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10 Smart Strategies to Enhance Employee Experience

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Employees who aren’t engaged (and most aren’t) are more likely to move on to other jobs, and the average cost to replace one of those workers is from 90% to 200% of their annual salary (this according to PayScale ). . Help your employees get and stay well.

Hiring the Wrong Salesperson is a $2-Million Mistake

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Start with PayScale’s (free!) complete guide to compensation plans, Bring Back the Sizzle: PayScale’s Guide to Comp Plans That Get Workers Fired Up (In a Good Way). Wrong metrics and goals : For example, valuing cost per hire vs. quality of talent and timeliness of hires.

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Data-driven recruiting 101: How to improve your hiring process


Here’s what to do to shift towards data-driven recruiting: Choose the right data and metrics. Start by selecting a few important hiring metrics to track. All companies benefit from measuring quality of hire , since this metric shows the overall effectiveness of your hiring processes.

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Make Your Compensation Work Across Generations

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In yesterday’s Advisor , we looked at the first two of Payscale’s five compensation tips for workers at all stages of their careers, referencing their report, Compensation Challenges for a Multi-Generational Workforce. Onboarding practices?

The Executive Assistant’s Guide: Tips for Getting a Promotion or Raise


Plus, the report also found that the responsibilities and expectations resting on executive assistants has grown to include a variety of tasks – everything from IT support to Human Resource duties like onboarding new employees… So what are you waiting for?

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


Glink : Real estate & financial wellness expert. ClickBoardingHR : Onboarding’s never been so easy for HR and new hires! Now you really can have that great onboarding experience. onboarding #HRTech. Now you really can have that great onboarding experience.