Background Screening Impacts the Candidate Experience

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More than 70 percent of the Fortune 100 use HireRight for their employment screening needs. It even includes other steps in the overall hiring process, like background screening, where organizations might leverage third-party service providers.

Prepare for Talent Curveballs With Cross-Training

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One of the best ways to prepare for talent gaps is to offer training opportunities across departments. While cross-training, or employee rotation , is often recommended as a retention strategy, it's also a great succession planning strategy. 2) Make Time for Cross-Training.

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October 2015 Product Release: Save Time, Boost Productivity, and Make Smarter Decisions

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Browse for Training – Courses for You. Present a more engaging experience, keep content fresh, and deliver highly relevant training by recommending training tailored to employee interests.

4 Ways to Screen Candidates Even Quicker

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One of the most time consuming parts of the recruiting process can be initial candidate screens. There are 4 ways you can effectively speed up your candidate screening process. One excellent way to speed up the screening process is to find someone to help you with initial screening.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

screening and scheduling, and are left with little. 3 “Here’s how long it really takes to get a job,” October 22, 2015. in the company, it is also determining if he fulfills the company’s basic screening. ALLYO Screen and Asses Hundreds of candidates apply for a single job.

5 Business Lessons Learned From Adult Coloring Books

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Lora DiFranco, one of the founders, said they created the coloring book as a result of “not being very crafty” but wanting to spend time away from computer screens and feel creative. Having a low-tech or no-tech activity is a healthy break from the computer screen.

Speeding Up Selection, Rewards, Training (and HR in General)


Then you have two options: You don’t like it, don’t care, or generally are disinterested, then you swipe it left off the screen and see the next one (anonymously). For employees: checking out available training/development opportunities.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Can Save Your Business Money

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So businesses have a short window to screen applicants and apply for this credit. The WOTC program has multiple benefits: For workers: The WOTC helps remove barriers to hire by helping to offset the cost of hiring and training, in addition to other opportunities for employment.

Will Technology Replace Recruiters – Ask #HR Bartender

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Recruiting Animal is the host of the Recruiting Animal show (broadcast live every Wednesday at 12n Eastern), and Stacy Donovan Zapar is the founder of Tenfold , a consultancy providing social training solutions and the most connected woman on LinkedIn.

Cost-to-Hire: Don’t Spend $100s to Earn Pennies

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Only five percent of companies evaluate candidates during the sourcing and screening process. An effective screening process, including pre-hire assessments, can reduce the cost of a bad hire by 45 percent. How often do you make bad hires?

5 Companies Using Gamification to Boost Business Results

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Challenge: Cisco had invested in a global social media training program for its employees and contractors to build and leverage their social media skillset. Results: The average time to complete the training curriculum dropped by 50 percent, and the program has seen a 46.6

The Cream of the Crop: How to Build Pre-Screen Questions to Find the Right Applicant

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With a pre-screen, employers can determine which candidates are best and which aren''t qualified before examining a single résumé. Applicant Tracking Recruitment Process HR Training Get the Hire You Desire

How Crowdsourcing Can Solve Your Toughest Talent Gaps

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Building consumer-grade experiences designed for mass appeal and usability on a 5-inch screen is an incredibly complex mix of art and science—and most companies don't have the resources for rewarding elite talent like Apple does. Crowdsource Corporate Training.

Ready or Not, Here Comes Generation Z

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Just because their faces and fingers are often glued to screens does not mean they are not networking. Be ready to teach and train them. For managers still trying to figure out the Millennials, I have some disturbing news. Generation Z is already knocking on HR’s doorstep.

How Big Data is Changing the Recruiting Game

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Xerox estimates it spends $5,000 to train every new call-center rep. Sears has also stepped up its screening game.

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How to Identify and Train the Skill That Matters Most


When candidates lack these skills, on-the-job training becomes much more difficult, and employers know this. First, screening. Second, training. The post How to Identify and Train the Skill That Matters Most appeared first on TalentCulture.

The New Recruiting Metric: First Year Retention


We were spending hours recruiting, training (each employee received over a dozen hours of training before starting work), and coaching these people, only to have all of that effort wasted.

Making the HR Technology Leap


When we transitioned to using an applicant tracking system, I was able to then spend more time coaching hiring managers, screening candidates more thoroughly, and onboarding new employees.

Dos and Don’ts of Employment Background Screening


Companies are always looking for ways to improve their recruiting process, whether it’s by reducing the time it takes to hire someone for a particular role or creating an efficient background screening for potential employees. . . Training your hiring managers is critical in this process. .

How HR Can Tackle Diversity Using the Rooney Rule


In August 2015, the need for more workforce diversity was spotlighted in a big way when President Obama issued a call to action to technology companies, encouraging them to hire more women and minorities by implementing the Rooney Rule.

Five Awesome Recruitment Metrics for Tech Innovation Success (How to Link Workforce Metrics With Business Outcomes, Part One)


Why you need it: If someone leaves your organization within 90 days of starting, then you most likely have no return on the time and money you invested in finding, onboarding, and training them to do the work required.

Back to the Future Day Has Arrived, and It’s Brought HR Along with It!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015, marks the date when Emmett “Doc” Brown and Marty McFly took their Mr. Fusion-powered flying DeLorean time machine into the future (or should we say the present?) ” Doc exclaims shortly after he brings Marty into 2015. HR 2015? It’s finally here!

I’ve Had Six Great Bosses in Four Years – Here’s What I’ve Learned From Each One (Part 1)

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Reporting to an HR Manager, I had day-to-day responsibilities around employee and labor union relations, recruiting, training, and safety. <> …So I’m relatively early in my HR career.


A data breach is often an employee problem

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According to the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report “phishing” is still a major source of data breaches. The first solution is to have a robust email screening tool. Your IT system has to be very good at screening out emails that are potentially phishing attempts.

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Assessments in Hiring: To Use or Not to Use?


There is a reason it takes hundreds of people to make standardized tests like the SAT, all of whom usually have training in an advanced field known as psychometrics. Therefore, the key is making sure that the tests are applied equally to all candidates, that you are screening for job-related elements, and that the process is “consistent with business necessity.” According to the Aberdeen Group , 57 percent of companies use pre-hire assessments.

HR Metrics – Connecting Goals to Organizational Strategy

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Your metrics will show you whether the outcomes of employee training, engagement exercise and any other talent-related communication was monetarily worthwhile. Did employees request more training in some areas?

Hiring Wisdom: The 10 Most Significant Changes Recruiting New Employees

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Develop effective ways to train inexperienced new hires.). Most screening and interviewing selection systems only identify great applicants rather than honing in on those who would be great employees. How to ensure your system screens-in the best.).

Career Builder Survey Reveals 1 in 5 Employers Have Asked Illegal Interview Question


Asking why a military veteran was discharged is illegal; however asking what type of education, training or work experience received while in the military is not. Blog Employee Screening hr HR Thought Leadership interviewing Screening

6 Millennial Recruiting Techniques You Need to Know About

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According to the 2015 Millennial Majority Workforce study by Elance-oDesk and Millennial Branding, Millennials will be the largest generation in the U.S. To that end, we have training sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays, and we also incentivize reading relevant books, becoming certified, etc.

Four Things to Watch For When You’re Hiring Contingent Workers

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If you’re an HR rep planning to hire a contingent worker, consider the following four tips: Screening matters. Many have different policies and procedures in place when it comes to screening; in fact, some staffing companies forego screening altogether. What about drug screens?

Hiring? Approving Mortgages? It’s the Same Thing!

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The intern conducts the initial screening conversation and then schedules an in-person interview, where Chris is interviewed by quite a few folks who ask many questions. He works with the lender’s credit counselors and even agrees to attend training to learn more.

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The Biggest Mistake Leaders Make When Leading Change

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All they got were a few hours of training the week before the system went live. You view training as synonymous with change leadership. Just because you train people, doesn’t mean they are ready or willing to adopt and adapt.).

6 Myths (And Realities) About HR Tech You Need to Know About

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Once you’re familiar with the technology, then you’ll need to train your staff to use it. Here are a few common HR tech tools and the metrics you can use to better test for success: Video interviews: Video interviews are all about speed and screening.

How Background Checks Can Land Your Business In Hot Water


While background screenings can provide valuable insight on your applicants, it’s vital that these investigations and subsequent hiring decisions are handled with great care to comply with applicable laws and EEOC guidelines. Social media as a screening method.

Blindfolding Your Bias: How to Make Diversity an HR Staple


In a study from the University of Chicago on racial bias in résumé screening, identical résumés were sent to a variety of companies in Boston and Chicago. Diversity—it’s a key to good business.