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10 Smart Strategies to Enhance Employee Experience

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Employees who aren’t engaged (and most aren’t) are more likely to move on to other jobs, and the average cost to replace one of those workers is from 90% to 200% of their annual salary (this according to PayScale ). . Help your employees get and stay well.

Mission Transparency: Greater Sense of Job Meaning Reduces Turnover

Compensation Today

A new PayScale study asked employees if their workplace made the world a better place , those workers who responded “yes” had the highest median pay of all survey respondents, at $50,600, followed by those who said “very much so,”at $49,700. Fight Turnover with Transparency.

Using Compensation Planning to Improve Engagement & Retention


How Can Compensation Planning Help Improve Engagement & Retention? Disengaged employees are less motivated, less productive and over time, are more likely to leave the company for better opportunities elsewhere, thus creating high turnover rates. In response to that, about 63% of the companies have referenced retention as top focus of compensation and more than half of the companies that were surveyed use some form of pay-for-performance strategy. Reward for Retention.