SHRM Certification: You Can Get More Than 60

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To me, recertification is the most important part of the SHRM certification process because it reinforces a commitment to continuous learning about human resources competencies. For example, under advance your education, I might include: Attend one webinar program a month.

The essential guide to FMLA certification

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FMLA certification guidelines are absolutely essential for properly managing your workforce. For example, FMLA certification forms differ for taking time off for personal illness and taking military exigency leave. DOL has standard FMLA certification forms for both circumstances.

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New #SHRM Certification Raises More Questions Than It Answers (Update X 2)

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The big news from SHRM HQ on Monday was the announcement of the creation of a new certification program for HR professionals. What happens to current professionals who hold PHR/SPHR/GPHR certification? certification #HRCI #SHRM

Post-Lockdown Business Recovery: Unify Human Resources Functions to Lower Costs 20%


Managers can’t be full-time overtime cops. It sends the manager an alert when an employee is approaching the end of their straight time hours for the week. The manager can take the necessary staffing actions to save the labor budget from time-and-a-half.

Retool Your Healthcare Workforce Practices: Schedules, Time Tracking, Leave, Hiring, Onboarding


If an employee needs time off, qualified employees should know right away that there is a shift open. The best schedules consider employee preferences, required certifications/licenses, and compliance rules. Make it easy to reassign shifts when employees need time off.

Retool Manufacturing Workforce Practices: Shift, Time Clock, Leave, Hiring


It’s time to retool your manufacturing workforce practices. It is time to adopt new workforce practices that make sense for the long run. And if an employee takes time off, others see the shift open. Make it easy to reassign shifts when employees need time off.

Showing Some Valentine’s Day Love for SHRM-SCP


Those in attendance were State Council Directors from all 50 states, the Director Elects and the Workforce Readiness Chairs as well. In total, there was about 130 volunteer leaders in attendance. Alex with the app that track re-certification credits.

Do You Know How to Manage Unemployment Claims?

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If you find yourself in a situation where you need to fill a position quickly, remember it’s smarter and often less costly to take your time and hire only the best applicant. This will serve as documentation that you distributed the handbook and allowed the employee to ask questions.

Hitachi Shares Practical Advice on How to Divide and Conquer a User Conference


One of the many Quick Base apps I built was one developed with input from our graphics guy and part-time game designer. Gil was already highly visible here at Hitachi for the work he does in Quick Base; certification just took him up a notch both internally and externally.

Is It Time to Rethink the College Degree Requirement?


Having certifications and other documentation that validates knowledge or expertise is also weighed by well over half the survey participants (66%), followed by skills assessments (40%), and referral by a current employee (28%). It’s definitely time for the HR and talent acquisition team to have a conversation about job descriptions, whether each job truly requires a college degree, and if so, why? With U.S.

Make Your HRIS Work for You!


This feature is highly under-utilized, but can bring great value to the employer who takes the time to leverage this feature. If you’ve ever needed to run a census report based on educational levels, or hire for a certain position internally which required a specific area of study, having this information readily available is useful and can save time. Licenses & Certification. Reporting and maintaining organizational certifications. Written by: Stephanie Tuegel

Is Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) a Boon for Employees?


FMLA is a federal law that gives enough time to employees to take care of their own health or their family member’s. Military people can also take time off for above reasons and to recover from a service-related injury. » Generally, employees are given a period of 12 weeks as time off each year. Under this act, an employer may ask the employee to show a medical certificate given by the medical service provider. »

CPD: Professional Career Development


Founded in 1996, The CPD Certification Service operates across a breadth of industry sectors, helping professionals to continue learning after their traditional education has ended. About CPD Certificates. Once a course has been completed, Delegates can request a CPD Certificate.

4 Ways to Speed up Employee Onboarding and Drive Profit as a Result


Sending onboarding documents digitally – ahead of the first day – will help keep employees engaged and excited to get started, and will save your HR team a significant amount of time once new employees walk in the door. . Keep your onboarding documents organized .

4 Ways to Speed up Employee Onboarding and Drive Profit as a Result


Sending onboarding documents digitally – ahead of the first day – will help keep employees engaged and excited to get started, and will save your HR team a significant amount of time once new employees walk in the door. . Keep your onboarding documents organized .

“Honest Belief” Can Justify Investigation


Ensure that the employee is reasonably using the time allowed as provided by the physician on a complete and sufficient provider certification. Document, document, document! Approached again with the attendance policy, he again confirmed that he understood.

Employer Strategies for Successfully Hiring Justice Involved Job Candidates

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Increased awareness and support for inclusive hiring practices coupled with historically low unemployment suggest that the time is ripe for employers to implement strategies that successfully source and retain justice involved individuals. The time is now.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Salesforce Developer Interview Tips

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This is your time to showcase yourself in the best possible way and to share your Salesforce work story. The Official Certification Question May Come Up. Of course, if you have both the experience and the certificates under your belt, good for you.

Survivng SHRM: A Guide for First-Timers


With over 12,000+ people in attendance every year, SHRM is by far the largest gathering of HR professionals in the world. Last year’s gathering in New Orleans was my first time attending SHRM and I gained way more knowledge and insights than I anticipated. Because of the conference’s magnitude, it is important to scope out the expo space ahead of time to plan your routes. Scope out the expo hall ahead of time for the best #SHRM18 experience.

10 Things Businesses Might Not Know About California’s Paid Sick Leave Law


Some employers may be under the impression that if they already had a generous paid sick leave or paid time off (PTO) policy in place, they don’t need to do anything to comply with the new PSL law. You Can Cap Accrual And Limit The Amount Of Time An Employee Can Take.

Is Your Organization Ready for Employee Self-Service?


ESS is designed to give you time back so you can focus on what matters most, being a strategic HR leader and impacting your bottom line. The benefits of employee self-service go far beyond saving time. This includes: Training certifications. Manage Time-Off Requests.

What is an HRIS? An HR Practitioner’s Guide

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HRIS certification. This includes material for the identification for employees in case of theft, fraud, or other misbehaviors, first contact information in case of accidents, citizens identification information for the tax office, and expiration dates for mandatory certification.

Case Study: Price Brothers, Inc.


Managers and employees alike appreciate the mobile app features which allows them to check paystubs and request/approve vacation time. You’re coming out with new features all the time and combined in one unified system makes it easy to use. Time & Attendance.

Case Study: CertaSite


Paycor’s payroll and time solutions provide a seamless experience and don’t require manual entry of individual hours worked per job. Customizable learning tracks and certification. Time & Attendance.

Case Study: County Fire Protection


Paycor’s payroll and time solutions provide a seamless experience and don’t require manual entry of individual hours worked per job. Customizable learning tracks and certification. Time & Attendance.

How to Make Yourself More Hirable in 5 Easy Steps

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It involves plenty of multi-tasking and time management, not to mention having the right strategy in place. Improve Your Time Management. Improving your skills and qualifications will take time. More accurately, it will take better time management.

5 Ways Employers Can Boost Candidate Retention

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Standard offerings like healthcare and leave time are a must for many candidates, but there are other benefits that can make you stand out, including free snacks, on-site exercise classes or daycare. Use branded binders to house the documents for a professional touch.

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Make sure to acquire the LMS that really fit your needs and budget knowing these LMS pricing insights


Many times, you need custom work, extra users for some months, add-ons, integrations, and in the end, you find out that the final cost is very far compared with the first price checked. .

The 10 Best Tools for Increased Employee Engagement


Time tracking. ProofHub has unified all our communications, brought our internal teams together and made everyone accountable for their time in order to work smarter.”. Time-off requests. Key Features: Document management. Document management. Document management.

The Best Way to Process Payroll [Updated for 2020]


Manual records (including employee timesheets) are lost over 10 times more often than electronic records and are much more vulnerable to employee hours theft. Application for state withholding certificates. Retirement plan documents. Communicate time and attendance expectations.

Why is HR software essential for the healthcare sector?

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Regular certifications, thorough background checks for employees, and complex licensing documents are just some of the many things that HR professionals should take care of to ensure compliance. This takes a substantial amount of time and effort.

Case Study: Meeder Investment Management


Adding Paycor Recruiting , Onboarding and Learning Management to their HR process helped Meeder Investment Management save time and increase employee engagement. “I Customizable learning tracks and certification. Time & Attendance.

Reviewing Your HR Technology Strategy

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Every time you turn around, there seems to be a new program, app or service provided by technology vendors designed to make your life as an HR professional easier. HR technology is constantly evolving, and staying up to date could be a full-time job.

Employee Onboarding Best Practices: A Technology Perspective


Using Preboarding Time to Best Advantage There are many ways that software technology can deliver HR and business benefits while making the most out of the time between preboarding processes and the actual starting dates of new hires. Your company’s culture is non-negotiable, but it might be amenable to evolutionary changes over time. Your software can make it easier for employees to get answers to questions, and ask for time off and other considerations.

The 30-Day Job Search Plan: How to Land a New Job in 1 Month

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In 2014, recruiting software company Jobvite conducted a survey in which they found that the average time it took for a person to get employed was 43 days (just over six weeks). . You’ll have to give it some time before you start seeing results, and it’ll be a lot of hard work at first.