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How to Choose Professional Organizations to Join

Effortless HR

(Photo credit: s_falkow). In these challenging times when every dollar spent must be a wise investment, one of those decisions is where you should spend both time and money in terms of business development. One thing is for sure, you will need to contribute in order to gain.

Say "Seat At The Table," Pay @shrmfoundation $100

True Faith HR

As I have written several times on this blog and elsewhere , I appreciate the SHRM Foundation. Their products and work are outstanding. One of the videos from the SHRM Foundation I used to show in my HR class was entitled "HR Heroes: What it means to be a Strategic HR Leader in the 21st Century" (later renamed HR Role Models) It featured Libby Sartain and others discussing, as the title suggests, strategic leadership at both high-tech and low-tech companies.

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How to Resolve Conflict with a Co-Worker

45 Things

One of the most stressful situations to face in the workplace is a conflict with a co-worker.

Employee Ombudsman - #HealthcareHR


This is another post in the occasional series on healthcare and human resources (#HealthcareHR.) Today''s post focuses on taking a bold step in order to create a pro-employee culture.

Compliance Continuity: Monthly Guidance to Sustain Your Organization's Wellbeing

Natural disasters can result in evacuations, work stoppages, and other disruptions for your employees. With advanced planning, employee benefits can help sustain the overall wellbeing of your workforce before, during, and after a natural disaster.

Effective Recruitment Strategies, Part 2: Looking at the Data


Tuesday, December 4, 2012 :00am. Effective Recruitment Strategies, Part 2: Looking at the Data By Lisa Harpe. In the second of our three-part series, we explore ways to analyze your recruiting source data.

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Could Your Name Prompt Hiring Bias?

45 Things

I've written a lot about how to craft emails that get the attention of key people, but I was taken aback when I learned of a study that says it could be your name that determines whether you get a response or not. Read this latest column I did for Gannett/USA Today.

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The Center of the Universe


“Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must - at that moment - become the center of the universe.” - Elie Wiesel Take a moment and think about the issues that you''ve known about for some time but just haven''t taken action on yet.

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iCIMS - Technology for Induction - and ensuring Quality of Hire ~ HR.

Strategic HCM

There's been quite a bit of reporting in both traditional and social media recently about improving quality of hire. That's great to see - it's something recruiters should be focusing on much more than they do (rather than just

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Making Buildings “Hackable”

Future of Work

It has often been said that the most sustainable building is the one that doesn't get built. I am delighted to see that the architectural community is beginning to pay attention to that idea. Last week I came across an intriguing story about an architectural competition that awarded prizes to four firms that have produced innovative ideas about reusing existing space, and in particular creating mixed-use space.

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Implementing Technology in TA for the Win: An Agile Approach

Speaker: Denise Dresler, Director of Talent Acquisition, Avature

What was once traditionally used only in the software industry is making its way to the recruiting and talent acquisition space: agile methodologies. Join Denise Dresler, Talent Acquisition Director at Avature, where she will be discussing how to take this nontraditional approach of agile talent acquisition and effectively incorporate it into your hiring processes.

Employee Engagement: Failing Managers

David Zinger

How are you managing employee engagement for managers? On a recent flight from Winnipeg to Toronto I refreshed my previous reading and notes of Henry Mintzberg’s 2009 book, Managing. He is truly a Canadian and global treasure in management thinking. Over the past 4 or 5 years there has been a big uptake on helping managers improve employee engagement.

Please Stop, I'm Going to Hurl


"You have to manage your personal brand." "How How do you measure your influence ?" "You You need to make an impact!" What is your career plan?" Which goals are you setting up for 2013?" Which new social networks are you active on?" Should I start a blog? On what? When should I post?" "Who Who should I follow, friend, connect with, or add?" Someone please make it stop.I think I''m going to be sick. Somehow the world of work seems to have morphed into a rat race against ourselves.

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#SympEventsTech ? Mobile Learning and ensuring the capability of.

Strategic HCM

I spent some of yesterday morning at another of Symposium Event's conferences. The most interesting session for me, just because of my own interests, was Andy Wooler's one on mobile learning. Andy quoted his colleague

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Leading Change

Future of Work

I'm a little slow, but I have finally uploaded to Slideshare the slide deck that I used in my workshop on "Leading Change" at IFMA's Facility Fusion conference in Chicago last spring. The presentation is here: The session was very well received. Please contact me if you would be interested in sponsoring a workshop on Leading Change in your own organization. Share this! Tweet.

Why (and How) to Switch to a New HR & Payroll Platform

Not all HR & payroll is the same, but it can look pretty similar. If your current platform isn’t meeting your needs, let us walk you through how to differentiate between providers and give you some tips on how to select a platform that works best for your business.

Tackle Turnover With Better Recruiting and Performance Review Processes (Part 1)


A company’s most valuable asset is its employees. And in tough economic times, employee recruiting and retention become even more vital to improving business results. Even just a few adjustments to your hiring and performance management processes can yield great results in employee morale and retention,” says Scott Fitch, division president at Insperity Performance and Organizational Management.

Employee Engagement Friday Factoid #11: Meaning more than Money

David Zinger

Motivation: Money, Meaning or Recognition. Doing something meaningful is more important than money or recognition to your employees. 29% of respondents said that doing something meaningful was the most motivating thing about work. Money motivated 25%, and recognition 17%. Commentary. Although meaning trumped money it is probably best to hedge our bets by attending to the meaning, money, and recognition at work.

CIPD Social Media session

Strategic HCM

I wasn''t able to get up to the CIPD conference in Manchester his year as I was chairing the T-E-N event in London that I''ve just posted on and also delivering a keynote and delivering a workshop at HR Norge in Tonsberg, Norway.

Ways To Get People To Do Things They Don’t Want To Do

Thrive Global

A reader recently asked me a pointed question: “I’ve read your work on creating user habits. It’s all well and good for getting people to do things, like using an app on their iPhone, but I’ve got a bigger problem. How do I get people to do things they don’t want to do?”

Wage Growth: The Last Employer Holdout to Attract Candidates

You get a job perk! And You get a job perk! Everyone gets job perks! While these perks may have helped get that stellar candidate’s foot in the door, this dynamic of severely low unemployment combined with a historically high job open rate continues with no immediate end in sight. Employers will do well to zero in on one lever many have been avoiding pulling: the almighty salary increase.

In 100 Words: What Do You See When You See People?


I once read a story of a boy who found a bag full of dried clay balls when he was playing in the field. Not sure about what to do with them, he started throwing them in the pond to enjoy the ripples. Just then, he dropped one of the balls and saw a glittering diamond inside the ball.

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Death of the 3 Ring Binder: The Future of Talent Management Lies In The Cloud


By Steven T. Hunt, Ph.D., SPHR, and Director of Business Transformation Services Until recently, HR departments would often spend months pulling together data needed for compensation decisions and succession planning. Much of this data was obsolete by the time it was assembled. This left HR in the unenviable position of trying to engage leaders in […]. EMEA Strategic HR Talent Management

Innovation vs efficiency ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human Capital (HCM)

Strategic HCM

I try to post on most of the conference I attend, but sometimes struggle to get as much time as I'd like. One that I've missed posting on was T-E-N's session on HR Innovation for HR Excellence which I chaired recently

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Speaking at SHRM Annual Conference

Strategic HCM

I’ll also be speaking about social media at SHRM’s annual conference in Chicago next Summer. Actually, my session won’t just be about social media, but all of the various elements of an organisation that help us develop its social capability. Social media is the newest of these enablers, and in some situations it’s likely to be the most important, but many of the other tools we have at our disposal have the potential to be even more impactful.

5 Culture Trends for 2019

As we approach 2019, major shifts in the work environment will continue to affect the ways companies do business. Companies that are looking to attract, engage, and retain top talent should leverage these trends to create workplaces where employees thrive.

Employee Highlight: James Yim Lead Gen Sales


Curious what it is like to be a Lead Gen Representative at SuccessFactors? In this week’s Employee Highlight, James Yim tells about his time at SuccessFactors. We understand that many times it is difficult to get a good idea of a company’s workplace environment before accepting a position there. Sometimes it’s even harder to get […]. SuccessFactors Careers Jobs Lead Gen SuccessFactors Jobs working at SuccessFactors

Project Management: Science? Art? Common Sense?


I recently heard someone saying, “ Project management is just science. ” “Do I agree?” I asked myself. Here is what I think: Project management is both science and art, but it is the art of project management that makes great project managers. It is science because there are essential processes and elements that make up project management (e.g. scope, time, cost, quality etc.)