7 Ways To Improve Employee Relation with Remote Workers

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And after a successful year of remote work, businesses discovered the benefits of hiring remote employees and are thinking of adopting permanent remote work policies moving forward, figuring out how to build a strong relationship with remote employees. Employee engagement

Are you doing enough to leverage tech for employee relations?


It may not be surprising that during 2020, social and political conflict —along with ongoing challenges due to COVID-19—helped position the employee relations (ER) function as a vital factor in shaping positive employee experiences. million employees globally, including 2.3


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Employee Relations Case Management as a “new normal” HR Tool


As business owners and HR professionals struggle to determine the new normal for their company and employees, we will collectively be leaning toward more automation like employee relations case management tools and online resources to get our day-to-day work done.

Employee Relations Case Management as a “new normal” HR Tool


As business owners and HR professionals struggle to determine the new normal for their company and employees, we will collectively be leaning toward more automation and online resources to get our day-to-day work done. An employee (Jane) just had a video call with her Supervisor (Sarah).

Are You Tracking These Common Employee Relations Issues?


If you own a business or are a HR manager, maintaining unified employee relations is integral to your company’s success. While this is inevitable, the key to dealing with common employee relations issues is having a plan and multiple supports in place so that when issues do arise, they can be addressed swiftly and effectively. Common employee issues HR should be tracking to avoid legal ramifications : 1) Conflict Management. Employee Relations Software

Top 5 challenges in employee relations and how you can address them


WHAT ARE EMPLOYEE RELATIONS? Employee Relations is not just a term, nor it only means relationships between employers and employees. It refers to an organization’s efforts to create and maintain a positive relationship with its employees. Attendance Woes.

Make Corporate Learning Resemble the Online Shopping Experience

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Here are 5 takeaways from the panel discussion that really got me thinking: Give employees a single source for learning. Most of the time – Amazon. One company discovered their employees were searching Google to find the answers to their questions. So they decided to give employees a variety of training options (e. Let employees see training evaluations. Employees should understand what topics are essential for them to do their job effectively.

Make Your Next Employee Event “Instagrammable”

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Now that the holidays are well behind us and we’ve recovered from party season, I want to talk about human resources and employee parties. In my career, I planned parties, but I also attended the P&L meeting. The goal of an employee event isn’t to just plan the party. The purpose of the party is to reward and recognize employees. HR has the opportunity to get other managers and employees involved. It’s okay to do a little marketing during employee events.

Paid Time Off – Back to Basics

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In a 2017 small business survey conducted by Justworks and Squarefoot , it was reported that less than half (44%) of employees felt that unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) is important. In general, PTO is identified as vacation, sick leave, and / or personal days; in other words, allotted paid time away from work. Paid time off is considered an excellent recruitment tool. Banked time is typically awarded at the beginning of the calendar or fiscal year.

5 Deskercises to Keep You Active at Work

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Recently, I attended a Deskercise workshop (aka activities we can do at our desk). Repeat each leg 10 times. Calf Raises – Next time you’re waiting for the printer or copier, push up on your tippy toes, pause at the top, then lower back down. Employee Engagement Well-Being and Wellness employee relations engagement well-being

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Top HR Conferences to Attend in 2018


To help you find the conference that’s right for you, we’ve rounded up the top upcoming HR conferences across the country (Events with an asterisk indicate that Namely will be in attendance—we hope to see you there!) 1. Professionals from across the nation attend this conference to catch up on the latest HR legislation and stay ahead of the curve. This conference equips you with the tools to build a better learning experience for your employees.

Use An “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) To Create Employee Engagement

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The reason I’m mentioning this feature is because I attended a conference several months ago where one of the speakers said that they do AMAs with their senior management team. It’s a great way to allow employees to interact with senior management. An Ask Me Anything can be conducted at any time. Even if some employees miss the session, you can always promote the archive for later reading.

Quick Shots for #HR and #Business Pros – Employee Feedback Edition

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Employees at every level of the organization need to know how to deliver good feedback on a regular basis. It might be worth adding a little bit of training into orientation or onboarding about how employees can deliver good feedback. A skill an employee will need for their entire career. 6 Guidelines for Giving Powerful Employee Feedback. I think it’s a valuable tip for employees of any age. Don’t dismiss feedback as simply employee venting.

Quick Shots for #HR and #Business Pros – March 2015

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Next week, I will be attending SHRM’s Business Acumen: Integrating HR Across Operations seminar here in Fort Lauderdale. I’m also attending Human Capital Media’s Chief Learning Officer Symposium in Miami on April 13-15. Investing in our employees has never been more important for business growth. This is my first time at a Human Capital Media event and I’m hoping this symposium will provide some insights for the future of learning. Where has the year gone?!

Corporate Culture: Small Changes Create Big Results – #RethinkTheDailyGrind

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For a second year, I’ve had the opportunity to attend the Great Place to Work conference. spoke about the company’s programs that encourage employee innovation. Several CEOs in attendance (not just speakers) commented on how sustaining their corporate culture was a top priority. If you want employees to be engaged with their work, they must trust their manager and the organization. Employees need to trust the people they are expected to collaborate with.

Corporate Culture and Company Profits Are Not Mutually Exclusive

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A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend the Great Place to Work conference in Dallas. Places like The Cheesecake Factory are changing that with their investment into culture and employee engagement. Related posts from HR Bartender: You Can’t Have Self-Managed Teams Without Self-Managed People The Inevitable Shift From Jobs to Skills 3 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Job – Ask #HR Bartender.

Asking Employees for Reimbursement After They?ve Departed ? Ask #HR Bartender

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Today’s reader note is about a company that’s doing something really nice for employees and ends up with a huge dilemma on their hands. Our company takes all employees (along with their family, significant other, friend, etc.) While this is not a mandatory event, we hope all employees will attend. Last year almost 80 percent of all employees joined us). The employee buys their own airfare and we reimburse them.

When Is It Time to Fire an Employee?

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No one likes firing employees. While it’s important to give problem employees a chance to improve, there may eventually reach a point at which the only option is to let an employee go. But how do you know when it’s time to fire an employee? If an employee isn’t meeting your expectations, it’s important to let them know. It’s when no improvement is made or when the employee has no interest in improving that you may consider firing as the next step.

COVID Economy: There's Probably Some Big WARN Notices On The Way.

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Those programs came with strings - namely that employment had to be protected to a large degree for a significant period of time, even if work wasn't available. American Airlines began informing some employees of furloughs in late June. Economics Employee Relations Workplace

Handling Your HR Mistakes – Ask #HR Bartender

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Each employee is being given a severance package of 1 week for every year worked. When I explained my hire date was incorrect, I was told that I had been accruing Paid Time Off (PTO) at a lower rate. Looking back, there were times when I took time off, didn’t have enough PTO, and lost wages. Eric, because an employee’s hire date can trigger many benefits, how can employees make sure that their hire date is correct?

BREAKING: Big Data Is Going to Tell Us Our Workforce is Hopelessly Flawed.

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That works out at just over a whole month of deliberately wasted meeting-resources & time per year! Culture Employee Relations Performance Management WorkplaceIf you're a leader, you probably understand that the workplace is flawed.

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How To Select the Best Time Tracking Solution for Your Business

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Time and attendance tracking has come a long way since the old fashioned punch clock. If you are looking to upgrade your time and attendance tracking , or just starting out and trying to figure out the best time and attendance tracking solution, the following are a few factors to consider. While trust is a key element in the employee/employer relationship, it can be helpful to put safeguards up just in case workers decide to cut corners.

How You Can Repair Trust

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Because culture tells customers, candidates, and employees what to expect. When employees ask “Why does so-and-so always have to do this?” However, there are times when trust is broken unintentionally. Image taken by Sharlyn Lauby while attending the Great Place to Work Conference. Business and Customers Employee Engagement Leadership and Management employee relations engagement

Firing Employees Who Are Unproductive


Awhile back I received an email from a reader about how to let an employee go who is not performing adequately. The Time Thief A few years ago a manager called me to see if I could look into an employee’s time card. The employee was consistently putting forty hours of work on his timesheet, but he was arriving late, leaving early, and taking long lunches on a regular basis. I absolutely hate having to drop employees who are productive, good people.

Strategies For Handling Burnout

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One of the workplace topics being discussed with more frequency is employee burnout. It’s commonly included as one of the contributing factors to employee disengagement. During the Massachusetts Conference for Women , I had the opportunity to attend a panel discussion specifically focused on burnout. We can bookend or protect “me” time on our calendar. We can make sure we have time to exercise, sleep and eat well.

Employees: You Need to Read This

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Take, for instance, the employee handbook. Companies have been writing, printing and distributing employee handbooks for decades. Is there another way to provide employees the same information without killing a bunch of trees? Employee handbooks are time consuming and expensive to produce. And there’s a perception that employees don’t read them. EEO policy, anti-harassment policy, PTO and attendance policy , I-9 policy, etc.).

Chill Out: It Really Doesn't Matter Where Your Kids Go to College.

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I've got a senior in High School, and you know what that means - time for admission envy, parental handwringing and everything that goes with along with that. See this post (spend more time on the comments from parents who feel they've been wronged) for some crazy stories, accusations of unfairness and helicopter parents losing their minds. The overall result was that the college attended made no difference.

Employee Well-Being Impacts Your Recruiting Efforts

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We know that one of the most effective ways to recruit is using employee referral programs. Last year, SilkRoad reported that employee referrals in the U.S. So we agree – employee referrals are important to our overall recruitment efforts. But, how does this relate to employee well-being? While we talk about how successful employee referral programs are, we don’t always talk about what makes them successful.

Google Ends Weekly "All-Hands" Meetings: Here's Why.

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Then we realized that the people who wanted to talk about politics and leaked info don't reflect the views of the majority of our employees, which was reflected in the reality that only 25% of our employees now attend the all-hands, an all-time low. Along the way and before this, we realized that our infamous "20% time" that allowed you to work on your own projects wasn't actually contributing to business results.

That Time You Needed to Fire Someone - But Just Hired a Boss For Them Instead.

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For many teams, games featuring the starless and woeful 76ers as the visiting team have been the lowest-attended of the season, sources said. In corporate America, these decisions go a couple of different ways: --We bring in a peer employee at the low performer's position, citing "business is great". Communications Employee Relations Managing Sports and HR TalentPerformance issue? You can do three things: Deal with it. Ignore it.

The Ultimate Guide to Workplace Mentoring

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As a good manager , you do everything you can for the good of the company, yet your employees can still get hit. Most times, your employees won’t come to you with how they feel, so you need to step in and intervene. 5) Low Employee Turnover.

Does Drama at Work Cost the Average Worker 2.5 Hours Per Day? #workhuman

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One of the best shows I attend, highly recommended. Allison has been known to get wound up and need some vent time with you on a periodic basis. Many times they're wanting to complain about things they can't control, or realities they've made up in their own mind. Employee Relations Performance Management WorkplaceCapitalist Note : I'm spending the first couple of days of this week at WorkHuman in Austin.

Workplace Investigations Improve Company Culture. Really?


Over the last few months, I have been speaking at regional HR meetings on the topic of “Using Workplace Investigations to Drive Employee Engagement and Improve Company Culture. And although I hear some skepticism on how this could be possible, attendance has been at very high levels. When talking to the attendees, I am hearing that HR professionals are very interested in finding a better way to handle sticky and serious employee relations issues.

7 Tips to Support Your Employees on the Road

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As an employer, asking employees to travel can often be overlooked as just another part of their job description , but it’s necessary they’re given the right support when embarking on long-distance journeys. A recent study by iCarhire.com revealed employee habits on business trips. Unless the trip involves a substantial stop or a ferry journey, this should be your maximum, otherwise you’re asking too much of your employees and could be putting them at risk.

5 Common Misnomers Re: Employer Retaliation


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) make it illegal to fire, demote, harass, or otherwise retaliate against either job applicants or employees based upon the individual doing any of the following: filing a charge of discrimination, complaining to their employer about discrimination on the job, or. The following are the 5 most common misunderstandings to watch out for: It’s not retaliation if the employee quits. We all know that the laws enforced by the U.S.