Is Hiring Teens a Good Alternative to a Tight Labor Market?


Could teens be the solution? While there are pros and cons to every situation, here are several advantages and disadvantages from the employer’s side. Advantages of Hiring Teens: Employer Perspective. Lower wages. Disadvantages of Hiring Teens: Employer Perspective.

Employer Strategies for Successfully Hiring Justice Involved Job Candidates


My gut tells me that many employers are open to the idea of hiring individuals from the justice involved community, but have historically avoided the opportunity for a variety of reasons. Why you should consider hiring the justice involved population.


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HR systems features: the definitive A-Z of HR technology


HR systems features have evolved from simple data entry and storage to modern, comprehensive cloud-based solutions that supports the HR, learning, payroll and recruitment activities of busy HR teams. HR systems features: the definitive A-Z of HR technology.

Wage Fixing Indictment Has Implications for Employers

ACA Times

3 minute read: A recent federal wage-fixing indictment against the former owner of a health care staffing company indicates that the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division is taking a closer look at the competition in labor markets.

A Franchise Expert’s Guide to Hiring Franchise Employees

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

Let’s talk about hiring franchise employees. You have to carefully follow the proven business model. Here are three critical tips for hiring franchise employees. Learn Recruitment Best Practices. You can’t wing it when it comes to hiring. Learn from experts. Avoid recruiting mistakes that could threaten the survival of your business. Read the hiring information carefully. Recruiting best practices are part of the formula!

Guide to mandatory overtime: Can you force employees to work long hours?


Most business owners don’t want to ask their employees to work overtime, but sometimes it’s necessary when the unexpected happens. To avoid any misunderstandings between you and your team, it’s important to address the question: Is mandatory overtime legal? Learn more.

CalChamber Hiring Checklist Makes Onboarding Easy


The last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have greatly threatened most small businesses, but their ability to be nimble and flexible with a smaller workforce has helped them succeed today, Roberts says in kicking off the podcast. Welcoming New Hires to the Organization.

HR Compliance: What is HR’s Role in Ensuring Compliance

Netchex HR Blog

HR compliance is critical for both small and large businesses. By creating and following internal guidelines centered around compliance, HR can ensure the organization is safe from audits, fines, lawsuits, and other negative impacts to the business. Learn more about HR compliance and discover the important role HR plays in overall compliance for your organization. What is HR compliance? What is HR’s role in compliance?

Retail Worker Scheduling

nettime solutions

One essential part of a retail manager’s job is creating the employee schedule. You have to know what the store needs, have a sense of sales trends, and be able to anticipate shopping spikes, all while making sure to keep the wishes of your employees in mind. It depends on who you ask, and what tools the manager is using. The last question is perhaps the most interesting. What happens when the store is short-staffed?

Hiring Seasonal Workers? Here’s a Checklist to Guide the Process


Many businesses are staffing their teams in preparation for the busy holiday season. If you’re considering hiring extra help but don’t know where to start, these steps can help. . Figure out the basics. If you’re pressed for time, it’s tempting to start your holiday hiring as quickly as possible. But before you do that , it’s important to determine your hiring budget, your needs, and the length of employment you’re hiring for.

Texas Authority Says Workers Hired Through Apps Are Independent Contractors


California lawmakers recently approved a bill widely expected to reclassify gig workers from independent contractors to employees – drastically changing, some say, the business models for companies such as Uber and Lyft that classify many of their workers as independent contractors.

5 Compliance Challenges for Hybrid Workplaces


One distinct benefit is that it delivers the best of both worlds — meaning employees sometimes work onsite and sometimes remotely. In fact, studies show that “Workers prefer a hybrid model 83% of the time.” Among other things, these obligations often revolve around: Wages and hours.

Retail and regulatory compliance explained


Small business owners face countless challenges: hiring employees, managing different kinds of retail operations, resolving scheduling issues, and dealing with supply chain issues, just to name a few. This can also be called vendor compliance. Give your team the tools they deserve.

Why construction firms need strong solutions for time tracking and scheduling


As the owner of a small construction business, you already know that hiring is an industrywide challenge. This is the fifth and final installment of our Fingercheck & Construction series about Human Resources in the construction industry.

The Best Employee Scheduling Software for Small Businesses

TrustRadius Project Management

If there’s anything people in the world of small business like, it’s time and money. Over half of employers spend two hours each week creating a work schedule. If those wastes sound unacceptable to you, check out these employee scheduling software packages.

How Serious are OFCCP Equal Pay Penalties? Very.


The Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP) just won a significant equal pay victory against WMS Solutions, LLC, a staffing company focusing on asbestos abatement. WMS Solutions, LLC , DOJ ALJ, No. In its recent decision, a judge within the U.S.

Tips for hiring independent contractors

Business Management Daily

The use of freelancers or independent contractors has become increasingly popular over the past decade. When carried out correctly, the lack of benefits and employment law protections is often offset by increased flexibility and earning potential for the independent contract worker.

Massachusetts wage and hour laws you need to know

Genesis HR Solutions

As an employer in the Commonwealth, you need to understand the complexities specific to Massachusetts salary laws, hiring, and employing workers. In this article, we’ll discuss Massachusetts wage and hour laws, all of which are referenced in the Wage and Hour section of the website. Massachusetts Wage And Hour Laws: 2020 & Beyond. Minimum Wage. per hour. The minimum wage will increase $0.75

5 Ways HR Teams Can Use Technology to Save Time and Reduce Stress

Spark Hire

Human resources professionals are typically advocates of employee wellness in the workplace. However, who’s championing the well-being of HR personnel and looking for ways to help them save time and be more efficient in their work? It turns out that the majority of human resources employees are buried in a ton of work, and often experience stress and burnout. Clearly, HR teams need tools to help them save time and be more efficient in their day-to-day responsibilities.

Strategies for Engaging and Retaining Your Hourly Employees


In 2021, hourly employees accounted for 55.8% of all wage and salary workers in the United States. Besides representing the largest portion of the U.S. labor force, hourly employees are susceptible to burnout and disengagement at work — which can lead to turnover.

How to Avoid Wage and Hour Violations


Compliance Isn’t a Given. Maintaining compliance with hundreds of rules and regulations at the federal, state and local levels is tough. But making sure your minimum wage and overtime pay follows federal and state wage and hour laws is important. Most workers in the United States who are paid hourly are entitled to be paid the federal minimum wage of $7.25 The U.S. to pay $158,230 in back wages to 126 employees.

The payroll process simplified: How to do hourly payroll for your team


The payroll process covers everything that goes into paying employees while staying compliant with labor and tax laws — like registering for tax IDs, accurately tracking hours, calculating and withholding taxes, and sharing pay stubs. . Give your team the tools they deserve.

The Complete HR Compliance Glossary


Depending on your background, compliance can be one of those words that sends shivers of terror down your spine. Below you’ll find a glossary of several HR-related terms that are used when anyone is talking about HR compliance. This regulation is managed through the HHS.

Recruiting Ideas for Low Wage Workers 

ExactHire - Restaurants

Prior to the pandemic, most people used terms like “essential worker” to refer to healthcare workers, police and other first responders. 2020 changed our perceptions of what we think of when we consider jobs that are indispensable to the functioning of our society.

Crimcheck Technologies and Avionté Announce Strategic Partnership and Integrated Solutions that Improve Staffing Productivity

Crimcheck | Pre-Employment & Background Check Information

This is because the simplest slip-up can have severe legal consequences. Therefore, HR needs to strive to stop running afoul of the legal provisions. The first step is to understand what legal mistakes are commonly made by human resource and talent management professionals.

Should You Hire a New Employee or an Independent Contractor for Short Term Projects? 


You require the services of a contractor, especially when starting a small business. However, businesses grow fast, and when you start thinking of hiring to help out with the company. A business owner hires a paid employee to execute a specific task within the firm.

Hiring 123

7 common HR technology challenges and how to overcome them


Small and mid-size businesses share many challenges when it comes to HR technology. This includes everything from disparate systems that don’t communicate seamlessly with each other (e.g., one system for payroll, another system for time tracking and another for employee benefits management), to disruptive software upgrades and limited reporting capabilities. It can also lead to costly errors and even fines when wage and hour regulations aren’t followed.

10 Steps to a Successful Hiring Process: A Hiring Process Checklist For Small Businesses

Prism HR

Adhering to well-defined hiring process steps will help your business find, hire, and keep the best employees. Small and midsize businesses often struggle with how to hire new employees in today’s tight labor market. Hiring process checklist for your business: 1.

Managing Compliance Challenges and Employment Trends in 2022

CIC Plus

A “perfect storm” of developments in recent years—from the pandemic and Great Resignation to the shift to remote workforces—have left employers having to navigate an unprecedented business environment. Managing the Pandemic and Remote Workforce. Returning-to-the-Office Policies.

Restaurant compliance explained: Rules and regulations you need to know


The restaurant business comes with a lot of responsibilities and distractions. That makes it easy to let administrative tasks, HR matters, and even restaurant compliance concerns fall by the wayside. . Give your team the tools they deserve. Learn more.

Competing for new hires?You may have one surprising advantage.


Ever wonder how your small business stacks up against the competition? Or how you could ever compete with the big dogs when it comes to pay? Turns out, you may be at a greater hiring advantage than you think. . Source: Homebase hiring data (January 2021 – March 2022). .

Staying Ahead of State Compliance Changes

CIC Plus

We can’t blame you if navigating through the complicated patchwork of state employment laws at times feels like white water rafting through the roaring rapids. What makes managing state compliance so difficult? Having the right partner is integral to making this happen.

5 HR retail challenges and solutions for 2022


For small business retail owners, the tug-of-war struggle between creating a great customer experience and building a sustainable, unified team isn’t easy, and one often comes at the expense of the other. Give your team the tools they deserve. Learn more.

Payroll Compliance: Getting It Right


The fallout from failing to comply with payroll laws can be staggering. For this reason, payroll compliance should be top priority for all employers. But what exactly is payroll compliance? What is payroll compliance? What is wage compliance? Minimum wage.

How property management and real estate companies can do HR better


This is the first installment in our series about Human Resources in the property management and real estate industries. Subscribe now to be the first to know when the second installment arrives. Hiring and Benefits. Offer earned wage access for employees.

4 HR compliance considerations for remote employees

CIC Plus

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated many workplace trends that had been in motion for years, including the growing use of cloud-based tools, like videoconferencing, to connect employees regardless of location. Global Workplace Analytics estimated that over half the U.S.

The Best Payroll Software For Small Businesses

TrustRadius HR

The average small business owner spends nearly five hours per pay-period processing payroll (Try saying that five times fast). If you want to save time and get payroll right every time, check out these payroll software solutions for small businesses.

Onpay 83

Compliance Conundrum: 6 HR Compliance Concerns to Consider

HR Topics

There is so much to get done in a day – who really has time to keep up with all the HR compliance concerns? Employees can file a complaint with government agencies online in a few clicks. There is even a free app from the Department of Labor that helps employees determine if they are being paid properly and where to file a complaint if not. Top 6 HR Compliance Concerns That Lead to Litigation. The areas below are those where we see the most litigation.

How a Payroll Provider Can Help You Maintain Compliance


Keeping up with constantly changing state and federal compliance regulations can be a never-ending cycle, and employers can face steep fines or lawsuits for common human error mistakes. But automating your HR processes enables you to stay compliant and save time that would have otherwise been spent manually tracking each compliance update. Below, we’ve outlined several compliance regulations the right payroll provider can help you track. Payroll & Tax Compliance.

Payroll Software Pricing in 2022

TrustRadius HR

Payroll is the lifeblood of HR. Employees can repeat training modules, and HR can revise records. But not paying your employees or paying them the wrong amount is how you get a rebellion (or worse, legal trouble). What Does Payroll Software Do? Point Solutions.