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The New Employee – Employer Social Contract

HR Bartender

One of the workplace-related conversations that’s happening with more frequency is focused on how new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing jobs.

The Best Features of a High-Performance Engagement and Retention Strategy


For much of the past decade, HR departments everywhere in the world have been dealing with an unprecedented challenge. That challenge is keeping their talent pipelines full despite historically low unemployment rates.

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Suicide Awareness in the Workplace


Most people spend a good amount of time at work, and it’s important that employees feel they are in a welcoming and caring environment. As an employer, you want to make sure that you provide a supportive work culture for your employees.

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Learning from Practice: How we calculated the added value of an employee wellness intervention

Analytics in HR

At one point in my career, I was working as an HR-manager for a subsidiary of Belden, a company which, at that time, was making cables and wires for electronic equipment, like shavers, TVs, and computers. During this time the company had a relatively large proportion of “blue collar employees”.

How To Organize You Rapidly Scaling Business and Focus On Growth


How do you make business easier? And how do you seamlessly connect all of the moving parts of a rapidly scaling business so that the entrepreneur can concentrate on growth, instead of splitting focus across every operational aspect of the company? .

Learning from Practice: How we calculated the added value of an employee wellness intervention

Analytics in HR

At one point in my career, I was working as an HR-manager for a subsidiary of Belden, a company which, at that time, was making cables and wires for electronic equipment, like shavers, TVs, and computers. During this time the company had a relatively large proportion of “blue collar employees”.

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Making The Most Of A Career Break: What Options You Have

New to HR

Life can move at a fast pace that we can often want the opportunity to take a step back. For some, that means taking a career break. But, it can seem like such an overwhelming thing to consider, especially if.

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Talent Talk Radio Podcast

Global People Strategist

Join us for a special Talent Talk Radio podcast featuring Daniel Mendieta, CEO and Co-founder of Global People Strategist. Learn more about managing global HR compliance during our segment on Tuesday, September 24th at 1pm.

8 Skills Every Manager Needs To Master To Become An Effective Leader

New to HR

Whether you’ve recently been assigned the role of a manager, or you’re hoping to climb the ranks and lead a team, having the right skills and expertise behind you is crucial. Knowing how to work well under pressure, and being.

Offboarding Employees: Make the Exit Just as Effective

Recruiters Lineup

There is a lot of discussion in HR about the importance of onboarding in the employee lifecycle. Time and time again research has proven that most people decide whether they will stay or leave the company during the first 90 days in a role.

Is Your Employer Putting Your Health At Risk?

New to HR

Unfortunately, not all employers will care for you as they should. In the right hands, you will have a boss who cares for your physical and mental wellbeing. And in the wrong hands? Well, the opposite is true. So, what. The post Is Your Employer Putting Your Health At Risk?

How to Have Stellar 1:1 Check-ins With Employees

Jason Treu

There is a TON of research that shows if a manager checks-in once a week with their employees their performance typically will significantly improve over bi-weekly or less. It makes complete sense when you think about it. Here are seven reasons why weekly check-ins with employees matter.

giving a reference when you have a moral objection to the employer, what a closed door means, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Giving a reference when you have a moral objection to the employer. I have a former employee who is fantastic, and I’m always happy to act as a reference for her. She just applied for a position with a company that has a pretty controversial history, and while I’m still obviously going to give her the glowing reference she deserves, I feel kind of gross about it.

Preparing Your Organization For a Continuous Performance Review Process

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

The annual performance review was once a standard office practice, no matter if you worked as an ad salesman or an X-ray technician. But like fax machines, carbon copies and so many other once-prominent office features, it will soon be a relic of the past.

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4 Things to Know Before Taking on a Non-Traditional Career

Corn on the Job

The notion of “non-traditional careers” for men and women seems like a relic of the distant, sexist past.

5 benefits mistakes that cost employees


Like a teen in a Porsche, an uninformed employee with a great benefits package is bound to make pricey mistakes. This article outlines the mistakes your employees are making with their benefits and some of our proven strategies to change their behavior for the better. See what Jellyvision’s CMO Bob Armour has to say about […]. The post 5 benefits mistakes that cost employees appeared first on News & Press

Successful Organization: How HR Can Establish Profitable Relationships

HR C-Suite

Human Resources is the business department that is often overlooked not only by the general public but the business leaders, too! Up to very recently, the Human Resources department has been viewed as the bearers of the labor-intensive paperwork and onboarding of the newcomers to the company.

Stop the Sighs !!

Everyday People

We’re about to embark on yet another week of work. As you get ready to make your commute, what is your mindset? I’m sure the answer is “it depends” which is a fair answer for any day.

Dave Ulrich: Reinventing the Organization

Strategic HCM

I continue to be impressed by Dave Ulrich's ability to articulate the future of HR, leadership and organisation.

How Fake Agile At DoD Risks National Security

Forbes Leadership Strategy

DoD’s Guide ‘Detecting Agile BS’ Will Require A Culture Change To Be Effective

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Job Interviews: Should You Follow Up?

Forbes Leadership Strategy

As an interviewee, should you call the company after their notification time has passed

National Customer Service Week Isn’t Just About Customers

Forbes Leadership Strategy

It is important to note that the reason for National Customer Service Week wasn’t to focus on customers but on the employees of an organization. With that in mind, I’d like to break down three opportunities to consider for the week


What If We Got Rid Of All Entrepreneurs?

Forbes Leadership Strategy

“The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.” So said a pretender to the throne in Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2, inspiring much merriment at attorneys’ expense ever since. For “lawyers” substitute “entrepreneurs” and see where the thought takes you

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Are You Recovering From Failure Too Slowly? New Data Shows The Resilience Problem At Work

Forbes Leadership Strategy

People who respond to failure or criticism by immediately looking for another chance to try again are 1.5 times more likely to love their job than people who respond by analyzing the validity of the criticism

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How Business Leaders Can Lead On Climate Change—Right Now. 3 Lessons From The U.S. Military.

Forbes Leadership Strategy

If nations are frozen by political gridlock, management and directors aren’t aligned and investors are poised to punish you, isn’t it wiser for business leaders to spend finite time, attention and capital on other, more actionable matters


How This CEO Raised $3M In Funding For A Groundbreaking Smart Pet Tag

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Your pet probably has a tag on his collar—but is it enough to get him home safely if he gets lost? This cutting-edge smart pet tag could provide the solution


Is Tech Blocking Your Great Idea? Here’s How To Get The Most Out Of Tech, Right Now

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Ideas are excellent, but ideas that we can act on right now are genuinely fantastic. Here's what to do when technology readiness gets in the way of your great idea

How The Company You Keep Can Accelerate Transformation

Forbes Leadership Strategy

No organization — regardless of its size, legacy or tenure — is fully equipped to navigate the transformation of today’s business landscape on its own

How Bias, Not Complacency Can Lead To Disruption

Forbes Leadership Strategy

The typical story of disruption is that it happens because successful companies and leaders become complacent. But leaders are no longer complacent. They are paying attention and trying to innovate. Disruption may now be happening for different reasons

Follow Guiding Principles To A Successful Contract

Forbes Leadership Strategy

New research on contract negotiation says that applying guiding principles is a good way to mitigate opportunistic behaviors


EU’s New Commission Chief May Have Turned Too Far To The East

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Von der Leyen hasn't even started the job, but has already raised eyebrows by granting increasing powers to the East, which has continuosly clashed with the bloc


John Oliver Knows More About Immigration Than Donald Trump

Forbes Leadership Strategy

John Oliver is a comedian who understands America’s legal immigration system better than the president of the United States