both recruiting and technology to get their take on what’s happening in the profession. So in the recruiting context that launched this question, the sourcing, assessing, grading and scoring aspects of the process are pretty ripe for automation and a technological solution.

Recruiting Automation Roundup, Blog Edition


Today we’re highlighting great pieces from some of our favorite HR and recruiting blogs. Ask the Experts: Talent Pros Reveal Their Future Predictions , via Greenhouse Blog by Melissa Suzuno With all these changes to technology, recruiting has an increased ability to maintain and shape operations, both tactically and strategically. Next time you open your inbox and begin to scroll through the top headlines, make sure industry blogs are part of your daily digest.

How Recruitment Software is Changing HR process?


While writing this blog, I recall those days when we considered recruitment to be an industry that could rise only with the help of humans. But with the evolution of technology, the recruitment industry is transforming its recruiting process every day.

12 Blogs Every HR Professional Should Be Reading


To help you break through the noise, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Human Resources blogs that cover everything from workplace culture to engagement, inclusivity, and more. What it’s about: Many HR blogs offer very high-level information that can be a challenge to apply. Read this blog to learn how to execute concrete action steps. What it’s about: This blog comes straight to your inbox. Follow The Evil HR Lady on the blog , or on Twitter @RealEvilHRLady.

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Recruiters: Use Cognitive Aptitude Tests to Expand Your Candidate Pipeline

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But I think it’s important to note, that when we talk about talent shortages, this isn’t simply a situation where recruiters aren’t sourcing in the right places. It also means that recruiters will want to look at when assessments are administered during the hiring process. And in today’s tough recruiting environment, organizations want to know they’re making the right selection. And be sure to follow their blog to learn even more.

Blog - 6 Proven Strategies For Effectively Leveraging Remote Workforce


AI seems to have now taken Human Resources and Recruitment by a storm as well. The world is moving fast towards intelligent recruitment. Intelligent recruitment comprises smart candidate discovery, integrated and structured interviews, seamless recruitment and accurate data. AI is no longer an alien term in the world of technology. There are 3 main ways […].

Top 17 Hr Blogs that you must follow in 2019


Issues centred around leave, payroll, policymaking, training, and recruitment were only in the paper and publications. Reading on HR blogs and contents began to change too, and technology opened up a whole new world of opportunities. Today, many HR blogs assist you in building your knowledge base. However, you get the right knowledge by connecting with the right HR blogs. The question is, how do you want to locate the right blogs with the right content for you?

4 Ways a Company Blog Can Add Value to Your Recruiting Agency

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As a recruiting agency owner, it is important to realize the value a company blog can add to your business. Not only can a blog provide a way for you to reach out to your clients and candidates, but it can also support the fact that your business is knowledgeable when it comes to industry news and subject matter. There are 4 key ways how your company blog can bring value: 1. What are some other ways that a blog could add value to your recruiting agency?

Executive Recruiting: Tips for Recruiting Executives


Executive recruiting is quite different than your average hiring process. To recruit the best executive for a top-level position, you need to apply advanced recruiting methods. In this blog post, you will learn the best recruiting tips for recruiting executives. RecruitingRead More.

People Equation Named Top 25 HR Blog for 2019

The People Equation

So here’s a fun tidbit I just learned – BambooHR recently named The People Equation blog a Top 25 HR blog for 2019 in the “management” category. Other management blogs featured include the venerable Ask a Manager blog and When I Work blog, among others. Go check out their other HR categories, which focus on Employment Law, Hiring and Recruiting, Talent Management and Recognition, HR Leadership, and HR Technology.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Recruiting Process


Recruitment Performance Metrics to Track. Formula: ( External recruiting costs* + Internal recruiting costs*)/ Total number of hires. How to Revamp Your Recruiting Process.

Hyrell Awarded Gold Medal from Software Reviews | Recruiting Software


more…) The post Hyrell Awarded Gold Medal from Software Reviews | Recruiting Software appeared first on Hyrell. Hyrell was officially named a Gold Medal Award Winner by SoftwareReviews , a division of Info-Tech. Rankings were developed and charted using independent, third-party reviews from actual users of each software platform.

Offered Same Job by Two Different Recruiters – Ask #HR Bartender

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Today’s reader note deals with in-house and external recruiters sourcing the same people. Couple of days later, a third-party recruiter cold-called me for the same position. Is it more likely that I botched the interview and the company is reaching out or that the recruiter is over eager trying to fill a job without knowing if it’s still open? She is also the author of Surviving Leadership , a leadership development blog that is a must-read for business professionals.

Improve Quality of Hire Using Recruiting Data and Analytics

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Regular readers of this blog know I’ve talked on numerous occasions about the need to use technology strategically in the business. The reason I’m bringing this up is because recruiting technologies, data, and analytics aren’t anything for organizations to be hesitant about. Now let’s shift to recruiting data. Organizations might be reluctant to use data and analytics in recruiting. The good news is there are many different types of recruiting data.

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TalentCircles Celebrates 400th Blog with Our Top 10 Recruiting Blogs


By Jessica Miller-Merrell On Monday morning, I realized as I hit “publish” on the TalentCircles blog that we had published our 400 th blog post. Yes, you read correctly four hundred blogs! Over the nearly four years while writing, working and consulting with TalentCircles, I never imagined writing four hundred blog posts. TalentCircles Celebrating 400 Blogs Over the last four years, we’ve consistently shared 2-3 original articles a week. 400 blog

Recruitment Tools for Hiring and Retaining Auto Technicians


With the right recruitment tools, your dealership can have a leg up on attracting those auto technicians open for work. . Consider the following recruitment tools to hire and retain auto technicians at your dealership.

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Tech Recruiting: Tips for Recruiting Tech Talent


Recruiting tech talent is the main challenge for many HR professionals and recruiters worldwide. In this blog post, you will learn the tips and tricks for recruiting tech talent! RecruitingLuckily, there are many effective ways to approach tech talent. Read More.

The Virtual Job Interview: Tips for Candidates, Recruiters

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But as remote work and social distancing become new ways of life for millions of people, so too comes the rise of the virtual job interview, with dynamics affecting candidates and recruiters alike. Virtual job interviews are a two-way exchange, and both recruiters and candidates should use this opportunity to learn more about each other. Likewise, for recruiters, it’s still vital to hire for cultural fit. Recruiters, too, should follow up with candidates.

Quick Shots for #Recruiting and #HR Pros – Google Hire Edition

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As the name implies, it’s focused on recruitment. I believe recruiters want to build long-term sources. It could also be helpful to understand how Google Hire will impact the recruitment industry. Similar to their blog re:Work. It’s no secret that recruiting is a challenge. The post Quick Shots for #Recruiting and #HR Pros – Google Hire Edition appeared first on hr bartender. In case you missed it, Google has introduced a new product called Hire.

The Top 20 Recruitment Advertising Agencies


Recruitment advertising agencies are a core part of talent acquisition. They help employers with media buying, recruitment marketing, employer branding strategy and more. Top 20 List of Recruitment Ad Agencies. NAS Recruitment. # Recruitics. #

Digitalizing recruitment - Part 1: Getting started


The purpose of this journey is to make you, a recruiter or HR manager, an expert in how to digitalize recruitment processes. The recruitment process ?? And that’s the thing, most recruitment tasks are monotonous and time-consuming. Related Blog Post.

Developing Internal Blogging Teams


But you're still missing out on a great recruitment, retention and recognition opportunity. It's not as risky as you might think Plan.then Execute There are several basic steps that will serve as the foundation of your internal blogging team structure. Align the team members with your organizational needs (recruitment, expansion, growth.) HealthcareHR blog Blogging diversity employees employer brand healthcare HR human resources social media

9 Newsletters and Blogs to Make You a Smarter Recruiter


Blogs are a similar, slightly more exhaustive version of newsletters. Here are my favorite newsletters and blogs. They cover every facet of my life, including my love for current events, technology, recruiting, business, and productivity. For recruiters, whose job relies on communicating with people and understanding the world at large, being plugged in is invaluable. The Modern Recruiter by Greenhouse Software. Recruiting Daily.

InfoMart’s Top HR & Background Screening Blogs of 2019


Throughout 2019, I’ve used this blog as a platform to educate, inform, and improve employers’ and candidates’ understanding of background screening. InfoMart’s expertise is as varied as our clients, so without further ado, here are five of InfoMart’s top blogs from 2019. . In this blog, I detail some of the myths that have plagued the screening industry and present the InfoMart reality. In this blog, I detail my recommendations for HR technology that SMBs can benefit from.

Ace tech recruiting: advice from recruiters and candidates


But tech recruiting, specifically, has challenges of its own: you need to look into the right places, have a stellar approach and pitch your company culture, if you want to attract the best developers out there. On November 21, 2019, we collaborated with Hired on a webinar – which attracted more than 750 registrants – to discuss those challenges and hear the different perspectives of recruiters and tech candidates. Alexys Flores , lead technical recruiter at Quip.

3 Tips from a Professional Recruiting Writer for Even Better Job Posts

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Now that you’re job postings are top notch, click here to see how UltiPro® Recruiting helps your best candidates rise to the top of your list. The post 3 Tips from a Professional Recruiting Writer for Even Better Job Posts appeared first on Ultimate Software Blog.