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4 Ways to Use Your Onboarding Technology For More Than Onboarding

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SilkRoad recently launched an online resource center showcasing how Human Resource Management Systems can benefit your bottom line. Enjoy the post!). Let’s start at the beginning. We all know what onboarding is. And we all know why onboarding is important.

10 Features to Look for in Corporate Training Solutions

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Corporate training solutions have evolved over time. It has grown into an all-in-one tool where companies can monitor the growth of their employees, employees can track their own metrics and learn at the same time. Learn how to use employee training metrics.

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How Can Training Tools Supercharge your Employee Productivity

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And ever since organizations have uncovered that the secret behind employee productivity is growth and learning opportunities, they have been devising strategies to provide continuous training for increased efficiency with training tools. LMS – Learning Management Systems.

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Get Employee Onboarding Right


The typical new hire process. Often it’s a loose process– two thirds of companies have no formal onboarding program. And not having a longer-term, structured onboarding program puts the onus on managers without equipping them to get their new team members up to speed.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

The next. human counterparts hire smarter The evolving role of the modern recruiter 12. w av e o f A I- le d r e cr u it in g The recruiting process. pressure to hire the right people. relationships, assessing fit and onboarding new. person for the job.

Boomerang employees: tips for hiring and onboarding


Here’s why you should (and shouldn’t) rehire boomerangs and how to onboard them into your company. You’ll spend less time recruiting and training ex-employees. Investigate the reasons why the employee left your company. Interviewing the boomerang employee.

7 Modules Your Compliance Training Resources Must Include

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Compliance training is usually a part of every employee’s initial training process. Compliance training resources and modules generally consist of a long list of code of conduct which includes topics such as anti-harassment, bribery, FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practice Act), protection of company data, client interactions, usage of company property and data security, etc. Are your Compliance Training Resources Effective? How to Deliver Compliance Training?

10 Elements of an Effective Onboarding Program


Selecting the right candidate for the job is nothing without a proper onboarding program. We know well that the success of any recruitment strategy depends on a rigorous selection process. People The third area to be covered is all about people. Onboarding

Modern, Consumer-Grade Training

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This has been the year of the Employee Experience (EX), the consumer-grade UX and the ongoing war for talent. Here’s how modern, consumer-grade training is helping companies attract and retain talent: Promote a modern, innovative brand.

Your 5-Day Plan to Learning Instagram

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The next post in our “5-Day Plan” series focuses on Instagram. If you haven’t checked out the other posts in our series, you can find them here: Your 5-Day Plan to Learning Twitter. Your 5-Day Plan to Learning LinkedIn. Your 5-Day Plan to Learning Pinterest.

New: Evolution of Onboarding eBook


In years past, many organizations viewed onboarding as a transactional process comprised of new hire paperwork and time spent orienting to company policies. Other highlights include: Applying onboarding to employee transitions. Future trends and opportunities in onboarding.

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A Guide to Properly Onboarding New Hires


Welcoming a new employee requires more effort than a quick introduction to coworkers and handing the new hire over to HR to get their paperwork in order. Taking the time to properly onboard a new hire can mean the difference between retaining your new employee and re-advertising the position within months. SEE ALSO: Managing a Multigenerational Workforce in the Age of The Millennial. What is Onboarding? Online Onboarding Programs.

How to Onboard New Employees + Onboarding Checklist


Employee onboarding is the process of providing new hires with the resources they need to successfully integrate with a company, culture, and new role. Employee Onboarding: Best Practices to Keep in Mind. Personalize the Experience. Use Onboarding Technology.

5 cost-friendly training ideas using LMS software

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Training is a must-have for many employees today. According to the consultant group, Guthrie Jensen, 68% of workers consider training and development the most important company benefit. Businesses want to train employees while staying within budget.

Three essential elements to implement retail training

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It’s true, in many ways, Starbucks is a leader in how they onboard and train new retail employees. It took effort and required learning from mistakes. After more than a decade of implementing retail training at Starbucks, I learned three essential elements to make training a success. Align retail training with your mission. Retail training programs are most effective when the content is directly connected to the company’s mission.

Cross-training staff: A guide to effective implementation


Cross-training staff has long been viewed as a way to groom future managers. Today, the practice has moved beyond managerial candidates to all levels, and there are good reasons behind this change. Recently, the practice has been applied to the rank and file.

Choosing an onboarding solution: 9 things to consider


Onboarding is a critical part of the employee lifecycle, but stats show we’re still failing to deliver great experiences for our new starters. When picking out an onboarding solution for your business, how do you ensure you tick all the boxes? Download the free guide.

Choosing an onboarding solution: 9 things to consider


Onboarding is a critical part of the employee lifecycle, but stats show we’re still failing to deliver great experiences for our new starters. When picking out an onboarding solution for your business, how do you ensure you tick all the boxes? Download the free guide.

Rewrite Your Talent Onboarding Story In 7 Game-Changing Steps

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His new position would offer him more responsibility, more pay and a chance to learn some new technologies. That’s what he thought, too, until he began to experience the firm’s employee onboarding process. 2 – Learning the Unwritten Rules. 6 – That’s the End?

7 Employee Training Methods To Jumpstart Your New Hires

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Hiring employees but failing to provide them with a solid base of training is a good way to lose talent. On top of that, the cost of replacing an employee is high—up to 150% of the worker’s annual salary. 7 Types Of Employee Training To Jumpstart Your New Hires.

A Complete Guide to create a Perfect Customer Onboarding Process


They will send a snarky review where they outline their experience to everyone on the Internet. At this juncture, you will certainly not expect a mellow reaction from the customer when they feel they have been wronged. What is customer onboarding? 2 Video as an onboarding tool.

How to Create a New Hire Onboarding Checklist


You’ve found the perfect candidate, and now it’s time to turn them into a new employee. While bringing in a new teammate is exciting for recruiters and hiring managers alike, putting together an effective onboarding program can be quite a challenge. Download the template.

Gamify Onboarding – Make New Employee’s Learning Process Fun


But with so much to learn about the company and so many new faces to remember, it can also be equally overwhelming to be the new kid on the block. What is employee gamification, and how can you use it to make onboarding more engaging? The theme? The content?

Optimize the Onboarding Process with HR Technology

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In talent management, the challenges of retention and its impact on ROI are as old as the very act of hiring. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics , three million people have left their job voluntarily every month since June 2017. Training and Onboarding Disconnect.

Sapling - Three Tips for Effective Millennial Employee Training


Millennials already comprise the largest share of workers in the U.S. It’s not surprising that HR departments are competing for the same talent in their teams and to fill the roles for their hiring managers. So, why don’t they want to grow with the team?It

How to Choose the Right LMS for Your Extended Enterprise Training


Your extended enterprise is a key component that contributes to the success of your business. If the training you provide them with is not managed and delivered correctly, you run the risk of poor performing partners and customers, which will affect your bottom line. You need to ensure the solution you plan to use best fits your extended enterprise training needs. Some questions you should be asking: Why do you need training for multiple audiences?

5 Ways to Take Onboarding to a Strategic Level


To achieve higher levels of maturity, organizations need to go beyond the transactional view of onboarding and move towards an all-encompassing employee experience. Here’s five ways to take onboarding to a strategic level. Onboarding

Sapling - Buddying Up for Great Employee Onboarding


In starting a new role, have you ever wished you could fast forward through the first few months, skipping over those awkward moments of confusion? Here’s the run-down on why and how you should include a Buddy Program into your Employee Onboarding process.

Setting the Stage for Success: Who is Getting Onboarding Right?

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Employees who go through an effective onboarding program become more productive quicker and put out more valuable work. Organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 54% greater new hire productivity and 50% greater new hire retention. Who Is Doing Onboarding Right?

Strategies from Freedom Debt Relief for Successful Employee Onboarding

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Freedom Debt Relief and its parent company Freedom Financial Network have been recognized as one of the best places to work multiple times in both Phoenix and the San Francisco Bay Area. Freedom Debt Relief recommends these strategies for successful employee onboarding.

The Home Health Employee Onboarding Guide


A key way to keep home health employees engaged once they’re hired is following a strong new employee onboarding program. Our research shows that new hires are 69 percent more likely to stay with their employer for longer than three months when they go through a formal onboarding process.

Onboarding checklist for remote employees


As any of us who’ve joined a new business will know first-hand, the process of onboarding can make – or break – those crucial first few days, weeks and months. It’s time for a new approach to onboarding remote employees. Onboarding checklist for remote employees.

Employee onboarding vs. orientation: Why you need both


“We have an onboarding process, so we don’t need to put new employees through an orientation.”. Many businesses think that having an onboarding process means they don’t need a formal orientation. But once you understand how onboarding and orientation are different, you begin to see the value in both. Onboarding and orientation defined. Ideally, new employee orientation should be conducted on the first day or weeks of employment. Onboarding.

4 Tips for Recruiting Top Talent with Gamification


Think of the craziest thing you could do to convince the most qualified candidate to accept a job offer. For example, Eurowings kicked off a clever recruiting campaign that converted each job post into a Tinder profile, and job seekers could either swipe left or swipe right.

8 Questions to Gauge Your Employee Onboarding Process


Let’s face it: By the time your new employee starts their first day, you’ve spent hours vetting them, interviewing them, and preparing their paperwork. That’s why an effective employee onboarding process can make all the difference. What’s the goal of your onboarding process?

Hire or Train? Things to Consider When Building an All-Star Team


If you’re trying to build an all-star team, is it better to hire new talent or train your existing employees? The first thing to consider is whether or not new talent is even available. Training internal talent is cost-effective. learning hours being used per employee.

Ten Onboarding Ideas to Make Your New Employees Feel Welcome

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In the last 10 years, millennials have developed a major reputation for job-hopping. A recent Gallup survey estimated that the US spends $30.5 While there are many reasons, lack of engagement is the most common predictor. Ready to improve your onboarding?