Top 10 Employee Benefits for 2021

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Top 10 employee benefits for 2021. HR trends forecast the most desired employee benefits for 2021 like financial wellness programs and flexible work arrangements. It’s time for employers to start planning their employee benefits packages for 2021.

Top 10 Employee Benefits for 2020

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Top 10 employee benefits for 2020. HR trends forecast the most desired employee benefits for 2020 like pet perks, flex work and financial wellness programs. It’s time to start building your organization’s employee benefits for 2020. .

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Top Employee Benefits & Compensation Ideas for a Diverse Workforce

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Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. So, what are you doing to appreciate your employees? Employees love benefits. Not to forget that many employees apply for organizations depending on the perks and benefits offered by that company.

A Diversity Boost

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In today’s increasingly diverse world, the case for corporate D&I initiatives that deliver real progress is stronger than ever. If it’s not real, it won’t feel authentic to your candidates and your employees, no matter how well you source diverse talent,” he explains.

Employee Benefits for Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z Explained

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It encompasses understanding your employees—knowing their generational diversity , what motivates them, and rewarding them accordingly. Today, the workplace has changed dramatically and those rewards might not hold much meaning to the modern employee. Financial Benefits.

Corporate Employee Benefits at ZERO cost

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Employee Benefits are those benefits that an employee receives by virtue of being a part of an organization. These are benefits or perks which lie outside the monetary compensation of a company and have traditionally been limited to insurance, provident fund, etc.

10 Employee Benefits Stats You Can’t Ignore In 2020


A quick internet search will yield plenty of results for searchers seeking up-to-date facts and statistics about the current state of employee benefits. We’ve cut through the noise with 10 thought-provoking employee benefits stats to consider for your 2020 planning.

Combating the Substance Abuse Epidemic Through Employee Benefit Programs

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In addition to the damage addiction causes individuals and their families, the estimated economic costs of employee substance abuse—a staggering $442 billion in annual losses due to decreased worker attendance, lower productivity, and poor health—have grown into a financial leviathan for employers.

3 Employee Benefits Startups To Watch in 2020


2019 was an exciting year in employee benefits. We also watched several employee benefits startups emerge and mature as companies begin to look for creative ways to diversify benefits and elevate the employee experience. .

Unique Employee Benefits

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These are all fairly standard benefits to offer, and most employers do exactly that—at least for full-time employees. But, what about some of the lesser-known or less frequently offered benefits? Let’s take a look at some employee benefits you might not have considered.

‘Paw-ternity’ Leave: The Next Trend in Employee Benefits?

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While companies like Facebook and Apple ® are offering to freeze its female employees’ eggs as a way to recruit more diverse talent, other companies are jumping on the crazy train and offering even weirder workplace perks. The benefits of pets in the workplace are widely recognised.

People-centric analytics: how can employees benefit from data analysis?

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But what if the employees could also use and benefit from the insights and outcomes of People Analytics practices? The researchers found that training the employees of a shop has a positive impact on the financial performance of that particular shop.

5 Ways Technology is Positively Impacting Diversity and Inclusion


However, beyond the demand for a positive company culture is the need for improved diversity and inclusion within the modern workplace. Instead, it will pick up speed until every company culture reflects the diversity and inclusion (D&I) policies its employees and clients deserve. .

Student Loan Repayment 101: The Lowdown on 2020’s Hottest Employee Benefit


Chances are, you’ve probably heard about student loan repayment as an employee benefit. While innovative, student loan debt repayment as an employee benefit might not make sense for every employer. — What is Student Loan Repayment as an Employee Benefits? .

PeopleStrategy and Peanut Butter Partner to Bring Student Loan Assistance Programs to SMB Employers


Being able to offer highly sought-after benefits such as student loan resources and repayment is another way we can help our clients differentiate themselves,” said PeopleStrategy Chief Growth Officer, Jim Prekop. Peanut Butter is the benefits administrator for Student Loan Assistance.

What Employee Benefits Are Required by Law?

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When it comes to employee benefits, surprisingly few are required by law in the United States. That said, there are some benefits—mostly behind the scenes—that are mandated under U.S. law and are provided to employees, even if not all employees end up taking advantage.

What You Need to Know About the Latest Employee Benefits Research

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Improving your company’s approach to employee benefits can be a challenge. In the ever-evolving benefits landscape, regulatory policies, budgets and employee demographics are just a few routinely shifting factors. Hub International’s Employee Benefits Barometer 2018 , which surveyed 337 employee benefits professionals from organizations with 50 to 1,000 employees, provides perspective on how employee benefits professionals are navigating these changes and challenges.

3 Ways to Better Manage Employee Benefits


As a benefits professional, I frequently stumble across industry studies and insights that emphasize the critical role of employee benefits in the workplace. Whether the suggested strategies center on offering more affordable benefits or more variety, they all lead back to the overall impact of employee benefits on recruiting, retention, and satisfaction. And yes, they need a system to make benefits management easy. Benefits

5 Steps to a Highly Effective Employee Benefits Strategy


Companies that offer strategic benefits perform 24% better than ones that don’t, recruit 8% more effectively and are 17% more likely to retain employees. But selecting the right benefits mix isn’t “cut and paste” – there’s no one-size-fits-all solve.

Bersin: 8 positives from the pandemic for HR leaders


Nearly every business leader has come to understand that, if employees and customers don’t feel safe, the business won’t survive. We’ve started a healthy, albeit difficult, discussion about race, income inequality and diversity.

Unlock the True Power of Employee Benefits


Organizations that view their benefits packages solely as a cost of doing business are missing out on a true competitive advantage. As Paycor found from client data, one-on-one interviews and user groups used to create the HR Center of Excellence, high-performing HR teams recognize the critical role a diverse and competitive benefits package has on recruiting and retaining top talent.

Beyond the Hire: Benefit Strategies to Retain a Diverse Workforce


Workforce diversity can work in your favor if you offer the right employee benefits. Learn how

Today’s Generation is Changing Employee Benefit Packages of the Future

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The shift in priorities of today’s workforce requires employers to change their approach to benefit offerings, and while some benefits are “evergreen”—such as good health care coverage—there are other creative ways to attract and connect with people facing today’s economic challenges.

What These 5 Shocking Employee Benefits Statistics Mean for Your Broker Business


It’s becoming more apparent that the opportunity share for benefits brokers is rising year-over-year. 5 Shocking Employee Benefits Statistics. 12% of businesses are happy with current levels of employee engagement. Voluntary Benefits Administration Software.

What These 5 Shocking Employee Benefits Statistics Really Mean for Your Broker Business


It’s becoming more apparent that the opportunity share for benefits brokers is rising year-over-year. 5 Shocking Employee Benefits Statistics. 12% of businesses are happy with current levels of employee engagement. Voluntary Benefits Administration Software.

#HotInHR: Obsessing over Performance Data, Should Diversity Training be Optional?


DiversityInc: Starbucks’ Optional Diversity Training Empowers People like Roseanne. Clearly communicated policies and values build corporate diversity success — treating people right is not an option for a well-run company. Here’s What These Employees Thought (Time). HotInHR: Obsessing over Performance Data, Should Diversity Training be Optional? ABC News: Walmart offers employees new perk: cheap access to college .

#WorkTrends Recap: Diversity Supports an Inclusive Workplace Culture


There is a lot of talk in human resources circles about diversity and inclusion, but what does diversity and inclusion really mean in the workplace? Diversity helps businesses fulfill their full potential in the workforce as well as on the balance sheet.

Better Benefits Planning with Voya Employee Benefits and Voluntary Insurance Options


As the cost of health care continues to rise, employers are looking for affordable ways to help employees complement traditional benefits offerings. How can you, as an employer, offer comprehensive benefits while keeping an eye on the bottom line? Enter – voluntary insurance benefits. Employee-paid benefits, supplemental insurance and voluntary benefits – these products may have different names, but the concept is the same across the board.

Five trends that will define corporate social responsibility in 2020.


We pride ourselves on being purpose-driven in every aspect of our business, from the diversity of our experts to the breadth of our employee wellness resources to the values by which we operate. Employees will become more vocal. CSR will be added to employee benefits packages.

How to Create a Strong Diversity Recruiting Strategy


What Is a Diversity Recruitment Strategy? A diversity recruitment strategy defines goals, accountabilities, action items and success measures for attracting, engaging, assessing and hiring diverse talent to drive business success. A diversity recruitment strategy can help. .

#WorkTrends Preview: Diversity Supports an Inclusive Workplace Culture


What do “diversity and inclusion” mean in the workplace? As a McKinsey report wrote, companies with diverse executive boards have higher earnings and better returns on equity. Diversity doesn’t just matter on the executive board, though– it matters organization-wide.

Improve Turnover with Employee Benefits


Diverse benefits plans are widely seen as one of the most important tools employers can offer to attract top talent—but companies shouldn’t ignore the impact benefits can have on retention. Specifically, organizations offering six benefit plan types saw turnover improve 138%.

Employee Benefits Benchmarking: Choosing the Right Plan Types


The March 2017 Zenefits Small Business Benefits Benchmark Report is now available. Greater Plan Diversity on the Rise. In some cases, employees are pushing employers to offer greater plan diversity in order to accommodate different healthcare needs. Zenefits Benefits

5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Increase Workplace Diversity This Year

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Workplace diversity. More and more businesses are becoming savvy to the idea that diversity in the workplace is a positive business strategy. Adopting diversity within the recruitment process is the first step an organization can take to develop their workplace. Innovation.

How to Choose Your Benefits Package for 2021

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How to choose your benefits package for 2021. How to determine which benefits are most important to employees and support a more productive workforce. Employee benefits have undergone a remarkable transformation and have become a more important part of the employee experience. .

It’s time to embrace online benefits enrollment


Fortunately, this is one area where there’s already a blueprint to manage it: online benefits enrollment. We also quickly figured out that we have to prepare for the worst-case scenario, which is what a lot of HR leaders and benefits brokers are doing.

Top 10 Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace (Infographics)


Embracing diversity in the workplace is an essential ingredient for a business that wants to be competitive on the intentional scale. Many companies are making an effort to achieve diversity in the workplace. Diversity enables them to attract the best talents into their human resources.

#HotInHR: No paid sick leave worsens flu season. IBM sues former chief diversity officer.


IBM and Microsoft battle over top workplace diversity exec – Money.CNN. IBM is suing to stop its chief diversity officer from moving to Microsoft, a suit that demonstrates how critical and hard it is for tech giants to improve the diversity of their work forces. IBM sues former chief diversity officer. SickLeave #Diversity Click To Tweet. Learn more at the G lossary of HR and Employee Benefit Terms. IBM sues former chief diversity officer.

How and Why to Offer Employees a Flexible Schedule


In a professional world increasingly focused on the quality of the employee experience , it comes as no surprise that companies have begun to veer from the traditional 9 to 5 work schedule. Instead, more companies offer employees flexible schedules that better accommodate different lifestyles.

The childcare crisis is here. What are you doing about it?


Organizations must make themselves acutely aware of the needs of their employees, Robinson says, to keep those women from walking out the door. “A