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What Training Leaders Can Learn from a Design Thinking Approach


When one comes across the notion of “design thinking” for the first time, the initial thoughts that jump to mind might be about a design team at work. Let’s see how implementing design thinking in your organization’s training program can make a real impact.

4 Lessons HR Teams Can Learn from HBO’s Westworld


Professionals in the HR space can find more than their fair share of helpful advice from the characters of HBO’s WestWorld. The power of self-awareness. Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality? The secret to attracting top talent. The good news?

The Best Workday Integration You Never Knew About


Learn more about Globoforce’s pre-packed integration for social recognition in our webinar this Wednesday. Globoforce is the only certified Workday partner offering pre-packed integration for social recognition. Greater talent insight for performance reviews.

What is the Difference Between ERP and CRM Software?


But you might be asking yourself, “What is the difference between ERP and CRM software?” Let’s learn more. What is the Difference Between ERP and CRM Software? Its primary use is to nurture prospects down the sales funnel. Enhancing the sales process.

5 Common Mistakes Of Succession Planning


The absence of an effective succession plan in your business can have unforeseen consequences. A recent article in Forbes highlights the unexpected departure of Intel’s Chief Executive in June as an example of the impact on a business when succession plans aren’t in place. A rushed approach to succession planning can also have a detrimental effect on your talent management. Regular reviews of the job descriptions and the skills required for those positions.

The Evolution of Employee Engagement


It’s no secret that organizations with high levels of engagement consistently outperform the competition. Despite an annual investment of $720M in engagement programs , the majority of workers are still disengaged, resulting in $550B in lost revenue annually. Did you get the memo?