Rewarding Your Employees Could be a Path to Retention

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Virtually every organization has a problem with employee retention. As Willis Towers Research findings show, more than 25% of employees today are at a high risk for turnover. Increasing Productivity. You have to face the fact that recognition drives productivity.

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As products like Visier for mid-market have entered the arena, small to midsize businesses are becoming aware that it’s time to start investing in proper HR data analysis. Caitlin Bigsby, Director of Product Marketing at Visier, states, “This is where democratizing data can help.

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Engagement Isn’t the End Variable


Rather, CEOs want to move the needle on productivity, customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue. For example, per IBM, employees who score highly on the experience index, which is correlated with engagement, gave 40 percentage points more discretionary effort and were therefore far more productive. Per Aon Hewitt, teams of engaged employees saw an additional 25 percent growth in Net Promoter Scores. Employee Engagement Employee Retention General Human Resources

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Positive employee experience leads to higher job performance and productivity. Lower employee turnover. The factors that affect employee turnover vary by industry and job role, but excessive workload is a top culprit across the board.

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Talent optimization: making the case for budget

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Some highlights of the report were: HR’s priorities focus on optimizing talent through better hiring, engagement, and retention. HR leaders are becoming more proactive with data and seeing the impacts: better retention, engagement, and understanding of workplace challenges. When you optimize your talent you enjoy better hires, higher engagement, and improved retention—and your company wins financially.

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14 Benefits of Employee Engagement that Work

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Increases Productivity. Engaged employees = Increased Productivity. A study by Gallup revealed that connected teams are 21% more productive. Like all other companies, making employees productive must be your end goal too. Improves Retention Rates.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Employee Engagement Survey


Employee Retention. Employee Retention. Facebook’s Scott Judd writes that “Simply asking our people how long they intend to stay is more than twice as accurate at foretelling their future turnover than machine-learning forecasts by an industry leader in predictive analytics.”

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According to an AON Hewitt study, 52% of workers said they’re open to new job opportunities. That’s why such a strong emphasis is being placed on onboarding, engagement and retention strategies. Turnover costs - Cost to replace an employee is 2-3 times their salary.