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Looking beyond the résumé: How talent pros can lean into skills-based hiring

HR Brew

There are a number of unconscious biases that cause recruiters and hiring managers to eliminate a candidate’s résumé, Mazzullo said, adding that talent pros should “educate, guide, and in many cases, push back to the hiring manager, so that they don’t overlook really amazing candidates just based on the résumé.” Interview facelift.

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2024 Talent Acquisition Trends Research Livestream: What to Expect


The first study our team ever began to do year over year was focused on talent acquisition. We gathered data from employers on their biggest priorities and challenges in order to help talent leaders to make better decisions. On April 3rd, we’ll be sharing some of our top findings during a free livestream event.


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Cisive Celebrates Global Talent Acquisition Day!


Global Talent Acquisition Day, celebrated on the first Wednesday of September each year, is a day dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the essential role that talent acquisition plays in organizations worldwide. What’s your favorite thing about your job in talent acquisition? I can do this.”

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PreCheck Celebrates Global Talent Acquisition Day


Get Email Updates PreCheck Celebrates Global Talent Acquisition Day Sep. This day was established by the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals and KRT Marketing to shed light on the efforts of talent acquisition professionals who tirelessly seek out and engage top talent for their organizations.

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Talent Acquisition

Analytics in HR

What is talent acquisition? The core of talent acquisition is to attract employees to an organization and hire the ones that fit with the organization and role. The talent acquisition strategy should align with the people strategy (or HR strategy). Over time, the talent acquisition function has developed.

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Navigating International Relocation and Global Talent Pool


In today’s globalized business world, the talent search has extended far beyond local borde­rs. Recruiters are now targe­ting the global talent pool of candidates from various geographic regions and diverse cultural backgrounds. What Is the Global Talent Pool?

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Today’s Top Talent Acquisition Priorities [Free eBook]


Earlier this summer we published a graphic detailing some of the top priorities for talent acquisition leaders this year. Here’s a snippet of the content to whet your appetite… Global Talent Acquisition Priorities, Ranked. CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE. The link to the free PDF is below.