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Communicating with Employees About the COVID Vaccine

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Are you concerned about navigating the COVID vaccination cycle? The flu vaccine is simple, but spend ten minutes browsing HR publications and major media sites and you’ll realize the COVID vaccine isn’t.

The 7 Most Important 1-on-1 Questions to Ask Remote Employees

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Have you ever spent any time on a deserted island? I have. I’ve spent seven long years on the Isle of WFH. If you’ve done a lot of remote work, you probably felt at times like you were on a deserted island. There are times when remote employees feel isolated and on their own.


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Flimp Communications Launches BENEFITchoice, Personalized Employee Benefits-Assessment Tool

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Helps employees prioritize and assess voluntary and supplemental benefits offered by their employer.

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Scaling Employee Training Videos

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We’re past the initial scramble of companies and HR managers desperate to improve training video content, challenged to reach remote workers. Today, organizations have produced more engaging employee training content to help new workers hit the ground running.

The Health Benefit Employees at 8,000+ Companies Love

We support employers to achieve key benefit goals; attracting and engaging employees, improving employee productivity and wellbeing, and advancing value-based care. Now more than ever, employers must find a way to turn disengaged employees into active - and proactive - participants in their own health. And that's where extraordinary healthcare experiences come in.

11 Inspiring Ideas for Engaging Remote Employees

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Quarantine fatigue. I have it, you have, your employees have it. As we pass the 1-year mark of this unprecedented historical shift in the way we as a society conduct both social and professional interactions, it’s impossible to not long for a “return to normalcy.”.

Embrace the Digital Postcard for Virtual Open Enrollment 2020

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This year presents a new reason to take a second look at how digital postcards improve the open enrollment process. The disruption caused by the pandemic brought an end to in-person enrollment meetings and benefits-onboarding presentations for HR and benefits providers.

Workforce Texting Is the Next Frontier of Employee Engagement

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Effectively reaching and engaging employees is the key to success for a human resources department. Yet, most HR professionals struggle to deliver crucial messages because employees suffer from email overload or have more pressing concerns.

Flimp Featured: Stephen Graziano on Inspiring Employee Retention

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The pandemic has undeniably impacted the job market. With so many furloughed or looking for new work, Flimp’s Director of Channel Sales, Stephen Graziano looks to those interviewees for answers about employee retention.

Diversity and Inclusion: Adding Equity to the Equation

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In 2020, the concept of diversity and inclusion is starting to look a little different than it did five or even ten years ago. As we’ve witnessed recently, issues of racial justice have again risen in public awareness around the world.

eLearning vs. Conventional Training Approaches

Is online safety training as effective as instructor-led safety training? Find out why the best training outcomes are achieved when they are used together.



Lessons Learned: HR, Employee Communications and COVID-19

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Well, things are certainly different, aren’t they? The plans everyone had a few months ago have gone right out the window. What do we do about it? For those of us in HR and employee communications, these are the times we’ve been training for all our careers.

Six Ways HR Can Help Boost Morale

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“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , only 29 percent of Americans can work from home” – The Atlantic. While COVID-19 continues to affect people around the world, all we can do is keep our distance and work (if able) to maintain a sense of normalcy.

The Question of Childcare and Women in the Workplace During COVID

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The pandemic has created an economic disaster for every nation. By many measures, it’s worse than the Great Depression. One of the main measures is Gross Domestic Product (which has plummeted), but the metric that means more to a majority of people is the jobless rate.

From Perk to Necessity: Telehealth and Mental Health During the Pandemic

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Telehealth has crept up here and there over the last few years, mostly as a flashy perk of certain benefits packages. But during times like these, telehealth has become a lifeline. COVID-19 has made it difficult or, in some cases, impossible to schedule some medical appointments.

Does Your Company Need Help Solving These 4 Common eLearning Challenges?

If you want to know how to get ahead of the game and avoid the common mishaps in selling your eLearning courses, you’ve come to the right place! Lambda Solutions has identified the most common and costly challenges faced by eLearning providers today.

Employee Benefits: How the Pandemic Is Changing Benefits Offerings

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In the midst of this pandemic, employers and employees alike are feeling the uncertainty of the future. With many working remotely to maintain personal and family safety, medical benefits and financial security are necessary to press on.

Flimp Featured: Jesse Albro Discusses Virtual Open Enrollment on “We’re Only Human”

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Due to the pandemic, more companies are turning to digital solutions for annual benefits enrollment. Some have been building towards digital communications for a while but others may feel like they’ve been dumped in the deep end.

Flimp Featured: Navigating Office Politics with Heather Smith and the Forbes HR Council

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When people work together day after day, many lifelong relationships will be built, but inevitably, disagreements will occur. This is true even when most or all employees are working remotely.

Upcoming Virtual Events for HR and Employee Benefits

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In the era of the New Normal, children aren’t the only ones who’ve had to embrace digital learning. With so many annual conferences cancelled in the wake of the COVID crisis, we’re embracing virtual events and streaming alternatives.

5 Reasons CFOs Invest in Talent Development

In 2021, many of your competitors will invest in talent development software. If you make the right decision, invest in the right software, and if your organization is willing to use it, you can realize five decisive competitive advantages. To see those advantages, download Paycor’s latest guide, 5 Reasons CFOs Invest in Talent Development.

Workplace Wellness Trends for HR Managers in 2020

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There are plenty of new ways HR managers are thinking about workplace wellness in 2020. This is leading to new products, new technologies and new ways of thinking about employee benefits.

Provide Ongoing Employee Communications to Engage and Reassure

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The COVID-19 crisis is emphasizing how important it is to stay connected with your workforce, while simultaneously making it harder to do so. The speed at which the situation is changing and the localized nature of many regulations requires targeted messaging with a quick turnaround.

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Voluntary Benefits to Highlight During Open Enrollment

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General benefits literacy has long been lacking among America’s workforce. The pandemic has been a wakeup call for many. It’s encouraging workers to pay closer attention and employers to take greater steps in providing supplemental education.

Complimentary COVID-19 Video and Digital Postcard for Employee Communications

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Have you communicated with employees about coronavirus? It’s important that they hear from employers about what’s expected of them during this difficult time. Our creative team at Flimp has developed this informative COVID-19 video and digital postcard to help.

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5 Tips to Advance Your Career as a Technical Recruiter

This step-by-step guide is designed to provide technical recruiters with tips and tricks to achieve tangible results that accelerate their recruiting efforts—and career.

In It Together: Improving the Employee Experience of Working from Home

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Working from home used to be considered a perk but now it’s a blessing that’s keeping businesses afloat and putting food on the table for more than half of our population. According to a study by Clutch , “66% of employees in the U.S. are working from home.”

Flimp Featured: CPO Heather Smith’s Thoughts for Forbes on Crisis Communications

Flimp Communications

Our Chief People Officer, Heather Smith , helps to share her experience and insight as a member of the Forbes Human Resources Council.

HR Leaders Can Help Workers Feel Safer About Returning to the Office

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For better or worse, the US is working to reopen for business now that the initial shelter-in-place orders are expiring. Even New York City, where 20,000 people have died from COVID-19, is in phase two of a four-phase plan.

Flimp Featured: Job Interview Advice from Heather Smith

Flimp Communications

Hunting for a new job is stressful and the job interview with hiring managers often tops the list of stressors. Flimp Communications CPO Heather Smith is just one of the Forbes Human Resources Council members tapped for advice on reducing interview-related anxiety.

3 Guiding Principles to Support the Human Dimension in Learning

Speaker: Dr. Amy Titus, Managing Director in Human Capital at Deloitte Consulting

Join Dr. Amy Titus, Managing Director in Human Capital at Deloitte Consulting, for her exclusive session where she will be discussing the 3 guiding principles for the future of learning, and how these can affect the design of work in organizations.

Finding the Right Digital Open Enrollment Option

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Over the last few years, many companies have been revising annual benefits enrollment to keep pace with the digital world. The pandemic, however, is forcing those who’ve been hesitant about migrating to a new enrollment model to confront the transition all at once.

New Employment Laws for 2021: What They Mean for HR Professionals

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With the infamous 2020 in the rearview mirror — hopefully along with the unprecedented challenges that accompanied it — HR professionals are hoping for a less chaotic year.

Retrain to Retain: Employee Engagement in Uncertain Times

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It’s an old conundrum in business. What if we train them and they leave?” versus “What if we don’t train them and they stay?” In my experience (and you should always be suspicious of anecdotal evidence), companies that train their people, tend to retain their people.

The Role of Benefits Decision Support in the New Normal

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Benefits decision support has come a long way since employees had to fill out endless forms while reading nearly inscrutable jargon explaining what their benefit options were. Health insurance is still difficult for employees to understand and use efficiently.

Extending the Reach of HR: Supporting and Sourcing Remote Talent

Speaker: Karen Lim, Alliance Academy

The concept of Global HR is becoming more common as more companies become permanently remote. As companies expand their talent-bases beyond borders, HR reps will bear the responsibilities that come along with it. Adapting to different cultures, distances, and legal implications whilst preserving core company values is essential. Once you can do this, the world becomes your oyster. Join Karen Lim of Alliance Academy, and learn to thrive in a remote-first mindset.

How Decision-Support Tools Can Replace Benefits Fairs

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Human resources teams are adapting annual benefits enrollment practices to meet the needs of employees impacted by the pandemic. For most companies, this means switching to digital solutions to reduce in-person interaction.

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