Diversity Sourcing Strategy: 3 Tactics of Highly Diverse Companies


About the Author: Jarrett Lee is a Research Associate Intern at Lighthouse Research. His research focuses on case studies of companies that successfully deliver results on their talent and learning transformation projects. One-third of the applicants have traditional HR backgrounds.

Making Diversity Central to Success: Q&A With Chevron’s Chief Diversity Officer

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Diversity is an overused word, but at Chevron it’s a perfect description of its corporate culture. The company’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report highlights how diversity and inclusion (D&I) feature so centrally in the company’s success story.

Diversity in leadership: 6 steps to make it happen


Does your company have diversity in its leadership? However, potential benefits and enthusiasm around the issue haven’t yet translated into more diverse C-suites. What if your company’s leadership teams aren’t diverse yet? Understand the full scope of diversity.

6 Ways to Improve Diversity In Your Workplace


Malcolm Forbes, American entrepreneur and publisher of Forbes Magazine, once described diversity as “the art of thinking independently together.”. Valuing diversity increases your company’s viewpoints, skills and experiences. Meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

i4cp Members Recognized by Working Mother Magazine


Six i4cp member companies, Abbott, Booz Allen Hamilton, Intel, JLL, Prudential Financial, and Takeda, have been named to the 2018 Working Mother 100 Best Companies list. This year’s winners are recognized for their commitment to helping working parents succeed at home and at work through the extension of benefits, flexible work arrangements, and supportive services. Managers at Abbott receive specific training in how to hire, manage or advance women.

Making Social Media Work for You—Not Against You—in Recruiting for Diversity

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Achieving a diverse workforce and learning how to use social media to recruit talent are two common goals for employers. Sometimes, though, the two objectives can work against each other. We completely reject the allegation that these advertisements are discriminatory,” he wrote.

Retreat on Diversity? Sure!

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While we will have a new President in the U.S., In the weeks following the U.S. election, the things that divide us suddenly feel a lot greater than the things that bring us together. As we wait to see what a new administration could mean for the country, employers and jobs, it might be tempting to pause or pull back from activities that promote diversity and inclusion. For three decades, many companies have been paying lip service to diversity.

4 Tips for Better Diverse Team Communication

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She then turned the page and I was suddenly looking at the world-famous Statue of David, which I had first seen when I studied in Florence, Italy, in 1981. Such communication mishaps occur all the time in workplaces. The Statue of David).

3 Reasons to Prioritize Diversity in Your Company

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The U.S. is a complex and diverse blend of races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and generations. When your corporate culture embraces diversity, your company is in sync with your market and more likely to succeed. When growing small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), multi-national corporations, groups, organizations embrace the contrasting perspectives of various work and life experiences, amazing things happens. At the end of 2017, only 6.4

When Hiring for Culture Fit, Make Sure You Aren’t Sacrificing Diversity

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If you work in human resources, you’ve no doubt heard the term “culture fit” many times. It’s the HR buzzword for employees whose personal values, attitudes, and ethics are aligned with those of your company and its team members. Diversity also impacts a company’s bottom line.

Putting the Micro in Microsoft

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Microsoft’s micro-internship program delivers learning with a practical touch. The transition from college student to working professional can be challenging for recent graduates. Great internship programs tend to be a series of projects that take place over the summer.

INTERVIEW: Shannon Schuyler, Chief Purpose Officer at PwC, on CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion

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Adaptability is one of the mainsprings of diversity. While much needs to be done to neutralize our biases and unleash untapped talent – Shannon Schuyler, Chief Purpose Officer of PwC, is already hard to work developing the one asset she feels will help ensure deep-level diversity and inclusion throughout the organization. The HR Digest: Can you tell The HR Digest readers about yourself and your role? It was from there that the idea was formed.

Why corporate transparency is giving new impetus to diversity and inclusion


The results of the first round of gender pay gap reporting, and government plans to require companies to publish executive pay ratios, mean organisations need to think again about D&I. It’s been a landmark year for pay transparency in the UK, as public-sector organisations and private companies with more than 250 employees were required to publicly report on their gender pay gaps for the first time. The transition will be hard, until people get used to it.

Thirst for Knowledge

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Employees are demanding more immersive and frequent training, forcing organizations to transform their L&D programs. Data shows that the solution is to ensure learning and development (L&D) plays a much more central role in the employee journey.

The Age of Collaboration

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A long history in the paper and packaging industry means the workforce at Mondi is extremely diverse. The company has operations in over 33 countries and creates paper and packing for large, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies such as Nestle, P&G, and Unilever.

How Digital HR Solves Business Challenges

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Modern workers want the same prompt customer service experience that they receive from online marketers. The effort has been titanic: It touched the company’s 137,000 employees across more than 130 countries. Lessons Learned. Enhanced learning.

Hiring for diversity vs. skill sets: How do you find a balance?


Efforts to hire for diversity can be challenging. You, the business leader, know you need a workforce diverse in age, skill sets and culture for your business to thrive. But what if hiring managers balk, as in the case of one high-profile tech company ? How does a company get hiring managers comfortable with the idea of hiring outside their comfort zones? But that’s only part of the diversity equation. Talk openly about the benefits of diversity.

Strategically Managing Manufacturing Skills Gaps With Learning Analytics


At another in Atlanta, a faculty teaches workers lessons from the factory floor. If you work in HR for the manufacturing sector, you may be wondering if your company should be following suit: By 2025, over 2 million manufacturing jobs could go unfilled. Step #2: Define the Gap.

Why Diverse Teams Need To Step Up Their Communication


She then turned the page and I was suddenly looking at the world-famous Statue of David, which I had first seen when I studied in Florence, Italy, in 1981. Such communication mishaps occur all the time in workplaces. The Statue of David) – Ask for clarification.

The Self-Disruptive Leader

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In the age of transformation, executives are forced to adapt to a new way of working. What we’ve used in the past to measure what ‘good’ looks like for leadership models is not going to get us to the future.”. A ccelerate the flow of information and business outcomes.

Un-Conventional HR

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EVP of HR Liz McAuliffe explains how she carries the Un-carrier culture of T-Mobile through to the talent strategy. By The Editors. Within one’s career, taking the biggest risk often comes with earning the biggest reward. Learn more here. Are you the Un-CHRO?

I Host a Podcast, Tour the HR Conference Circuit and Hit the Gym Once a Day—Here's How I Make Time for Learning

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In our Learning Diaries series, seasoned HR and business leaders share how they make time for a critical but often overlooked aspect of their jobs: learning. Best Advice For Approaching Learning : "Learning is personal, and everyone learns differently.

A Two-Way Street

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Talent has long been considered a competitive differentiator for organizations as they seek new ways to thrive, but success in the modern business world increasingly hinges on one capability: agility. Make it a great experience, let the temp-to-hire worker feel your employee brand.

Cutting-Edge Change

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Shirley Fong is the vice president of human resources at Li & Fung , a trading company that started from very humble beginnings exporting Chinese porcelain and silk and which now operates one of the most world’s extensive supply chains. They’re not the enemy of the workforce.

Training in a Virtual World: The New Normal


His boss, head coach Dave Shaw, realized Belch’s potential and didn’t want him to miss out on greater opportunities off the football field. At the time, Belch was also a graduate student who was working on a thesis that VR could improve football-player training.

The Bamboo Project Blog: Is An Online Identity Necessary and What Should You Do to Maintain It?

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The Bamboo Project Blog « Free Burma | Main | Im Getting Naked--Mistakes with Clients » Is An Online Identity Necessary and What Should You Do to Maintain It? In the past few weeks Ive been thinking/writing about online identity.

Supporting staff through the menopause: what employers need to know


We all know someone who has been through, will experience or is currently going through it – but what do you really know about the menopause, and how it affects the person experiencing it? And, with women aged 50+ becoming the fastest-growing group in the UK workforce (there were 3.8

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Pledge: What are Companies Actually Doing?


The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ , currently the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance D&I within the workplace, was collectively formed and is led by a steering committee of CEOs and leaders from Accenture, BCG, Deloitte US, The Executive Leadership Council, EY, General Atlantic, KPMG, New York Life, P&G, and PwC. To date, according to a recent Fortune Magazine article, at least 175 companies have signed the pledge.

Use These 18 Job Boards to Keep Compliant


Job boards remain an excellent way to engage talent, especially diverse candidates. One of the more popular means to target diverse candidates is with diversity job boards. The Importance Candidate Source and Self-Identification. IMB Diversity.

Chaz Bono’s Journey of Humanity & Courage


Nurturing a culture that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and belonging has always been at the heart of the WorkHuman movement. And now forward-thinking organizations are realizing the ROI of diversity, inclusion, and belonging , and making it a key component of their overall business strategy. The theme of building a work culture grounded in diversity, inclusion, and belonging is woven throughout the WorkHuman conference.

HR Most Influential 2013 ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human Capital (HCM)

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It’s not outrageous to imagine him as the next Ulrich.". #1 1 global online influencer in talent management. #6 Stop Checking the Box. The HR Capitalist. 5 Things Every HR Pro Can Learn From Riley Cooper and the Eagles. The New (Social) HR.

iCIMS 63

Peter Fasolo, CHRO at Johnson & Johnson, On the Value of Transformational Growth and Innovation

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"Creating Opportunities for Multigenerational Workforce" Peter Fasolo, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer at Johnson & Johnson is widely considered one of the world’s most influential human resources leaders and Johnson & Johnson, one of the most admired companies. A conversation with Peter Fasolo about the value of transformational growth and innovation – and how to help it unfold. The HR Digest: How do you communicate tough messages?


How to Foster Belonging and Inclusion in the Workplace


The event brought together the most innovative leaders and thinkers in HR and people development to discuss how to infuse greater meaning into the employee experience. You can access the recording for this session by registering for the Shift 2018 Digital Conference Experience.

How to develop business acumen in your employees


In the long run, that can equate to a lack of understanding in how to add value to your company or act in its best interest. Businesses miss out on meaningful employee input; specifically, their ideas on how to improve the business. Who is the customer? Implement cross-training.

#HotInHR: Will Work For No Benefits: The Challenges Of Being In The New Contract Workforce


Every week we send a summary of funding announcements, M&A and partnership news from the HR marketplace. Will Work For No Benefits: The Challenges Of Being In The New Contract Workforce – NPR. Within a decade, contractors and freelancers could make up half of the American workforce. This is part of an NPR weeklong series on the rise of the contact workers. HotInHR:Will Work For No Benefits: The Challenges Of Being In The New Contract Workforce.