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Contributing to the EmployeeConnect Blog is about sharing your passion and expertise with thousands of other HR professionals everywhere in the world. The articles you can read on the EmployeeConnect blog are shared across our social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and G+), giving you the opportunity to appear in front of the eyes of thousands of readers.

Developing Internal Blogging Teams


It's not as risky as you might think Plan.then Execute There are several basic steps that will serve as the foundation of your internal blogging team structure. HealthcareHR blog Blogging diversity employees employer brand healthcare HR human resources social media

CakeHR Blog Featured as one of the Best HR Blogs of 2018


Just recently, CakeHR has been featured as one of the best HR blogs of 2018 by Fit Small Business. The list features blogs that provide innovative, engaging, and relevant content related to the Human Resources industry.

10 HR Topics No One Should Blog about Any More

What is Paul Thinking

I have tried for my entire 11 year blogging journey to write good posts – not just 300 words that add very little value. I refuse to take too much time out of my “life” to post to a blog. I don’t want my raison d’être to become 500 words and a funny image on a blog.

BWB (Blogging While Black)


2011, that’s when I started my first blog the now defunct “CostOfWork”. Back then I didn’t even know what a blog was. See there I go again, cussing (not cursing or using profanity) that was something that I did not do early on in my blogging career.

Black HR Blogs Matter

Laurie Ruettimann

So I was thrilled when I learned that Sarah Morgan is leading an industry effort to highlight black HR blogs, and write about important topics, in the month of February. Sarah’s efforts matter because Black HR blogs matter. Some might wonder — why do we need exposure to Black HR blogs? What happens if we start highlighting white HR blogs? I’m here to tell you that every day is white HR blog day.

Best Blogs of 2018

OmegaHR Solutions

One of the ways that happens if you are a blog writer is to appear on a list of “The Best of” I had that good fortune recently and was selected for a second time by There are some very fine blogs on this list and I am happy to appear with them.


Best of HR Blogs: March 2018


This list of 5 best HR blog posts published in March 2018 will get you up to date with the latest trends and insights in Human Resources. If you’re an HR professional looking for a stimulating read, these blog posts are your perfect choice.

Best of HR Blogs: April 2018


This list of 5 best HR blogs published in April 2018 will get you up to date with the latest trends and insights in Human Resources. If you’re an HR professional looking for a stimulating read, these blog posts are your perfect choice.

10 years of blogging

Strategic HCM

That means it's now been 10 years since I've been blogging here. BloggingWow!, 2 July 2017.

Top 16 Blog Posts of 2016


Before you break out the Champagne and ring in the new year this weekend, we thought we’d take a moment and highlight the top 16 most popular posts on the Globoforce blog this year. Thank you to all our readers for your continued support of the Globoforce blog.

Engage Blog: Top 10 HR Blogs of 2016


Social Media & Blog Manager, Achievers. For Achievers and the Engage Blog, 2016 was extremely eventful. Here on the Engage Blog, readers enjoyed a wide variety of HR topics in 2016. To recap the hottest HR themes from last year, we’ve compiled our top 10 blogs of 2016.

Top Blogs of 2016


From zombies to high potentials, DDI brings you the most popular leadership blogs of 2016


Best of HR Blogs: May 2018


This list of 5 best HR blogs published in May 2018 will get you up to date with the latest trends and insights in Human Resources. If you’re an HR professional looking for a stimulating read, these blog posts are your perfect choice.

Top Human Capital Blogs in 2015

ATD Human Capital

Here are the top 10 blog articles from ATD's Human Capital Community: Signs of a Learning Culture by Stephen Gill. What do talent development professionals in human capital care about? Do you see any themes?

Guest Blog: Why We Need “Work Friends”


Guest Blog engagement work friendships I read an article recently about having friends at work and outside work. It reminded me of the Gallup Q12 item that addresses having a best friend at work. For those who might not be familiar, the Gallup Q12 is a survey that measures employee engagement.

The 10 Blog Posts You Loved The Most in 2017

O.C. Tanner

Before we see you again in the New Year with a fresh approach to recruitment and talent acquisition we want to take a look back to the SocialTalent Blog posts you LOVED in 2017. Catch up on the best material of 2017 with our top 10 blogs of the year!

The Blog Roundup: Workforce Management Trends


We cover the latest tip, trends, and best practices for professional services, HR, project management, and workforce management in the Replicon blog. The post The Blog Roundup: Workforce Management Trends appeared first on Replicon. Miss some of our posts?

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015


As you may have noticed on our social channels, these past couple of weeks we’ve been taking a look back at our most popular blog posts from the past year. We often share research on the benefits of social recognition on this blog. Ten Favorite Blog Posts of 2013.

Study 105

Guest Blog: Recognition Is Free, Focus On It!

Employee Engagement Group

Bob Kelleher interviewed by Swati Gangawane Gujar – 05th July 2018 Posted on Bravo Blog July 16, 2018 Bob Kelleher is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and consultant on employee engagement, leadership, and workforce trends. The post Guest Blog: Recognition Is Free, Focus On It! The Best Recognition Programmes Are Almost Free!

How Blogging Can Improve Your Small Business Hiring

Acacia HR Solutions

The post How Blogging Can Improve Your Small Business Hiring appeared first on Acacia HR Solutions. Obviously one of the biggest concerns for our clients and readers is recruiting for their small business.

Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts from 2014


It was an exciting year for us at the Globoforce blog, too. Some of you may have received an email invitation to the blog that highlighted our top 5 most popular posts of the year. Those were: 5 MOST POPULAR BLOG POSTS OF 2014. 10 FAVORITE BLOG POSTS OF 2014.

A Spot in the Best UK HR Blogs List: CakeHR Grabs the Medal for its Insights & Content


Getting recognized as one of the best UK HR blogs is a big deal. But when the four blogs ahead of you are all strictly resource only HR communities not associated with any software vendor, it is time to pat the back and celebrate. Top 10 UK HR Blogs & Websites in 2018.

Intro to HPI: Blog Roundup

ATD Human Capital

Geri Lopker, facilitator of ATD’s Introducing Human Performance Improvement Certificate has provided several blogs to help get practitioners started with HPI.

#HRPA2018 live blog - Adam Grant

Strategic HCM

HR needs to be the Chief Collaboration Office - focused on who need to know each other to generate ideas - a critical role for HR. We need to bring diverse people together. Solve problems in ways you wouldn’t have thought of before. Make the unfamiliar, familiar.

Top 10 Blog Posts – June 2018 Copy


The post Top 10 Blog Posts – June 2018 Copy appeared first on HRsoft. Blog human resource blog posts Human Resources Blogs Top Human Resources BlogsCheck out our most popular articles from last month! What Are Some Ways to Retain Millennials? – HRsoft. Short-Term Pay Incentives Offered to More Workers at Private and Smaller Companies – SHRM. Tips for Communicating Turnover Insights to Leadership – HRsoft. Should You Offer a Signing Bonus?

The Top 14 QuickBooks Blogs to Read in 2018


We love checking out content written by our partners, so we thought it was high time we shared a few of our favorite QuickBooks blogs with you! Here are our top 14 blogs ranked for their respective audiences by domain authority. The Best Blogs for Business Owners.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017


As you put the final touches on your 2018 plan, be sure to check out SilkRoad’s most popular blog posts from 2017. The post Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017 appeared first on SilkRoad.

Black Blogs Still Matter Because We Can No Longer Afford Silence

The Aristocracy of HR

010010000000 Today not only marks the first day of February, but it also marks my first official day back on the blog. It is also the beginning of Black History Month and the revered Black Blogs Matter Challenge. Today’s theme is Black Blogs Still Matter.


Guest Blog: Is It Us or Is It Them?

Employee Engagement Group

The post Guest Blog: Is It Us or Is It Them? Is It Us or Is It Them? By Amy Champigny, Deltek You are sitting in a resource planning meeting and suddenly realize that you will need a new Architectural Technologist to round out a team for a project starting in two weeks!

The Power of Internal Blogging Teams


One of the most effective ways to generate original content is through the use of internal blogging teams. Consider this example: "I asked a brand new nurse to blog about her experiences for a year. She was an instant success, and her posts had thousands of views on our HR blog."

How To Start A Blog

Take It Personel-ly

Starting your own blog online is easier than ever with today’s technology. There are not too many requirements for starting your very own blog and getting one up and running can be done without a lot of technical experience. Before getting into the basics … Continue reading How To Start A Blog. Business Lifestyle blogging blogging tips blogs business tips Career Career Advice Career Choices excellence how to innovation Inspiration small business Success

5 Most Popular Customer Experience Blog Posts of 2017

Steve Boese

As we all take the time to think about improving strategies for focusing on customer-driven growth, join me as we revisit 5 of my most popular blog posts of the year. The year is almost over, and I’m sure many of you are setting goals for 2018 if you haven’t done so already.