Election Compliance Briefing: A Post-Election Employee Benefits Forecast

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Find out what recent events mean for employee benefits in our election compliance briefing. The post Election Compliance Briefing: A Post-Election Employee Benefits Forecast appeared first on Corporate Synergies.

Employee Benefits in Japan

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In Japan, employee benefits are of extreme importance because of fierce competition in the search for top talent. Japanese employees are picky when selecting employers and are always on the lookout for a place with the most generous benefits packages. Global Compliance


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Employee Benefits Enrollment Software: Boost 2021 ROI


Does your HR toolkit contain employee benefits enrollment software? If not, you aren’t getting the benefits of your benefits. You choose benefits packages carefully because you want to attract high performers. Increased employee turnover.

Employee benefits for Caregivers in workplaces

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What can employers do to see that this workforce is given maximum benefits to enact the dual role efficiently and comfortably? today, one in six employees is a caregiver for a relative or friend and spends on average of more than 20 hours a week providing some kind of care.

Compliance Continuity: Monthly Guidance to Sustain Your Organization's Wellbeing

Natural disasters can result in evacuations, work stoppages, and other disruptions for your employees. With advanced planning, employee benefits can help sustain the overall wellbeing of your workforce before, during, and after a natural disaster.

Top 3 COVID-19 Benefits Compliance Considerations

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Make sure you – and your employees – understand these top COVID-19 benefits compliance considerations. The complex patchwork of federal, state and local regulation for employee benefits and workplace safety during.

Regulatory Change Complicates Employee Benefits: Bloomberg Law Interviews Dan Kuperstein

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The post Regulatory Change Complicates Employee Benefits: <em>Bloomberg Law</em> Interviews Dan Kuperstein appeared first on Corporate Synergies. Benefits Employee Benefits Compliance Leadership benefits benefits compliance

The Impact of Furloughs on Employee Benefits

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These changes include daily updates and adjustments to how employers offer healthcare—not to mention the need to make difficult financial decisions to mitigate negative impacts on their business and employees. HR Benefits Compliance News HR TechnologyCOVID-19 and the subsequent changes to how we conduct business have drastically changed the world of work for people around the globe.

Why Employee Benefits Compliance is Even More Important Right Now

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Non-discrimination testing and employee benefits compliance are even more important with employee population changes and mid-year changes. Learn more about what you can do to stay compliant. HRA FSA Employers

Understanding Payroll Deductions and Employee Benefits Taxes

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Employers have the responsibility to accurately calculate payroll deductions and pay employee benefits taxes. To ensure your business runs smoothly keeping your employees happy is one of the most important things to keep on top of. Also read: Managing HR Compliance in the Age of Technology. This will ultimately result in what your employees get paid as a NET wage so you need this to be right both for your employees and for the government.

Consequences of Outdated Employee Benefits Systems


Technology is making remarkable strides across the employee benefits landscape. A 2019-2020 survey found that the vast majority of organizations are utilizing a benefits application in some shape or form. Benefits administration is regarded as the most complex HR process.

What Is an Employee Benefits Broker?

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Employee benefits brokers are exactly that: people who have access to (and information about) various employee benefit options who can help you narrow down your offerings by providing their input and expertise on the matter. It’s important to note, however, that not all employee benefits brokers are the same. Others may not be tied to only one provider but may only specialize in one type of benefit. What Can an Employee Benefits Broker Do?

Annual notices for employee benefits 2020


Required Notices For Employees. So when it comes to your employee benefits communications , how confident are you in providing your employees (and their dependents) with all of these legally-required notices in the time and manner in which the law specifies? With the 2020 calendar year quickly approaching, here’s a rundown of the notices you might wish to review for your communication efforts and to aid your efforts in compliance.

What Compliance Notices Are Required for 2021?


When it comes to your employee benefits communications , how confident are you in providing your employees (and their dependents) with all of these legally-required notices in the time and manner in which the law specifies? HR Compliance Benefits & Healthcare

5 Benefits Compliance Changes in 2020

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Employers Beware: Healthcare Regulatory Changes Will Impact Health Benefits in 2020. The post 5 Benefits Compliance Changes in 2020 appeared first on Corporate Synergies. Benefits Employee Benefits Compliance Compliance Infographic

Live COVID-19 Compliance Briefing: FMLA & FFCRA Benefits Scenarios

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The post Live COVID-19 Compliance Briefing: FMLA & FFCRA Benefits Scenarios appeared first on Corporate Synergies. Benefits COVID-19 Employee Benefits Compliance VideoTune in with ERISA attorney Dan Kuperstein on April 30, 2020 @ 3:00 p.m. ET on YouTube.

ERISA Compliance


How well do you understand your ERISA Compliance requirements? Employee Retirement Income Security Act. (. is a set of federal laws designed to protect employees of private employers who provide pension, retirement, or profit-sharing. Employee BenefitsThis blog post: Summarizes ERISA essentials. Answers common questions. Addresses misconceptions among employers. What is ERISA? Let's start with the basics. ERISA. )

Live COVID-19 Compliance Briefing: Deadline Relief & Impact on Benefit Plans

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The post Live COVID-19 Compliance Briefing: Deadline Relief & Impact on Benefit Plans appeared first on Corporate Synergies. Benefits COVID-19 Employee Benefits Compliance VideoTune in with ERISA attorney Dan Kuperstein on May 12, 2020 @ 3:00 p.m. ET on YouTube.

New Employee Benefits Mandated in Thailand

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Thanks to amended labor protection laws, more employees in Thailand will be protected from unfair treatment since there are now increased regulations for employee entitled benefits. Employers now have increased obligations to raise the overall well-being of the workers of this country in areas such as maternity leave and severance pay benefits, among others. Additionally, employees may now take a minimum of 3 personal leave days per year.

25 HR Compliance Terms to Know for 2018

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In addition to the holiday parties and secret santa gift exchanges, the end of the year also brings organizational compliance processes as your HR department gets ready to wrap things up. Take a look at the 25 HR compliance terms you need to know as a manager: Affirmative Action Plan (AAP): A written set of specific, results-oriented procedures to be followed. Cafeteria Plan: A plan in which an employer offers their employees a variety of different benefits.

How to Reduce the Cost of Employee Benefits While Increasing Offerings


Maintaining a full staff of skilled employees doesn’t come easy, and benefit offerings play a huge role in racking up costs. In fact, health insurance costs an average of 9% of an employee’s yearly salary, and when all benefits outside of compensation are taken into account, they total over 30% of salary. These can be debilitating numbers, but it is possible to reduce the cost of employee benefits while actually increasing benefit offerings.

MetLife Expands Relationship with PlanSource to Enhance Employee Benefits Experience


New program simplifies the management of employer-offered benefits and optimizes the employee enrollment experience. NEW YORK, June 30, 2020 — MetLife announced today that it will expand its relationship with PlanSource, a leading provider of cloud-based benefits software, by joining their Boost program, which offers a contemporary and enhanced benefits experience for HR teams and employees through automation, optimized benefits shopping and real-time API integrations. “As

Compliance checklist for HR professionals for year-end and beyond


“Getting ahead of the compliance eight-ball before the end of the year can save time and stress.” If you’re an HR professional, however, you’re focus is probably elsewhere: everywhere you turn, there’s another compliance requirement you need to meet. There’s a lot of ground to cover with compliance, even if you were just to address regulations outside of health care. I-9s and employee authorization. Payroll compliance checks.

Making Employee Benefits Sexy! #SHRM15

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In the king-sized bed of core human resources accountabilities employee benefits nestles up alongside compensation and compliance in a ménage a trois of least sexy HR responsibilities. But let’s face it; they’re not nearly as glamorous or exciting as talent acquisition, employee engagement, or learning & development. Yet every single HR professional must constantly be tuned in to the trends, costs, and shifting landscape that is employee benefits.

Your Due Diligence HR Compliance Checklist

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This year’s continuing focus on the pandemic and growing concerns over business disruptions means your company needs to make sure its HR policies and procedures cover all areas of HR Compliance thoroughly. HR Compliance Checklist. Employee Files and Records. Benefits.

DOL Issues Compliance Guidance for Employee Benefit Plans in The Wake of Hurricane Matthew

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Department of Labor (DOL) has announced an update on compliance with employee benefit plan rules under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) for those adversely impacted. For more information on Hurricane Matthew relief under ERISA, see “ FAQs for Participants and Beneficiaries Following Hurricane Matthew ” or contact the department’s Employee Benefits Security Administration or by calling 1-866-444-3272.

3 Employee Benefits Trends Driving Change In 2020


2019 was a busy year in human resources and employee benefits. Several states issued new laws that expanded regulation on everything from parental leave to classifying contracted employees. Here’s a quick breakdown of the top benefits trends for 2020. . Mental Health Benefits. If you’re wondering where to get started, here are a few mental health benefits to consider adding to your roster. . Employee Assistance Programs. Pet-Friendly Benefits.

5 Likely Impacts of the Biden Administration on Benefits

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Our compliance experts review the possible impacts of the Biden administration on benefits that they’re watching. presidency transitions to a new administration, we’ve identified 5 likely impacts of the Biden administration on benefits programs: The Affordable Care.

Combating the Substance Abuse Epidemic Through Employee Benefit Programs

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In addition to the damage addiction causes individuals and their families, the estimated economic costs of employee substance abuse—a staggering $442 billion in annual losses due to decreased worker attendance, lower productivity, and poor health—have grown into a financial leviathan for employers. An employee assistance program (EAP) is a non-major-medical plan that provides a wide variety of services, including (in most cases) assistance with alcohol and substance abuse.

Why You Need a Seamless Hiring, Payroll and Employee Benefits Platform


The more time HR leaders spend on manual tasks, the longer it takes to move forward with hiring steps and get back to current employees who have HR-related issues or questions. Ultimately, this leads to both a frustrating candidate and employee experience. . To cut back on administrative tasks, your team can partner with a seamless hiring, payroll and employee benefits platform, which can make HR processes more efficient, saving your team time and money.

The Rise of Telemedicine in Your Employee Benefits Package

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Coronavirus and Beyond: The Rise of Telemedicine in Your Employee Benefits Package. This has even extended to the doctor’s office thanks to telemedicine—which has actually been an option for employee benefits packages for quite a while now, but has only seen a huge spike in participation recently. . Raising awareness with employees. Your remote employees are probably reading a lot of emails, so make sure to communicate the most important information clearly.

Corporate Synergies Announces EB RISE HR & Finance Forum

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Benefits Employee Advocacy Employee Benefits Compliance Employee Education & Communications Event Health & Wellness Leadership Press Release Benefits Compliance Education & Communications Wellness

Our Take: It’s Time. Expect More Open Enrollment Questions

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Many employees are looking closer at benefits options leading to open enrollment questions. With many benefits plans starting January 1st, employers around the country are navigating their annual open enrollment period right now.

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The 4 ‘C’s of Employee Benefits Technology

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Gerry Leonard, President, ADP® Benefits Services. As employers increase their investment in benefits technology, HR leaders may want to look at workplace benefits and related technology through the prism of the four ‘C’s: Consumerism, Compliance, Cost and Culture. Gerry Leonard is the President of ADP Benefit Services, a division of ADP that provides Benefits outsourcing services to many of the largest companies and institutions in the United States.

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Should Handling Employee Benefits Be Handled by HR?

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Compensation Compensation & Benefits Defined Benefit Plan Dental Benefits Healthcare HR Insights HR Management Legal, Compliance & Policies Retirement Talent Management Voluntary Benefits FeaturedI have been having a debate with myself. It’s becoming both annoying and non-productive. So I thought I would invite you all into the dialogue.

Tips for Marketing Voluntary Employee Benefits to Your Clients


The truth is, employees today want more than what employment opportunities have traditionally offered in the past. Those who want to stay ahead of the game have chosen to use voluntary employee benefits as an incentive, with profoundly successful results. Marketing voluntary employee benefits. Marketing voluntary benefits gives companies an extra “wow” factor in the eyes of applicants. Employees are not the only ones to gain from voluntary benefits.

Our Take: Voter Engagement, the 2020 Election and Healthcare

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“Our Take” is Corporate Synergies’ commentary on benefits/insurance news topics. Benefits Benefits Administration Employee Benefits Compliance Benefits Compliance Our Take