Improving Compliance Management Performance Through Better Metrics and Workflows

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Many banks want to improve the way their organization manages compliance, improving the pace at which compliance issues are detected and resolved. The Lack of Compliance Performance Data. Banks have an enormous amount of compliance data. Not all metrics are created equal.

How Compliance Technology Helps Employees, Compliance Managers, and the Board

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Compliance management technology is not just a tool that helps the compliance team within the bank – the technology helps the whole organization in different ways and ensures that compliance continuously improves. Compliance is the responsibility of everyone within the bank.


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Key Metrics for Improving Risk and Compliance Program Performance

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Compliance and risk performance is often measured by the financial penalties or losses that were prevented or realized; however, relying on this set of metrics can hide a more comprehensive view of risk and compliance program management. Compliance management and risk management are both complex domains, and one cannot simply judge their performance by the number of failures avoided or recorded. Measuring the performance of risk and compliance technology.

4 Reasons Compliance Teams Excel When Using Regtech

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A lot has been written about how businesses can manage compliance easily using Regtech-based compliance management solutions. What often gets lost in all that talk is how technology helps the compliance managers and their teams achieve better satisfaction levels at work as well.

How to Give Your Resume a Boost with Metrics?

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The easiest and most effective strategy for highlighting the achievements in a resume: with metrics! There are several reasons for quantifying your accomplishments on your resume with metrics. Then include metrics on your resume that seem to align well with these KPIs. The types of metrics that are relevant for your resume will depend on the company and job you are seeking. But here are 5 metrics that recruiters love to see: Growth. Using Multiple Metrics.

Three Ways Metrics Can Help Avoid Common Compliance Mistakes

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But unfortunately, even after organizations spend significant amounts of time and money on compliance, slip-ups happen. The problem, reports Harvard Business Review , is that compliance training is not enough. What matters, research reveals, is not how much compliance training employees undergo, but if and how it gets measured. Below, he shares the most common compliance mistakes organizations make—and the metrics that can help avoid them.

Improving Compliance Management with a Sustainable and Systemic Approach

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If a bank is unsatisfied with its current compliance performance, then it will benefit from an in-depth analysis into performance gaps. Mistakes don’t happen simply because employees are not committed in the compliance department. The Lack of Compliance Tools in Mid-Sized Banking.

Are You Tracking Gobal Payroll Metrics?


As noted in Making Friends with Payroll Metrics , here’s a quick overview of the top KPIs for payroll. Are you in compliance? Get in touch: The post Are You Tracking Gobal Payroll Metrics? Reports are the lifeblood of the modern organization.

KPI Reporting: How Metrics Can Help Measure Compliance Programs


KPI reporting: What kind of metrics can tell you if a compliance program is working

WEBINAR: Tracking Learning Metrics that Matter


What Learning Management Metrics really matter to your company? Risk Compliance. The post WEBINAR: Tracking Learning Metrics that Matter appeared first on PlatCore, LLC. Join us to learn the first step to getting core insights on your training program. We will show you ways to align with the larger KPIs of your company, including three case studies for improving: Employee Retention. Operational Efficiency. Please join us for this fun and informative webinar!

10 Metrics to Drive Hiring Success at Your Dealership


Below, we’ve outlined several key hiring metrics – and why your team should be tracking this data and taking action based on the results. Hiring Process Metrics 1. Following every step of the hiring process each time you make a hire will ensure you don’t overlook quality candidates, hire the best fits for your open roles and maintain compliance. To ensure your team follows the hiring process in place, you can tap into hiring metrics related to process adherence.

Risk Assessments, KRIs, and Risk Metrics – An Interview with CRO Parrish Little (Part 2)

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Here at 360factors our aim is to deliver predictive risk and compliance intelligence through modern technologies. Metrics can provide an indication of a longer term emerging risk, an indication of a likely risk in the near term, or show results from the recent past.

Workforce Readiness: The Learning Metric that Leads to Real ROI (i4cp login required)


compliance, ethics, bias)? This exact sentiment is what has led so many influential stakeholder groups—including the United States Securities and Exchange Commission—to require disclosure of human capital metrics that are material to the business.

How Risk and Compliance Technology Can Help Mid-Sized Banks

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Mid-sized banks have been managing risk and compliance through manual data entry, analysis, and reporting accomplished through general-purpose office productivity software for multiple decades. This has changed over the past five years – mid-sized banks across the country are now looking for modern risk and compliance technology solutions that can deliver faster and more efficient results. The complexity of regulatory compliance. Increased compliance levels.

3 Hiring Metrics Your Team Should Track to Boost Hiring Efficiency


With the right recruitment and hiring partner, you can follow a repeatable, streamlined process and have access to hiring metrics that can help you drive hiring efficiencies. . Below, we’ve outlined several key hiring metrics Insights measures – and why your team should be tracking this data and taking action based on the results. To speed up your time to hire, (hiring velocity), your team needs to tap into the right hiring metrics.

What’s the real deal with Diversity metrics?

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The pro here is having metrics is valuable for setting goals, tracking progress, and the big “A” – accountability. There is a false security in metrics. Metrics, while useful, are an imperfect tool. The key, and the path forward is we need alliance, not compliance.

7 Compelling Benefits of Risk and Compliance Management Technology

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When banks and other financial institutions look for risk and compliance management technology, they generally frame the process in the context of improving their current risk and compliance management framework. Most expect their existing risk and compliance processes to be faster and more efficient. Risk and compliance solutions deliver on this promise, but they go beyond improving the current processes by introducing new benefits and possibilities.

Improving Compliance QA Testing Through Automation

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It may be possible to temporarily improve compliance monitoring through increased oversight, but to truly improve compliance and embed it into the DNA of the organization it is important to work on the compliance framework within the organization. By compliance framework we refer to all the parts of the organization that play a role in enforcing compliance, from employees to software to processes. This strength can only be gauged through compliance QA testing.

Webinar Recap: Tracking Delivery Status and Third-Party Logistics Compliance in Real-Time


Our recent webinar in partnership with IndustryWeek , “How to Track Delivery Status and 3PL Compliance in Real-Time,” delved into how to solve these issues with delivery stat us while remaining 3PL compliant. . Visibility and compliance at scale .

7 Screening Metrics to Measure to Get More From Background Checks


By understanding the background check metrics that you need to measure, tracking them on a regular basis, and comparing them to your chosen benchmarks, you can proactively address any potential issues, identify inefficiencies, reduce costs, and optimize your process.

Integrating Risk and Compliance for Enhanced Insights

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Risk and compliance are intertwined; while they may both have different natures, both domains are ultimately focused on ensuring business continuity. Businesses often have different teams for risk and compliance; because both things require different skill sets to manage. Recent developments in technology have made it possible to combine risk and compliance data to gain enhanced insights about the market. There needs to be a bridge between risk and compliance.

Metrics That Help Gauge GRC Performance and Effectiveness

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GRC implementations increase compliance levels, lower risks, and make businesses more effective. That is why it is important to create metrics that can be easily quantified and tracked. Creating the right metrics allows management to assess the benefits provided by the GRC implementation and also helps discover areas where the GRC implementation is not delivering results. The key to getting the right results is choosing the right metrics.

4 New Risk and Compliance Functions Made Possible by Advanced Technologies

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When risk and compliance technology is discussed, it is often in the context of how much improvement the technology can bring about in an organization’s current risk and compliance processes. Risk and compliance solutions include activity management and issue handling features.

Recruiting Best Practices- Your Technology and You


Compliance. This confidential data is stored in the system and can be used by management in creating metrics to ensure that recruiting process allows your organization to make the best possible selection and promote diversity. Metrics and Analytics. Your system can also provide metrics for a variety of reporting points including: Time to Hire. Written by: Bob Campagnoni.

Make Compliance a Priority with These 5 Online Training Hacks

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Most organizations already understand the importance of compliance training. Its value comes down to dollars and cents, which is why it’s so surprising that many companies view compliance training as merely a box to check. There are myriad tangential benefits associated with a successful compliance training program. Proper compliance training also bolsters your company’s credibility in the marketplace. Monitor targeted metrics to measure performance.

Trends That Will Shape The Future of Bank Risk And Compliance Management

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Risk and compliance management are both dynamic domains that evolve over time. Risk and compliance are affected by a changing business landscape, the economy, customer demands, corporate vision, and much more. These trends are important because they tell banks how to prepare their risk and compliance management infrastructure to be future proof. Artificial intelligence is what powers Predict360, our American Bankers Association endorsed compliance management system.

HR Metrics that Matter: Learn to Drive Sustainable Business Processes

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If metrics don’t answer the question, “Are you winning or losing?” Use this system: Metrics are visible. Metrics set the tone. Metric performance sets the agenda and also the duration of meeting. For determining what’s important, Yount sets forth the following “pillars of productivity” to use in evaluating: Compliance. Here are some of the metrics Yount recommends for Academic Human Resources (AHR): Time to fill jobs.

Managing Risk and Compliance tasks when the Team is Working From Home

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Risk and compliance issues are a good example as risks need to be detected and mitigated as quickly as possible. The problem is that while these solutions are great in general work circumstances, they do not work well for risk and compliance teams. Both risk and compliance are complicated domains with a lot of regulatory and data privacy related requirements, which makes them a bit incompatible with such solutions. Using solutions designed for risk and compliance teams.

Changing HR for the better from compliance-focused to people-focused

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Tracie has expertise in HR technology selection and deployment; wellness program development; engagement; culture building and turn-around; organizational development; performance management ; coaching; legal compliance; leadership and team development and strategy development and implementation.

Tracking employee health metrics: Great idea or big mistake?


Some theorize that tracking health metrics can improve a company’s bottom line and consequently maximize stock performance. HIPAA, as well as similar state privacy laws, could apply to the health information gathered on employees, which may increase your liability as well as the need for extra manpower to handle compliance and documentation. Here are some constructive ways to create a healthier environment without tracking health metrics.

How to Evaluate the Success of your Employer Compliance Program

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Many aspects of HR and Payroll are measured by metrics, KPIs and reports. Or Payroll metrics for paying employees on time , costs for running payroll , and errors in payments. But not everything can be precisely measured when it comes to the compliance of your employee programs. Let’s look at a few areas you can measure to gauge the success of your employer compliance. What non-compliance can cost you. Some potential compliance penalties to keep in mind.

2019 HR & Compliance Web Summit: Executive Summary


Industry experts like Jennifer McClure offered actionable insights and advice on all things HR, from self-care for the HR pro to in-the-news compliance issues. Maintaining compliance for the organization. HR can and should add bottom-line value; be a strategic leader by focusing on key metrics and outcomes, such as: Return on Investment. W-4 Changes In 2020: What You Need to Know |Speakers: Paycor Compliance Team. Metric: Time-to-Fill. Metric: Referral Rate.

Seven Steps to Meaningful Diversity and Inclusion Metrics


In the world of business, metrics hold a special place—and rightfully so. A lot of D&I practitioners may gleefully note that there is no lack of metrics in the diversity and inclusion space—but which will move the needle on performance? Recently, i4cp assembled a collection of some of the top D&I metrics used by high-performance organizations—those considered leaders in profitability, revenue, market share, and customer satisfaction over a five-year period.

HR Metrics Survey—What’s Being Measured These Days?

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Metrics and analytics, along with the hypotheses drawn from them, are having a great impact on how decisions, big and small, are made—including in the field of human resources. So, what’s happening with HR metrics out there? We’ll get answers to these questions and more: Which metrics are being maintained relating to HR departments and their functions? What sort of metrics are being used for hiring? Which metrics are the most popular or most widely used?

Sold Out: A Lesson on Event Content (and the Future of HR)


SOLD OUT – #707: HR Metrics that Matter: The Process of Developing a Business Scorecard It made me stop and think, especially in light of some of the conversations I had with others at the event about what sort of content was being offered. Going back to the original intent of this post, I was glad to see the metrics session being sold out. General Legal Compliance Metrics SHRM Strategic HR

Webinar on Demand: Michael Rasmussen on SMR/CR Compliance


We were delighted last week to host Michael Rasmussen, the “Father of GRC,” as the featured presenter at our webinar on SMR/CR compliance: Senior Management Regime – the Next Level of Maturity. Michael’s talk focused on Engaging Management in the Next Level of Risk & Compliance Accountability, with a focus on accountability. Measurement: Decide on the metrics that will constitute “success” for each phase of the communication process.

Your ACA Compliance Can’t Wait: Here’s Why

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This is especially true when we focus on today’s topic, managing your Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance. The ongoing monitoring and continual management of ACA compliance is a practice many companies don’t follow today, choosing instead to wait until the end of the year to determine how they fared in their compliance efforts. By then, however, the window of opportunity to mitigate compliance issues has passed, and penalties may have already accumulated.