20 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas for 2021

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Employee Benefits: Definition, Examples and Best Practices . Employee benefits are important to your present and future employees. Find out what are the best perks to implement in your company. Employee Benefits Defined . Flexible working hours .

Look for the Helpers: Thoughts from Susanna Eiland of Cox Automotive

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The last few weeks have been a series of peaks and valleys. The last time the world experienced an event of this magnitude was almost 80 years ago in World War II and even that experience does not truly compare. Like an undercover operative, COVID-19 hides within the picture of health, silently spreading fear and uncertainty. But in the midst of the crisis, there will be light. Surrounded by the helpers. Breweries around the southeast U.S.,


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Employee Benefits: Definition, Examples and Best Practices [+INFOGRAPHIC]

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Employee Benefits: Definition, Examples and Best Practices . Employee benefits are important to your present and future employees. Find out what are the best perks to implement in your company. Employee Benefits Defined . Flexible working hours .

What every company needs to include in its inclement weather policy

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A solid inclement weather policy addresses the issues bound to arise when snow, ice, hurricanes, and other treacherous events make traveling to the office questionable or even impossible. The following serves as a guideline for what to include when creating an inclement weather policy.

Preventing Employee Burnout

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For many employees, the holidays can be stressful both at home and at work. While having a negative relationship with a direct supervisor is the leading cause of disengagement, there is a close second that has been becoming more prominent over the past few years: employee burnout. Contributing Factors to Employee Burnout. Thanks to Gallup Workplace’s research into the causes, we see some alarming trends.

WIRTW #358 (the “appreciation” edition)

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o your employees feel appreciated? Today is Employee Appreciation Day. However, if you limit your appreciation efforts to 0.38% of a year’s working days, I can flat-out guarantee that your employees do not feel appreciated (even on their “special” day). Employee appreciation needs to be a year-round effort, not a one-off to-do to check off your corporate calendar. The DOL’s Model FMLA Forms Expired Just Days Ago.

The Top Human Resources Topics #HRtalk


What are the HR topics most frequently mentioned in social updates (e.g., during the last three months? This post has the answer. This means we analyzed every tweet for each Twitter ID including the shared content. Finally, we analyzed RSS feeds for about 2,000 HR blogs and other media properties in the HR, recruiting and benefits space. From this data we identified the most popular human resource topics for the last three months. Minimum Wage.

How to Determine What Benefits Your Employees Really Want


My best friend used to work as a warehouse employee at a very large online retailer. The funny thing was that the benefits that actually contributed to her enjoyment of her job were largely accidental—she got tons of exercise and liked her unconventional shift hours. However, the company didn’t plan these perks and didn’t do anything to promote or track them. This is a clear case of employer to employee disconnect.

How to Build Your HR + A List of the Best Tools for Your Company


Chances are, your team is not only responsible for payroll and benefits, but recruiting, onboarding and offboarding, culture and engagement—the works! So many, in fact, that assembling the right combination—what we call an HR tech stack—can be an overwhelming and exhausting ordeal.

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Improve Employee Scheduling to Fast Track Business Recovery: The Comprehensive Guide


Have you evaluated your employee scheduling processes lately? It also decreases customer and employee satisfaction. Companies that initiated work from home policies during the coronavirus lockdown are bringing teams back to the office in phases. This has made employee scheduling more complicated. Employee scheduling software can help managers create schedules that benefit both employees and customers. Small Business Employee Scheduling.

9 Ways to Improve Employee Loyalty and Engagement


All team managers will agree: Keeping your qualified, talented, and dedicated employees engaged and loyal is one of the most crucial parts of the job. Case in point, 87% of human resource managers say improving employee retention is a top priority for both long and short-term. Retaining your top employees is critical for a number of reasons. For one, your loyal, engaged, long-time employees are also likely to be the most talented.

7 Ways to Keep Call Center Employees Engaged

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Your call center employees are very often the first employees your customers interact with. They are problem solvers, and they are the keys to driving innovation, knowledge, and revenue throughout your organization. Call center employees also spend a lot of time talking to customers who are less than happy. The rigors of this work can lead to increased employee frustration and disengagement. How can you inspire engagement at your organization?

These Companies Are Reinventing Their Health Benefits — and Creating a Major Competitive Advantage

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In 1942, at the height of the Second World War, U.S. With so many workers engaged in military service, competition for talent was through the roof — but an executive order had frozen wages to curb inflation. In a 2018 survey, LinkedIn found that 49% of employees would value increased health and wellness benefits over any other perks. In 2017, only one in three companies (34%) offered any health coverage to part-time employees.